Convert Text and Numeric in query

I have a query the appends an access database from an excel spreadsheet (via a link in Access) taken from another program. My problem is that one of the excel columns contains both text and numeric data and I keep getting a 'data mismatch'. I would like to convert both to text I have tried a number of options
exp2:csng([Zip Code])
exp2:Str([Zip Code])
none seem to work

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Date Conversion
I am trying to convert a date in the text format to Date format using the CDate() function in a sql query in MS Access, which is working fine. But when I try to export the results to a an excel file, the date is being displayed as text field again.

How do I correctly convert & format the text values and then export the values as Date (Numeric) in to Excel?

And the date is in the UK format 'dd/mm/y'

numeric convert into text by using Access table
I just want to know how numeric convert into text by using Access table

Justify numeric text field
I imported an Excel file into a table where the first field is a Text field (JobNo) that is left justified and can be either numeric or alphanumeric. In order to query against a legacy database I need to make sure the field is properly justified. If numeric then it needs to be 9 position space left filled such as " 12345". If alphanumeric then it can remain left justified such as "12345W". I know I can use Right(Space(9) & [JobNo],9) for the numeric field. I tried writing an Update Query using If IsNumeric but can't figure out the syntax.any combination I try returns a syntax error

Trouble linking a table to a query
I'm an "intermediate user" of Access 2003. I want to link a newly created two-field table to an existing query via a common numeric field, but I can't get it to work. (The second field in the tbl is a text field.) I've tried all different join options in the query design view, but the results still won't display when I run the query. I'm linking via the numeric field and trying to get the text field to display in the datasheet view.

I may have a data field incompatibility problem, but I can't be sure. I know how to check the data type in the table, but I can't find a way to check the data type for the calculated data field in the the query. (I'm trying to connect a numeric calculated field in the query to a counterpart numeric field in the table.)

I tried looking thru the online Help but haven't found a solution yet.

Convert number to fixed length text field
I imported an Excel sheet with a field defined as number/numeric. In my make table query I need to convert that field to a fixed 9 position field with leading spaces.
I cannot concatenate the field with a set number of leading spaces because the input field is not always th same size.
I have tried using different attributes of the Format function but no luck

Convert Text to number
How can I convert a text field to numeric value?

The text values a

The desired result need to be:

Then in a separate field I need to store the (Greater than) and (less than) signs from the same text filed so:

35 (please note the space between the and the number 35)
15 (please note that there is no space between and the number 15) 1.5 0.015

Will give me:

text data to numeric data

I have one table has a column called evaluation ( text data type ), and I want to take the data and convert it into a number data type in another table or a query , something like the following
excellent=90 to 100
accepted = 60 to 79
under 60 is failed

Option Buttons convert values to text
I am designing a database for our audit teams to carry out reviews of our claims handlers and have put next to each of the questions on a form an option group of three option buttons, "Yes", "No", "Not Applicable" with the values "1", "-1" and "0" respectively.

This value is then stored in a table under therelevant field, intQuestionValue, for Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.

This works well for calculating scores, percentages etc. However the manager of the team has said that there will be times when he wants to report by the number of"No" answers for example, so that he look at trends and build these into training plans etc.

I do have a table, tblScores, which has two columns in it. One for the text element, "Yes", "No", "N/A" and the other has the corresponding numeric value in it.
Because there are numerous questions I cannot seem to create a join in a query for the numeric value to bring back the text value.
The only other method that came to mind was to write the text outcome to a table as well at the same time, but I'm not sure how I would do this at the same time as clicking the optionbutton, or would it all save when I (the user) closes the form?

Convert a date to a numeric value
In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, how do you change the date into a numeric value?

calculated field to display numeric data from combo box as text
I have entered numeric data into fields in evaluation of a number venue conditions.
Example fields are road, parking, fence, shade, etc.
Each field I entered a value 1-10 (meaning, 1 = unusable. 5 = just OK. 10 = excellent condition)
I run a query to show just these the condition values for each field at each venue, to summarise the venue's condition.
How do I now display the value 1 as text "unusable", 5 as text "Just OK" etc.
Can I use a calculated field next to each field in my query to display the text meaning for each value, so I can also keep the numeric value?

Formatting Numbers in query results
I have a query that returns employee tax data I then export to a text file to upload. I am having trouble figuring out how to format my numeric amount fields to what is required. I need to have my numeric fields at 11 digits in length, with leading zeros and two decimal places with an implied decimal (no decimal in output). So if I have 123.4 - I need it to output from the query as 00000012340 - any ideas on how I can do this

Using Access 2003 convert numeric month to text for reports
Looking for a way to create a report using data that has dates formated as 01/01/2003 ( basically mm/dd/y ) but want to display on the report sorted under categories ( using a query to sort the categories ) but printed out as long version of the month. January 2005 etc.

Public Function results are exporting as text and not numeric
If f < 0 Then
JAV = (e * f) * -1
JAV = 0
End If
End Function

The result is exporting as a text field and not numeric and I can't specify as currency in query. Here is how I am calling the function.

ExtVariance: JAV([ONHAND],([AVGCOST]-[DirectCurrentPrice])*-1)

Exporting query to excel
I'm using the commandoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "Sheet1", acFormatXLS, strFile, False, , ENGLISH
for exporting query to Excel.
The numeric columns in the output Excel file are not in a numeric type format (the appears as a text format). What sould I do

Lookup Based on Report Text Box
I have a report which contains a text box with a numeric value. I have a table with the numeric value and a text description equivalent. Can I create an additional text box on the reportthat will look up the value in the text box and return the text equivalent?

Numeric vs. Text
Using Access 2007, I have created a report that pulls data from a table and fills in a text box when I enter a choice in a combo box. The data is numeric. I inserted a totals row at the bottom, but it only give me an option of "none" or "count". I have a suspicion that my column isn't numeric, but don't know how to change it so it will total. Any ideas on how to get it to total

I have update excel file to access table. one of type of table field is text in access table. (because excel field was text). but there is numeric values in text field like -2,345.67 . inorder to sum or to make another mathematichs operrations, I have to turn field type to numeric type. but if I change field type, all numeric data in field does broken. how can I solve that problem.

waiting your help I m sending my best

A problem in join query
I have 3 tables in Access:

1- categories
catId AutoNumber,
catName text,

2- subCategories
subCatId AutoNumber,
subCatName text,
catId Numeric

3- models
modelId AutoNumber,
modelName text,
subCatId Numeric,
display true/false

On categories page, have to display only those categories which have models listed under them or at least 1 model has its display property set to true.

Preventing Numeric Data from being entered into a Microsoft Access Text field
There may be times when you wish to prevent numeric values from being entered into a text data type field.
When you have set the data type to Text you will have the following settings: Text or combinations of text and numbers, as well as numbers that don't require calculations, such as phone numbers.

Can you build an if statement inside a query
I am designing a query that takes a string and numeric field from two different tables then finds the difference between the two numeric fields. In the string fields I have the criteria which is the same for both tables.

The problem I am having is when either the criteria is not met it crashes. I need to have a way to incorporate an if statement or something that can take the string from the string field then check to see if there is a value in the numeric field then show that value or if there is none then set the value to zero and finish the query. What do I need to do to make this work?