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Concatenate two DLookup in ApplyFilter

Concatenate two DLookup in ApplyFilter
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Displays a message if there is no reccords found
If Not FormHasData(Form) Then
MsgBox "Your did not create any of the boxes in the database" & Err.Description, vbExclamation, "Crateur inexistant
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Query to concatenate fields and then insert into existing table

I have a table that has FirstName and LastName in it. I would like to concatenate them to be FullName and then copy the FullName field into a table. I am able to succesfully concatenate using SELECT FirstName & LastName AS FullName but cannot figure out how to reference the query results and INSERT them into tblEmployees.

I've looked at DLookup a bit but im not sure that is the correct route to go.

can you concatenate in Access?

I realize after much importing/data entry that we need to concatenate two first name and last name columns, and bottom line, turn four columns into two. In Excel, it's easy, just concatenate and replace what you need.

Can this be done in Access? Or would I have to export it all out into Excel (although I've got 2007, it is a VERY large file), concatenate there then upload itall?

concatenate rows from same column

does anybody know how to concatenate two rows from same column where second row length is smaller then first row length.
I want to concatenate them and insert it to new column like


where result of column 2 would be

I would really appreciate if someone could help me. I know that I can do it by exporting it to excel and do simple concatenate formula and back import it again, but I want to do it in access, but I cannot find on internet anything that could help me.

Concatenate a string

Can Someone Please help.
I want to Concatenate in my Query a textBox the CL-No's by WorkOrder and by DrawingNo.
I have a query with WorkOrder, DrawingNo, ClosureWeldNo, and some other stuff.
For this Query I have 2 tables - 1 is WorkOrder tbl (With WorkOrder in) and The other is Welds tbl (With DrawingNo And ClosureWeldNo).

I am using Duane Hookom's Concatenate Module.

I am using this right now in my query
CL-No:Concatenate("SELECT DISTINCT[ClosureWeldNo] FROM [Welds tbl] WHERE WorkOrderID =" & [Welds tbl].[WorkOrderID])

It Concatenates by the WorkOrder But I want It to Concatenate by DrawingNo and WorkOrder. (I may have up to 5 drawings in each WorkOrder).

I am not sure how to ad this extra statement by DrawingNo into this

Apply filter

In my database I have a form frmRecipe

I have made 2 filters in 2 comboxen

first I filter Artikel then I filter Recipe

Private Sub cmbfrbe_AfterUpdate()
DoCmd.ApplyFilter , "[RecipeID] = forms!frmRecepten![cmbfrbe] "

End Sub

Private Sub Keuze1_AfterUpdate()
DoCmd.ApplyFilter , " [ArtikelID]=forms!frmRecepten![Keuze1] "
End Sub

This Works Perfect without any problem

Now I have A Switchboard with a sfrmWindow , where I can upload all my forms,like a Sidemenu this worked good. Only I got a huge problem by those filter comboboxes.
I tried all day but somwhere I overlook the problem
Private Sub cmbfrbe_AfterUpdate()
DoCmd.ApplyFilter , "[RecipeID] = forms!SuperSwitchboard!SubfrmWindow!frmRecepten![cmbfrbe]"

End Sub

Private Sub Keuze1_AfterUpdate()
DoCmd.ApplyFilter , "[ArtikelID] = forms!SuperSwitchboard!SubfrmWindow![Keuze1]"

Nest dlookup inside a dlookup

I am looking up the factory name for a field but the database stores the number - so I need to use a dlookup inside a dlookup. This is what I tried:

DLookup("Name", "WAVE3_ADD_REC", DLookup("[FACTORY]", "WAVE3_INVN_DL", "[Ref2] = '" & Me.cobLot1 &amp

DLookup alternative

I have performance issues with my Access 2007 database running over a network with the FE and BE split. I have looked at various posts and I am implementing various suggestions. One of the problems highlighted is using DLookup.

Does anyone have a procedure to use instead of DLookup

ApplyFilter Macro Action

You can use the ApplyFilter action to apply a filter, a query, or an SQL WHERE clause to a table, form, or report to restrict or sort the records in the table, or the records from the underlying table or query of the form or report.

dlookup with a contains criteria?

Can a Dlookup command search for part of a field rather than the whole thing. EX.
Dlookup is RecipientX = DLookup("RecipientID", "MasterFeedData", "[Logins]=" & Me!JID)

jID input contains CITIGRPS

Currently dlookup looks for an exact match between Logins and JID. I want to change the Dlookup to look for partial matches in the Logins field if possible.

Concatenate two fields (text & number) for key field

I have a form. The first two fields need be concatenated into a third field for a Dlookup function later. My question is, where is the best event to place the concatenation function in? .(Lost focus of second field?) I am relatively new to this enviornment.