Compare values in in two tables fields

I need to create a procedure which will be able to check if some value in field of one table doesn't exist in the field with the same name and data type in other table.
I'm using two RS-s method to loop trough the data of both tables

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Compare two tables and find records without matches
Sometimes you may want to compare two tables and identify records in one of the tables that have no corresponding records in the other table. The easiest way to identify these records is by using the Find Unmatched Query Wizard. After the wizard builds your query, you can modify the query's design to add or remove fields, or to add joins between the two tables (to indicate fields whose values should match). You can also create your own query to find unmatched records, without using the wizard.

Compare values in two columns present in seperate tab
How can I compare values in two columns (columns are in different tables) ? I also want to display the values that don't match in a separate table.

For eg:

If values in Column1 from Table1 does not match Values in Column1 from Table2 then display those values in a separate table

Is there a way to do this?

Queries to Compare Two Tables
I am trying to compare the data in two tables. The columns are the same, deleted rows, or changes in specific fields across the two tables.

The Query Wizard for Unmatched doesn't quite accomplish what I am trying to do. If TableB is missing a row from Table A then it will return new rows if I select the two tables in the proper order (reversing will return nothing).

I still do not receive anything if simply one field for one row was changed (everything else the same).

Compare input to table of ranges
I have a form that takes user input (about 20 text boxes) and writes to fields in a table. Form is locked to one record per instance.

I need to compare the user input to values in a table. The table is structured so that each record is relative to one specific field in the table (also one specific textbox on the form)and each record has three fields with values that determine a 'range'.
What I need to do is compare the user input (for each field) to the associated ranges in the table to 'grade' the input. The result will be to color textboxes, labels, etc. on the form based on this grading.

What is the most efficient way to do this?
Should I read the grading into an array and then compare each field (textbox on the form)?
Should I compare one field at a time to one specific record? (seems code intensive and very unforgiving when changes come)

comparing 2 fields from 2 tables
I have two tables and they have 3-4 columns (fields) each.
Table1 - fields: Name, address, city, country
Table 2 - fields: Name, occupation

I need to compare the names in both these tables and see what names from table1 are not in table2.

Compare records in 2 tables
to all
I am trying to solve the problem of reviewing records from 2 different tables. Both tables have the same fields both in Name and type. There is 6 fields to each table to compare. Each field can have a different number up to 42. I am trying to see how many of the numbers in a given record for table 1 matches the records in table 2. below is an example of what I am doing.

Tble1 Tble2
N1 = 2 N1 = 5
N2 = 24 N2 = 2
N3 = 5 N3 = 10
N4 = 9 N4 = 31
N5 = 10 N4 = 36
N6 = 29 N6 = 28

Using the if statments I am currently using this will deliver me 3 matching numbers on 2, 5 and 10.

As I said I am using IF staments to this right now. Is there a better, more efficent way to accomplish the same thing. Tble1 is a small table but Tble2 has a large number of records and process time is about 25 minutes.

Compare tables between two databases
Im back again. This time I want to compare two tables in two different databases. I have an archive database and I want to make sure that both tables are equal before I delete the information from the production databases table. Ive been looking around and have been finding that I should be using a UNION query but I dont know how.
Lets I have B_Table in the Archive database and A_Table in the Production database. I need it to compare and let me know if there is anything that does not match but without linking tables or anything like that.

Delete Query - guidance
I have two large csv files that Excel can't fully open so I merged them together using CMD copy *.csv (the files have identical headers so this should be fine).

I opened them in access because what I want to achieve getting the unique values into one table.

So I made a query and I think I have done it correctly but I want to check as it's important. So from this one file I want the unique values is this correct?

SELECT First(Compare.[Email]) AS [Email Field], Count(Compare.[Email]) AS NumberOfDups FROM Compare GROUP BY Compare.[Email] HAVING (((Count(Compare.[Email]))>1));

It's made a query which I tried to export as CSV which failed for the silly reason of the clipboard only being able to hold 65k records so thats annoying. If anyone knows how to get round that that would help too

Compare Tables in Access
I need to compare 2 tables with Same Structure in a Database and pull out records that are not matching in both the tables. As anyone done similar task in Access 2002, if so please let me know how this can be accomplised.

