Connecting sybase thru ms-access odbc

Was able to connect through ms-access 2007 (Windows XP to Sybase (ASE) to link tables.
However the Sybase server has multiple database - it appears ODBC only allows me to link to one specific d/base.
How may I link to different d/b within the same server and link these tables?

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Connecting sybase thru ms-access odbc
We are using ms-access ODBC to connect sybase. We are able to connect and able to access all the tables. surprisingly we are getting "Admin" failure attempts in sybase audit db whenever we execute queries in MS-Access design view. We verified there is no admin id is present in sybase db and we are using our own logins which are valid. Please help us in resolving this.

Connecting to database via ODBC
I am working with an Access 2003 application, which consists of some linked tables. These are linked via ODBC. My question is: Is there any way to edit the odbc connection for of these instead of changing for each linked table? If I want to change the database this is very time consuming. I do not want to change the odbc configuration on the computer itself.

Connecting to database via ODBC
I am working with an Access 2003 application, which consists of some linked tables. These are linked via ODBC. My question is: Is there any way to edit the odbc connection for all of these instead of changing for each linked table? If I want to change the database this is very time consuming. I do not want to change the odbc configuration on the computer itself.

Methods of connecting to MS Access database using ASP.NET
In this article, I shall discuss different methodologies for connecting to a Microsoft Access database using ASP.NET without any errors. TOC:
Connecting to a Microsoft Access database with ASP.NET; Connecting to a Microsoft Access database directly using ASP.NET; Manipulating a Microsoft Access database directly using ASP.NET; Connecting to a Microsoft Access database through ODBC using ASP.NET; Manipulating a Microsoft Access database through ODBC using ASP.NET; Connecting to a password protected Microsoft Access database directly using ASP.NET.

Connecting to mySQL database, or rather not connecting!
I'm trying to connect to a remote mySQL database.

I created a passthrough query and set the ODBC connection string as follows (using generic names here):

ODBC;Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};;Database=mydatabase ;User=myusername;Password=myPassword;Option=3

I get an "ODBC error - call failed" message. If I put in what I know is an incorrect password, I get the mySQL connection screen. I can put in the correct password and hit "Test" and it says "Connected".

There is even a dropdown with all the databases on the server. So I know I'm connecting, but my query still fails. I don't get it!

Connection to Oracle through Access failed.
I am having troubles connecting Access to my Oracle database. I tried to configure my ODBC connection and when I test through ODBC it says connection is successful.

I am basically trying to follow the steps mentioned in the article on Database Journal Article "Connecting with Oracle: Accessing Oracle via Access and Excel".

I am able to perform all the steps mentioned on page 1 but I am having troubles while following the steps defined on Page 2.

When I try to connect it through Machine Data sources I get an ERROR "ODBC-- Call Failed

Connecting MS Access to SQL Servers through ODBC
Once you got a DSN defined in the ODBC manager that connects to your SQL Server, you can connect a normal MS Access document to the Oracle server, and link an Access table to a SQL Server table.

distributing Access front ends
I'm fairly new to Access and trying to understand the big picture.

So, I have an MS SQL Server with all the data. I'm creating an Access file and connecting to that server using ODBC connection. Now I want distribute my access file to users who are not located on my network (i.e. they are at different locations). And I'm having the following problems:

1) Is it true that to distribute my application I need to install ODBC driver on all user computers and create an ODBC connection so that my access is able to connect to the sql server?
2) Is there another way of creating one access file and distributing it without any modifications on the end-user's computer?

run-time error '3151' odbc connection failed in Access 2003
We have an Access FE application connecting to a BE SQL 2005. Recently we changed SQL servers, new name, ip and dsn. I created a new ODBC, then went into Access and changed the Link tables to reflect the new ODBC. I am able to update the tables to the new SQL server but when I try to run a Form that is used to update our Territories I get the "run-time error '3151' odbc connection failed" error. It sends me to VB code and here is where I get lost. I tried to review the code to see if the old db is hardcoded somewhere but couldn't find anything

ODBC 32 to 64 Bit connection error
We currently run an ODBC connection to Access that is stored on a network drive. We are currently upgrading from a 32 bit computer to 64 bit. Before I simply imported the registry from computer to computer to save time on setting up numerous ODBC connections. Whenever I import onto the new 64 bit system it is importing into the 64 bit ODBC and not into the 32 bit odbc. When I test the connection it is fine but whenever I run the access report it gives the following error:

ODBC--connection to 'database' failed

I am almost certain that it is before the two ODBC connections. My question is will I have to recreate the Access report for 64 bit or is there a way to import on a 64 bit machine to the 32 bit ODBC?

