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Convert null to "" in Access

Convert null to "" in Access
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Is there a way "using NZ or whathaveyou) to convert null values INSIDE A TABLE to "" using an update command or other method. I know how to do it in a query, but I would like the imported data itself manipulated
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updating field whose value is the word NULL and Not a typical 'null' value

I was given a table where in a text field, the value is NULL. (Actually spelled out like that.)
I need to convert that field to a date/time one. Which is being hindered by these values of NULL.

The problem is that when I put the word NULL in the field criteria spot, Access believes that I am referring to a value of 'null' and will not do the update.
I have done "NULL", NULL, =NULL, ="NULL", is NULL. and no success.
Please remember that the actual value is not 'null'. It is a text field that has the word NULL in the field.

Preventing a Null error

Due to database design, I am not allowing Null values in my tables. On my main form, the default value for the text boxes is " ". However, if the user removes the zero-length string, they will get a Null error.

I've tried many different things to capture the Null entry and convert it using the Nz() function, but I can't get rid of it!

Flow chart from VBA IIF function

I frequently use complex iif statements in queries or in VBA and after a certain number of months when I look at these functions, I first have to manually draw a flowchart to see what the statement actually does.

Is there an automated way/tool which could do this for me.
(then I could also document the complex statements immideately - as I should be doing like all other programmers.) )

an example would be :

IIf([Contract status]="w","W",IIf([Quantity] Is Not Null And [Quantity]>0,IIf([escalation items].[PN] Is Not Null,"1",IIf([bo]>0,"2",IIf([sos] Is Not Null And [sos]+90>Date(),"3",IIf([ut]="4" Or [ut]="5","4",IIf([PartStatus]="y","5",IIf([sos] Is Not Null,"6","7")))))),IIf([sos] Is Not Null,"8","X")))

I did find a tool which analyses VBA into flow charts, but not IIF's or IF functions

What exactly does "null" mean in Database?

First I tried to look at it as a "zero" (with a little confusion though) when I came across it in some queries, or think about it as a text string of blank spaces.
Null means either "not applicable" or "don't know": it's not really the same as zero (0) or any other default value, but more importantly, null is treated quite differently from other values in SQL, because it literally has no value.

How to convert generated field in Select Query to VBA?


I've got the following IIF monster in a field in a select query. Can someone give me some advice on how to make this more manageable? I'm hoping to convert it to VBA as it's just a monster to try and manage or make changes to this. I'd like to convert this to VBA and then reference the result in the select query and not convert the entire select query over to VBA as I'm trying to keep this project as simple to manage for someone else who doesn't know VBA as possible.

GeneratedDueSemi: IIf(IsNull([ARMS_DUE_DT]),IIf(IsNull([ACC_DT]),Null,IIf([Remaining]<1,IIf(DatePart("q",[ACC_DT])<3,CDate("12/31/" & Year([ACC_DT])),CDate("6/30/" & (Year([ACC_DT])+1))),IIf([Remaining]>0,IIf(Year([ACC_DT])<Year(Date()),IIf(DatePart("q",Date())<3,CDate("6/30/" & Year(Date())),CDate("12/31/" & Year(Date()))),IIf(DatePart("q",Date())<3,CDate("6/30/" & Year(Date())),CDate("12/31/" & Year(Date())))),Null))),Null

Passing criteria "NULL" or "IS NOT NULL" to a query

I want to pass the criteria "NULL" or "IS NOT NULL" to the underlying query in a report from a field on a form where all criteria for the particular report is selected before running the report. Typicially the procedure I use is to place the name of the control from the form in the criteria field of the query. example. if I'm providing a date to the query, I put a date field on the form and put the full name of the field "forms!myform!fieldname" in the criteria field of the query underlying the report. This is pretty bullet proof, except when I want to pass a value of "null", or "not null" as the criteria for a given field in the query. How can I set up a combo box, or command button, or selection box to feed the values "NULL" or "NOT NULL" as criteria the underlying query

convert vlookup to access

I have an Excel formula that I need to convert to Access 2007:

=IF(F8="Active",IF(AND(C8<>"None",C8<>"COM"),VLOOK UP(N8,AQ6:AV11,L8+1,FALSE ),IF(C8="COM",VLOOKUP(J8,AX7:AY11,2,),"Error")),"N ull")

The vlookup looks to this:

The cell references like C8,N8 are values in the first column of the vlookup fields. This is for a ratings table.

It took me a while to figure out vlookup and it's real cool, but not in Access. I know I would have to use VBA to reproduce this, but umh not brainy enough

Concatenate multiple fields that might have a null value

Hope someone can help. I'm trying to concatenate many fields into one field and some have a null value. And some need to have a description added in front of the value.
Field1 = Bldg Name (maybe null)
Field2 = Street
Field3 = Floor (maybe null)
Field4 = Room (maybe null)
Field5 = City

My problem is that in front of [Floor] should be "FL:" only if that field is not null. However, I keep getting the "FL:" in front of everything. How do I not include that when that specific field is null?

Why am i getting Null fields with this query?

Like "*1083*" Or Like "*4048*" Or Like "*1083*" Or Like "*4049*" Or Like "*4050*" Or Like "*4052*" Or Like "*6001*" Or Like "*6464*" Or Like "*8602*" Or Like "*8603*" Or Like "*8609*" Or Like "*8627*" Or Like "*8628*" Or Like "*8629*" Or Like "870*" Or Like "871*" Or Like "872*" Or Like "873*" Or Like "874*" Or Like "876*" Or Like "*,870*" Or Like "*,871*" Or Like "*,872*" Or Like "*,873*" Or Like "*,874*" Or Like "*,876*" Or Like "*8751*" Or Like "*8752*" Or Like "*8753*" Or Like "*8757*" Or Like "*8758*" Or Like "*8759*" Or Like "*8770*" Or Like "*8776*" Or Like "*8800*" Or Like "*8805*" Or Like "*8806*" Or Like

Dsum 4th Critieria (can be null)

I have "hopefully" a quick one. I have below code and need to add one more parameter to it however that parameter can be "null" if they don't want to choose the unit.

Nz(DSum("[DonorCnt]", "qHD_SummaryR1", "[Month] = 1 AND [year] = " & Me.cmbyear & " AND [Hosp] = '" & Me.cmbHospital & "'"), 0)

How would I add that?

Field type: text
Name: me.cmbUnit
Can be null value