Convert Access Database to Excel

A very common question many people have when learning Access is "how do I convert an Access database to an Excel spreadsheet?".

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How does Microsoft Access sync with an online Access database?
I have a scheduled task running a script at the same time every day, to convert a table in my access database to an excel spreadsheet. The script works great, but my only question is how mylocal copy keeps in sync with the online database? If I am just opening the Access database, converting it to an Excel spreadsheet, and closing Access, will that allow the database to syncup with the online Access database?

convert linked table
I have linked an excel sheet to access
From within access how can I convert the linked table to a regular access table.
Microsoft shows how for access 2003 but not for 2002

The excel sheet has 92 headers on one row and that is all I'm trying to export to Access but I am unable to do it by importing external data from within access . the import fails . allheaders in excel are formated "text"

Convert Excel Flat File Into Relational Database
I have been tasked to convert an Excel Flat file into a Relational Database (sort off) to keep track of Shipments.

So I began grouping the headings first into sort of a related fields and the idea is to create a table base on the groupings and linked them together in Access (Relationship)

This is what I have come up so far Normalizing the headings.By the way it might be worth mentioning this. When I was looking at the Data on the Excel file. I have noticed that the Batch Number and Container columns have more Data on it. Meaning the Shipment on that day did not only contains more Batches of Item, but also has more Containers.

I am really hoping someone here can kindly help me putting this together.

Export an Access 2003 Report Into Excel Spreadsheet
In the corporate environment, Excel is king. So when you have an Access database report that you would really prefer to analyze in Excel spreadsheet form, there's an easy way to convert it.

Import an Access 2.0 database into an Access 2007 file
If you use an existing database in the Access 2.0 format (.mdb), you can import tables, queries, and macros from that database into a Microsoft Office Access 2007 database (.accdb).
To import forms, reports, or modules into Office Access 2007, you must first convert the database by using an earlier version of Access, open the database in Access 2007, and then convert the database into the Access 2007 database format.
The following sections in this article explain how to perform each of these tasks.
What do you want to do?
* Open an Access 2.0 database in Access 2007
* Import data from an Access 2.0 database
* Convert an Access 2.0 database by using Access 2003, Access 2002, or Access 2000

Converting excel files to access files for an online nursery plant pricelist
I have some 2010 excel files with thousands of rows of information that I have used for years to produce our nursery online pricelist. Now we are re-organizing our nursery and pricelist and I want to convert to access files. But I have several questions.

(1) When I convert each file to access it seems impossible to get rid of the root excel files. I guess that could be a blessing because it would be easy to modify through the root excel files. But I wonder if in the long run it might some way be a problem.

(2) I would like the primary key fields to be the plants names rather than numerical code and I wonder if that will work ok.

I tried to attach sample excel files to this note but my 2010 excel files were not accepted

Linking Excel Into Access Issue
I am using Acc 2003, but Acc 2007 should work the same (I think).

I have linked an excel spreadsheet into my Access database. Almost all of the fields are available and can be read.

There are a few fields that I can see in Access, but its in Excel sheet. These fields were using a VLookUp function in excel to get the value from another excel worksheet.

Also the linked excel sheet has fields that I believe should be text (in Access), but its was set to be a number. I am unable to change this.

Is there a way to resolve this issue for me ?

I also assume that if I was to read each cell in the excel sheet and convert it into text files using VBA code, that should resolve the issue.

Converting or using Access as a front end for Excel
I have a fairly large Excel spreadsheet and I realized that it would be much more user friendly if I could convert it to an Access database, but I dont have a clue where to start. Can anyone give me advise as to where I should start?

Exporting Access Tables to Excel
It's often necessary to convert data stored in an Access database to another form, such as an Excel workbook. You may wish to take advantage of some of Excel's unique analytical capabilities or simply share data with someone unfamiliar with Access. Whatever the reason, the conversion process is fairly straightforward and quick. Let's take a few moments to walk through the process, step-by-step.

Converting Excel Macro into Access Module
Is there a fast way to convert an excel macro into an Access Database Module? I have two large codes that are currently being used via spreadsheet, and would like to run the same macros on a Query.

Can this be done

Converting Excel Macro into Access Module
Is there a fast way to convert an excel macro into an Access Database Module? I have two large codes that are currently being used via spreadsheet, and would like to run the same macros on a Query.

Can this be done?

Acess vs Alpha Five
I have apps developed in VBA using Excel as a base.
I have to convert to a database.

Obviously Access is the most logical way to go - should be less of a learning curve.

Whilst investigating Access I was told of a product called Alpha Five (supposedly way superior).

Has anyone out there had experience of Alpha and Access?
What is your opinion?

PS This same question has been posted on Mr Excel Forum

Convert Text and Numeric in query
I have a query the appends an access database from an excel spreadsheet (via a link in Access) taken from another program. My problem is that one of the excel columns contains both text and numeric data and I keep getting a 'data mismatch'. I would like to convert both to text I have tried a number of options
exp2:csng([Zip Code])
exp2:Str([Zip Code])
none seem to work

How to Convert a Database to Access Format
Access is a popuular Microsoft database program, designed to quickly gather and manipulate information. Access features a greater range of database objects than many of its competitors, as well as the ability to convert databases by importing them into Access. Here's how to do it.

Conversion errors
I'm trying to convert a pretty large excel file (4000+) records into an access table. When I do this I get a "type conversion failure" for about 1500 records. The biggest problem area is converting dates and large integers. Does anyone know of an error-free way to convert excel files into access?

Sub grouping convert to flat file
I'm trying to process an Excel file that contains sub groupings/outlines in the data.

I would like to convert this to a flat file for import and further processing into an Access database. Is it possible to do this without writing custom VBA code? I've tried exporting the data but the sub headers end up as data rows.

I've also tried exporting as XML, DBF etc and re-importing into Access but that doesn't work either.

The reason the Excel file has groupings in the first place is because the third party product we're using only exports in that format.

import excel file to access 2003 yes, access 2007 no
I want to transfer with TransferSpreadsheet an Excel table into Access table. The value of the column K of Excel table is formating from 6-12 digits and it may contain - or / or blank (456-456789 , 678/9876543 , 56 345 678976) .

The contents of the cells with -./, , does not transfer to Access.If convert the column K in uppercase with Ucase() function all cells transfercorrectly into Access | , but only in Access/Excel 2003 NOT IN Access/Excel 2007.

Convert Excel IF into Access Query
I have inherited a database that I look after and I currently have a report in Excel that comes from the database that I have to manually manipulate.

I am trying to do the calculation in Access. The Excel formula I use is as follows

=IF(AS6="N/A","N/A",IF(((AND(AS6=0,TODAY()>AQ6))),"Off Track",IF(AS6<=AQ6,"On Track","Off Track")))

Can anyone help me try to change this into something that will work in Access

understanding excel for access purposes
I need to make a form in access related to the records from excel. I need the operations to be exactly the same from excel so I could convert the calculations in ms access. but I don't know what this means? =(IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(G12,$AI$9:$AJ$10, 2, 0)),0,VLOOKUP(G12,$AI$9:$AJ$10, 2, 0))) it's from one of the calculations in excel. I just want to understand what the logic is about. any help would do

convert a querty to an Excel file using a command button
I need to convert an Access 2003 query into an Excel file using a command button on a form.