Command button code to clear form

I would like to have a command buttom on my form and on click clear all entries. Please help with the code?

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Preview Report Command That Can Do More
Access 2010 - I have a search form where end users enter parameters. I used the command wizard and created a preview report command button so the report tab comes up in preview mode just fine.

I also created a Clear Entry command button that works. However if I leave the report open in preview mode and go back to the form tab, hit the Clear Entry button, then enter new parameters, the report data doesn't change from the previous entry.

1. Will the end user have to close the report manually each time before entering new parameters?

2. If not, where is the Close Report command button? I could only find Close Form.

3. What's the code to create a command button to refresh the report?

4. Finally, can everything (preview report, clear entry, refresh data) be done using just 1 command button? Can't I add the code I need behind one command?

how to clear highlighted fields with a command button
I have multiple fields in a form that use a macro event to highlight the backcolor of the field when the data is changed. I would like to be able to clear the highlighted fields with the click of a button.

I have a command button programed to save the record and would like it to clear the highlights for me as well. What is the best way to accomplish this goal?

VBA to clear or reset text fields from a click of a command button
Is it possible to add vba code to a command button that when clicked the event will clear existing data or reset data, so when the user is on the form, the previous data entereddoesn't display? if so how can this be done?

Clear selected value in combo box
I have a combo box on a form. The user selects a value then presses a command button and opens a form. When the user closes the form returning to the 1st form again, I'd like the combo box to be clear again.

I've tried putting me.combobox=null in just about every event the main form has but nothing works. Is there a way to clear this without putting me.combobox=null in the On Click event of the command button? I have quite a few command buttons on that form and don't want to have to put the code in all of them if I don't have to.

Clear selected value in combo box
I have a combo box on a form. The user selects a value then presses a command button and opens a form. When the user closes the form returning to the 1st form again, I'd like the combo box to be clear again.
I've tried putting me.combobox=null in just about every event the main form has but nothing works. Is there a way to clear this without putting me.combobox=null in the On Click event of the command button? I have quite a few command buttons on that form and don't want to have to put the code in of them if I don't have to.

Command button to clear checked combo box
I was hoping someone would be able to tell me what the code is if I want to program a command button to clear the check mark made in a combo box. Basically we want a way to clear that fieldif it was checked incorrectly.

Also, how can I make multiple check boxes that are bound to a single field? I want to basically have a combo box structure where more than one box can be checked it it applies.

Command button click event
I have a very simple form, couple of text boxes and a Command Button. On Click event of command button I want to clear all my text boxes but when I click nothing happens.

Private Sub CmdReset_Click()
MsgBox "Clear", vbOKOnly
TxtVendorName.Value = ""
TxtDesc.Value = ""
TxtOrderDay.Value = ""
TxtDeliveryDay.Value = ""

Clearing specific cells with command button
Is it possible, on the click of a button, to clear the contents of a particular cell(s) in a table?

I have a data entry form. On the click of a button I want to be able to purge all of the information in the underlying table except the clients ID and Name etc.

I dont want the whole record to be deleted, just clear the individual cells

Save & Clear Button + Disable Enter
I have one command button in my form. I want my button to

1. SAVE the data upon click of button and CLEAR all fields for new data entry

2. I noticed that when I press the ENTER it will do same action as clicking my button. I tried the "on Enter event" and create a Message Box when Enter is pressed. it works, but when I press Enter again. it will proceed with the data transfer. I want to DISABLE the Enter command to transfer the data. I want the user to use the Button Only to transfer the record

Clear form help needed
I am looking for some help via macro or some type of code I can attach to a button on a form so it would clear text / combo boxes on the form. There are some very novice users that use the database and the form has some data validation rules so they at times will get stuck when they have entered a wrong number.

I am trying to add a button that if they get confused willclear the for for them and they can start over.