I am not a database guru and limited knowledge of Access and ODBC so please bare with me

MS Access JDBC Driver -- Connecting MS Access with Java
To connect Java with MS Access, you need a JDBC driver. Although Microsoft do not produce a JDBC driver for MS Access, you can use the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge as a MS Access JDBC driver. Use the JDBC-ODBC Bridge to provide the connectivity layer between your Java code and MS Access database. The MS Access database can be on the same machine as your Java or a remote machine.

Connecting to Access ODBC behind a router
I've set up a calendar interface in javascript/php that reads data from an Access DB. Right now it works fine on our intranet, but I want it to set it up to be accessed by external users on the web. If I move the front-end javascript/php hosting to an external host, how would the php connect to the Access 2007 DB on our server?

The Access server is running windows XP, it is behind a router, has only been used in an intranet capacity thus far, and I'm not sure how to make it's ODBC connection visible to external users...

Access 2003 ODBC Question
I am supporting a legacy Access 2003 application with ODBC connections to several Oracle tables. My customer is upgrading to Oracle 11g which does not support ODBC. Is there any way I can create a connection string or otherwise link to an external Oracle table without ODBC?

bypass odbc connection
I have a MS Access 2007 database that contains a union query that merges 5 different odbc connections. If one connection is down I receive an 'ODBC--call failed' error and the query is unusable.

Is there a way to have the database verify connection and if it cannot connect to one or more odbc, to simply by-pass the odbc(s) and use the others?

Errors when connecting to Oracle Database from MS Access on a 64 bit OS
I am experiencing errors when attempting to connect to an Oracle database from MS ACCESS 2003 on a 64 bit machine. The MS Access application is a 32 bit app.

I've made sure to utilize the ODBC Administrator in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe directory to accommodate for the 32 bit application.

When I attempt to use a file DSN or a System DSN to connect to the Oracle database using Microsoft ODBC for Oracle I get the following error: ORA-6413: Connection could not open. The sameerror occurs if I use an Oracle ODBC driver.

These file DSN’s and system DSNs work fine from a 32 bit OS. According to what I could find about the situation Oracle has a problem with the install directory of 32 bit applications on a 64 bit machine.

For example, MS OFFICE 2003 is installed in D:\Program Files (x86)

Linking between Access and an ODBC Database
I created a link between my Access database and an ODBC database. The wizard created a new table in Access based on the table in the ODBC database I wanted to import. So anytime that tablein the ODBC database is modified, the new table in my Access database will similarly be updated, correct?

But I need a table I created in Access to be also be automatically updated anytime someone enters information into the ODBC database - not just the table that was imported. How can I dothat? How can I automatically copy tables from the ODBC table into one of my own Access tables?

Pass-through Queries in Access 2003/XP/2000/97
A Pass-through query allows you to execute an SQL statement directly against the tables in an external database (such as an Oracle, Sybase, or SQL Server database). This method uses your ODBC connection to directly access the data in the external database without having to link to the tables or import the data from the external database.
This tutorial will demonstrate how to create pass-through queries as well as how to integrate pass-through queries with other queries in your Access database.

odbc to another access db
this is access 2003 on an xp pro, attempting to odbc link to another access 2003 on a win7 pro, from external link I'm selecting odbc with the access driver

everything seems ok until I finalize the connection, and get this error

wtf? this is access to access? isn't that the most basic, easiest connection?
any ideas out there? do I have to register or something similar the odbc capability on the win7 machine where my target db is located?

ODBC connection for ACCDE
I created a data enter forms and works will linkedtable that by ODBC in Access 2007 .
Yesterday, I made a ACCDE and works well.
Today, I made a ACCDE from access application and does not appears a ODBC connect box.

Why ACCDE does not linke to ODBC? are there something I make changes?

Access Driver ODBC Driver Not Found
In ODBC Data Source Administrator (%windir%\system32\odbcad32.exe), clicking "Configure." button will pop up an error message box:
Microsoft ODBC Administrator
ODBC Administrator
The setup routines for the Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb) ODBC driver could not be found. Please reinstall the driver.