Compare equal data between two tables with different formats?
I had trouble naming the title for this thread, but here is my issue. I have two tables. Both contain the fields "LASTNAME", "FIRSTNAME", and "MIDNAME". I need to compare table1 to table2 to if a person is in both tables. This is needed because a company has their table and they receive an update of names so thus they need to compare their data. I'm having an issue because the updated excel file that i'm importing for the comparison sometimes uses a full middle name where the companies data only contains one letter for the middle name.

I currently have relationships between the three fields. I would like to be able to search equal between LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME, and 1st letter of MIDNAME. I don't know how to specify just the first character. So when working if one table has Mary A Roberts and the second has Mary Alice Roberts it will see them as being equal.

Using IIF to compare two fields data
I have a form that I like to do some field compare.
Subj_num to c-subj_num
And also I have a filed called Cal.

I like to compare Subj_num to c-subj_num, and if their values are not equal then have Number 1 inserted into "cal" field.

if Subj_num not equal c-subj_num then cal

Subtract values from 2 tables
I have a query. how do I subtract numerical values btw tables? pls look at the atatched file. I have 2 tables (Table1 and Table2) with several fields [ABC], [XXX], [YYY] . in both tables. I need to subtract the values under these but I need to get what is displayed in Query1 showing individual difference (not overall difference - if so I could have combine the fields into one field like "ABCXXXYYYZZZ " to get the value of 38. I could do this in excel and just pivot out the dataset to get the individual difference but its tedious and I want to learn how to do it in access because I foresee I have to do a lot of such multiple tables subtraction so its better I do this in access

Compare two tables and find only matching data
Sometimes you may want to review records from one table only if there are corresponding records in another table that contain one or more fields with matching data.
This article discusses how to compare two tables to identify matching data, and provides sample data that you can use with example procedures.

Compare Two Databases (Tables' Data)
I want to compare if the data in two tables (identical structures) is same when the tables exist in two different databases. (I have requirement for SQL Server 2005)

I was not getting the exact results through "where not exists"

Data validation query that compares only first 15 characters of fields in table
I Have two tables: OS_NAME and DS_NAME, I want to compare two fields in each table to look for differences ("NAME" field on OS_NAME, and "FT_T_ISD" on DS_NAME). I only want it to compare the first 15 characters of each field, how would I accomplish this

How to subtract values from two fields in two consecutive rows in Access table?
I have a table with unique number of vehicle and the shift it works in. There are columns for number of vehicle, shift, starting km and ending km. I want to subtract or only compare the values form the columns ending km and starting km from the consecutive rows depending on the shift. I ordered the table by date, number of the vehicle and shift, but I don't know how to compare the fields starting km from one row (the first row for example) and the ending km field from the row after it ( i.e. the second row) in this case

Reports, Graphs, etc
1. I have two tables from two different sources, I am going to import them into Access
2. From a query or input box (dates) I will be narrowing down the number of records from these two tables, maybe creating two temporary tables (might be easier).
3. From the resulting records do a few calculations. Myabe compare vacancy rates between two properties.

What I ultimatly am looking for is a couple page report with a few fields from the the temp tables (say a table showing vacancy rates, and a couple other field values between say 4 properties) and a couple graphs (comparing the fields in the table, the same as the 4 properties above)

I have built reports in the past but they were built from a single query.
I have never tried to build a report with a table and a few graphs in it.
Can I have 3 graphs in a single report running from different queries?

Maybe write a few SQL statements on the form, using variables from a users input (dates) to feed the queries?

password validation
I have an unbound textbox on a form for users to enter a password. When the user clicks on a button on the form, I want to compare the values entered in the unbound textbox to the word "chicken".

Can I still compare the values in the unbound textbox even though it's not bound to a field of a table?

dropbox choices
I have a dropbox with 5 values corresponding to 5 different tables. The 5 tables have some fields with common name and others unique to each table. All the fields from all of the 5 tables are fields in my form. I want to do the following:
After I choose the table from the dropbox I want the fields with the common name to be associated with the chosen table and the unique fields enabled and all the other fields disabled so the user can't write in them

Possible Infinite Loop
So I'm working on some code which will look at two tables. It will take the first string value from one table and then compare it with all other values of the other table finding the closest match.

It will then cycle to the second string value from the first table and repeat the process. Each of the tables has about 1500 entries. Currently the code does is lookup the string values, but when I run the code Access freezes up.

I can't seem to find an error in the loop, but I can't imagine this process taking more than a couple minutes.