Use a command button to start an action or a series of actions
You use a command button on a form to start an action or a set of actions. For example, you can create a command button that opens another form. To make a command button perform an action, you write a macro or event procedure and attach it to the command button's On Click property. You can also embed a macro directly into the On Click property of the command button. This makes it possible to copy the button to other forms without losing the functionality of the button.
What do you want to do?
* Add a command button to a form by using a wizard
* Create a command button by dragging a macro to a form
* Create a command button without using a wizard
* Customize a command button

Clearing a field
I have a command button to clear a search a (Check box) but sometimes users forget to clear the search. When other users use that form the check boxes are not cleared. How do I code the form so when they exit the check box clears.

Changing Action on a Command Button

I need your expertise here. I created a command button to open a form. I also built validation code to check that all required fields have been entered. If all the fields are entered, then the command button action to open the form is actioned. However, if all the required fields are not entered, I want the command button action not to execute. Here is my questions.

1. How do I stop the command button from opening the form is all the required data is not entered?
2. In which event procedure due I enter the code?

The enter button does not select the command button.
I have created a form to enter data into a table. I want the user insert the data and go to the next record by simply pushing the Enter button on the keyboard. I made a button and put this code in the On Enter part of the command properties :

Private Sub Command394_Enter()
DoCmd.RunCommand (acCmdRecordsGoToNew)
End Sub

Firstly, is the above code correct?

I push the Enter button after the last data is put into the form, but it only changes the selection among the form records and the command button is neither activated nor works.

Secondly, how is this problem solved

clear checkbox and list box using TypeOf......Is
What is the VBA code to uncheck a checkbox and deselect a listbox using TypeOf.Is?

I have an unbound form (Access 2000) with comboboxes, textboxes, checkboxes and listboxes. None of the controls have a Row Source. Each combobox and listbox is supplied by their own table or value list.

Controls on the unbound form are selected to determine the needed output. Once the needed controls have been selected, another command button is clicked to fire more code to select the records that match the selected controls.

the 4 control types need to be cleared. The comboboxes and textboxes do clear with the below VBA, which fires when a command button is clicked. A checkboxor listbox returns run time error 2448 'You can't assign a value to this object'

Command button will not work.
I created a command button choosing form operations, close form. I am getting the following error when I try to use the button:

You enterned an expression that has an invalid reference to a property dirty

I tried to go to the properties of the button and delete the code. But, I can't create this button without getting this message,

Clear records off of continuous form
Im trying to find a command to clear all the records on a continuous form that were called up using a strWhere Filter and combo boxes.

There are four unbound combo-boxes in the header that the user can choose from and then I have a command button coded to filter (Me.FilterOn) for those criteria.
The matching records display in the details section of the form (continuous-style).

Is there a command to reset the details section of the form to be blank? Ive tried refresh, requery, repaint, etc. All of these leave the previously queried data. Removing the filter doesnt work because that display all the records. I basically want the form to look exactly the way it did when it was first opened.

Delete Command Button not working on form
I have a Delete Command Button on a form which does not appear to be working properly.

I originally had a delete button macro created by the command button wizard and it seemed to be functioning properly. from the form it would ask if you want to delete the record permanently. If I chose yes, it would appear to delete it, meaning that if I were to search for the record to verify it would say that the record does not exist. Upon closing the form and viewing the table, the record would not actually be deleted and would then be back on the form when I would reopen it.

So, I browsed through the discussion board and found a suggestion on a couple of posts and tried that as well creating the delete button in the code builder using the following code:

Can I create a command button that allows users to edit records on a form?
And I would like to be able to edit records on a form with a click command in access 2010. I want to prevent any user from just typing within the text boxes on the form without clicking a command edit button first.

Can this be done? If so, how can this be done? Would you have any sample code to attach to the editing button, to do this interesting problem.

How to clear form without setting DataEntry property to yes
I would like to clear the data displayed in a subform with VBA using a button, similar to when you have the DataEntry property set to NO, and then has to close and open a specific form, to clear it.

In short, the data will be displayed in form until you clear it with a button - (dataentry will be yes, till you press the clear button)

My reason for doing this - when I temporarily close the main form and return later, all data captured are deleted from the subform, and I then have to check what was the last data captured, before continuing with the next lot. This wastes time.

the main form is "StocktakeF"
the subform is called : "Fis_stocktakeSF"