Convert date format yyyymmdd for datediff

I am trying to convert a numeric date formated yyyymmdd to a format that the DateDiff function will accept.

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Date conversion from YYYYMMDD to DD/MM/YYYY
I am trying to convert the date in a table (table name - 2009-2011 event records) with the field name 'Date of registration' with the data type numer and layout YYYYMMDD, into DD/MM/YYYY, does anyone know the code to do this please? I have tried other codes off the internet such as:

Format(DateSerial (Left([FieldName],4),Mid([FieldName],5,2),Right([FieldName],2)), "dd/mm/yyyy")

But access isn't allowing me to start the query with Format,

Converting yyyymmdd dates to serial date number
I have two tables that I want to append to each other.But in one of them the date column has the yyyymmdd format and in the other it is a serial date number.How can I make them consistent by either converting yyyymmdd to date number or by converting the date number to yyyymmdd

converting yyyymmdd dates to serial date number
I have two tables that I want to append to each other.But in one of them the date column has the yyyymmdd format and in the other it is a serial date number.How can I make them consistent by either converting yyyymmdd to date number or by converting the date number to yyyymmdd

Query to edit date format
does anyone know how to edit for date format? For example, when I pull in a text file, one of the field is date and it would be in yyyymmdd, however sometimes if the user doest create the text file correctly then the date would be entered in as mmddyyyy or some other incorrect date format. So what I want to do is, once the file is pulled into a table I want to create a query to catch if the format is NOT in yyyymmdd. Is there a way to do this? maybe a function or something? please assist.

number to Date format
I have a number field which has date information in it. ex - 20110112 YYYYMMDD in that format. Don't ask why they didn't just make it a date format.

Right now a date conversion table is used. So when referencing that field it does a join on the number date and return the date format. Two field table. First column is 'number date format' and the second is 'return date format'. The table is manually kept up each year.


Just trying to figure out how to format that into a Date format so that I can perform date function on it using sql so that I don't have to maintain the date conversion table

Calculating length of stay in form using Datediff
I'm designing a form and I want to calculate how long our hotel tenants stay. So I have the form open and I am in the property sheet under the data tab. I am using the expression builder, and I see DateDiff has this format: DateDiff (interval, date1, date2, firstweekday, firstweek)

I put in this: DateDiff("d",([End Date],Date())-[Start Date])

I'm getting a wrong number of arguments error. I was also getting another error last night related to the "d" portion of the equation. Obviously I am pretty new and unsophisticated at this stuff so I thought I would check with the experts here for some

Sql to convert date into different format
I have a column within a table (Lead) where the current date (CreatedDate) format is 2011-04-04T17:24:57.000Z. I'm looking to convert this to mm/dd/y. I tried to use convert, but I fear I'm using this incorrectly.

Date Conversion
I am trying to convert a date in the text format to Date format using the CDate() function in a sql query in MS Access, which is working fine. But when I try to export the results to a an excel file, the date is being displayed as text field again.

How do I correctly convert & format the text values and then export the values as Date (Numeric) in to Excel?

And the date is in the UK format 'dd/mm/y'

Changing date format for optional field
I need to do some date calculations on an optional date field that is current in YYYYMMDD text format.

I can get the date to format by using:
However, it returns an #Error if the field is blank.

I'm trying to write in the builder to leave the field blank if it is currently blank:

CDate in my append query
Importing individual records from a massive database. As I import, I would like to change the format on the fly of the dates, which are stored as text in DB1, as to store them in date format in DB2, my new DB.
I have seen lots of info on the CDate function but cant figure out where to place it, and how to use it. My query works great, but I need to be able to use this 'date'

YYYYMMDD is the format in DB1 'TEXT" field

I could care less what format I get out of it

Convert from text to UK Date ?
But took over a database that were created many years ago (upgraded from 2003), the Date of Birth are entered as text in the format of 01-Apr-1999

I try creating a new field in Data format but can't figure out how to convert using the content of the text field directly into the new Date format field (00/00/0000).

Some years ago when I were programming in Dataease, I would use the simple way for FirstC,MidC, LastC etc to convert them using the position and legnth of the string, but in Access, eventhough the principle should be the same...

Converting a Text Date String to a Date for Calculations
I'm just jumping into Access and have the following question. In my Purchase Order Table, I have a date field calcualated as text, i.e. "01/12/04". I need to convert this to a date format in my queries so I can do calculations, i.e. 01/12/04 - 01/05/04 = 7 days. Can someone help me with how to convert this text date to a date format

DateDiff Troubles
I am a fairly green Microsoft Access user. I am teaching myself Access 7.0 using Microsoft Access Inside Out.

I have a database tracking issues with an drop date and disc date. After 270 days the disc date is not applicable. I want to count the number of days between disc date and drop date. I tried DateDiff("d", [Drop date], [Disc date]). I, also, tried [Drop date] - [Disc date] with no usable result.

The dates are entered in a form. I verified the date format is mm/dd/yyyy. The field names were entred correctly. The query worked before I added the date piece to it. Now the query returns an empty query

Convert Number to String in .csv extract
I have this
Private Sub Command22_Click()
ExportText "TestExtract_CM", "C:\Documents and Settings\martinc\Desktop\TestingExport.csv", "10,HO018000," & Format(Date, "yyyymmdd") & "," & Format(Time, "HHMMSS") & "," & " ," & Str("09444"), "TestExportSpec"

End Sub

But the red text when I open the extract is 9444, it's dropping the zero. How can I change that? I also tried CStr and it did not work

DateDiff in Table
I am still learning and need help!
Can I use the DateDiff function in a table? I have the formula: DateDiff("d",[Approved Date],[Check Date]) but when I try this I get a message that it doesn't recognize Approved Date? What am I doing wrong?

Convert yymmdd text to useable date format
I have a linked database table with this field.
I will need to calculate the difference between this date and another which happens to be in this format mm/dd/y

How do I do this? I will need convert it through an access formula since it's a linked table that cannot change and is updated daily.

Convert Date Time

I'd like to query a table containing a date time column from an external client.
If I just select the column I get the wrong date time format.
In MS SQL is a function called Convert. Obviously this function is in Access not available. Now I search for a solution to format the date within the query

Query to convert String to Date??
Is it possible to convert a string version of a Date into an actual Date/Time format?

The source of my string version of the date can not have its formatted edited or changed.

The reason I need to do this conversion is so I can sort it. if the date is in string format, it will not sort like as if it was a date. Ex:

Instead of :

Isolating Overlapping Date Ranges on Multiple Records
(a) RecordID (Not part of data.)
(b) CustomerID Text
(c) Name Text
(d) Start Date Text YYYYMMDD. So 1/1/2011 = "20110101".
(e) End Date Text YYYYMMDD.
(e) Comment (For informational purposes only. Not part of data.)
(f) Status (For informational purposes only. Not part of data.)

Convert Text to Date Format
I have a field that is currently in text format with values such as Jan 09 Mar 11

I would like to convert these values to a date format with the day always being 1.

Now | Desired Result
Jan 09 | 1/1/09
Mar 11 | 3/1/11
May 12 | 5/1/12

How do I do this?