Changing Field Visibility

I have a report, on which is a Sub Report that I would like to turn the visibility off based on conditions selected on a form. When I click on the Preview Report button, the report opens and a box pops up saying "OBJECT REQUIRED". The Sub Report is still visible however. The code I am using is

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subform visibility
I have inserted a subform with the contact information. The subform's visibility is set to no and a command button has been set up to change the visibility. This all works fine, but I would like to have the subform return to not visible upon changing the record or tab (meaning when you leave the tab its on that it disappears).

I have tried several ways and am having it visibleuntil I close the database out and reopen it.

subform visibility
I have inserted a subform with the contact information. The subform's visibility is set to no and a command button has been set up to change the visibility. This all works fine, but I would like to have the subform return to not visible upon changing the record or tab (meaning when you leave the tab its on that it disappears). I have tried several ways and am having it visible until I close the database out and reopen it.

Changing visibility of textboxes and labels in runtime
On a subform I have two textboxes and 2 labels of which I would need to change visibility on click of a label on the mainform.I do not know where to do this as the textboxes in the main formare not identified on the subform and vice versa.

Report Question
I have a form that has 4 checkbox controls on it. I want these to be an On/Off switch for subforms in a report named "rptMainReferralForm". I'm pretty sure I have the basics down. Do I need to add a subform control on the report and set the visibility to False? Then when the checkboxes are checked set the visibility to true and set to force a new page? Also what is the syntax of setting the visibility property for a form.

Footer Section Visibility
I am trying to toggle the visibility of a group footer section based on the number of records in the details section. If the number of records in the detail section > 1 then I want to show the section footer (which has the total for the details section in it), otherwise I do not want to show the footer section.

So far I have a counter in the details section (just a running sum txtbox initialized to 1) and am able to switch on/off the section footer visibility using the Footer OnFormat event for PRINT PREVIEW, but I want to be able to do the same inReport View as well, and of course the Section Footer OnFormat event does not fire.

Of course Access 2010 will not let me change the visibility in the Footer OnPaint event.

Bottom line is that I need to toggle on/off the Section Footer visibility in Report View and Printer Preview.

Text Box Visibility?
I currently have a form which serves as an invoice. and creates an invoice from them. Certain text boxes on the report don't need to be there if the value within them is 0.

I'm trying to figure out how to get access to recognize to make the visibility property = 0 when the value in the box is 0. So far I have tried adding a line to the button which opens the report (access macro, not VBA), using the setproperty value, where control name is 'Textbox', and visibility argument is something like 'Switch([Textbox]=0, 0,[Textbox]>0, -1), but this results in a textbox which is always invisible.

toggle image visibility via button on form
I have two images per record on a form (img1 and img2). I want their visibility to be determined by a single clickable button (btn1). Once clicked on I would like this button to change its text caption to either 'On' or 'Off' and the image visibility of img1 and img2 will both correspond to this value. This would be an unbound button, with its value applying to all records.

I am afraid that so far I have only been able to create the button. In the 'On click' event procedure I am unsure of the correct code which will check what the current caption and value of the button is, and change it to the alternative caption and value once clicked

Visibility of other controls
Sometimes you want to control the visibility (or other property) of one control to be based on the value in another.

I have "Option 42" which is a Y/N selection.
I also have "Label 48" which I want to become active only if Option 42 is Yes.

What is the best thing to do in this situation

Move Form Fields Up or Down
I have a form with the following text boxes listed in a row:


I would like the visibility of any of these fields to be false if they are Null. I would also like to close the space between any field that is not visible. I can get the visibility to work, but I do not know how to compact the list. Eg. If Feature2 and Feature3 are Null, move Feature 4 up.

I am using the following code in the OnCurrent Event:

If IsNull(Me.Feature1) Then
Me.Feature1.Visible = False


Me.Feature1.Visible = True

Set Visibility of form objects by Group?
Does anyone know of a trick to set the visibility of objects on a form by group and not individually. For example, you can group elements in html by <div>. Does access have anything similar already built in? Perhaps using tag or smart tag? I ask because I am always trying to improve the visual aesthetics of my forms and im tired of writing the vba for each object

Changing Misspelled Record
I want to change misspelled records, but the misspells are in the primary key of my table. By changing the values of primary key fields, can I break table relatioships? I'm not changing field names, just field values of a primary key field

Changing field sze of labels and text boxes independently
I am using Access 2007. I created a report with the wizard. Now I can't change the size of labels or text boxes without all the fields/labels changing in concert. What do I do to permit changing these things individually? Must be simple,

How to keep a combo from changing the value of a field in a table.
I'm wanting to know how to stop a combo box from changing the value of the first record in the field every time I type in something different in the field. Or how do you get the value of the combo box to revert to nothing everytime you close the form instead of replacing the value of the first record.

Changing date to date with time
I currently have a report generating a date field that lists date only. I changed the format for the data type for the field in the table to General Date and tried changing the input mask for the field in the design view of the report to show the time, but it is still only printing the date.

caling the recordset of a subform in VBA
I have frmX (bound to tblX, primary key [ID]) and sfmY (bound to tblY, primary key [IDbis]).
I would like to apply conditional visibility to some controls on sfmY according to recordset position (basically, no visibility on first record and visibility on all other records).
I'm using this code but this doesn't seem to work.

Dim rst As DAO.Recordset Set rst = Me!sfmY!RecordsetClone rst.MoveFirst Select Case Me!sfmY![IDbis] Case rst![IDbis]
Me.[ctrl1].Visible = False
Me.[ctrl2].Visible = False Case Else
Me.[ctrl1].Visible = True
Me.[ctrl2].Visible = True End Select rst.Close
Set rst = Nothing

Locking a field inside a form
Other than using the properties sheet to lock an individual field, How can one toggle a field on and off.
I created a form that users will be entring and changing data for individual records but need to lock a few of the fields once the data is entered but leave other fields in the table alone after it is entered so that it cannot be changed, then toggled back on if the data for the turned off field needs changing.

changing the value of a field for more the one record
rite im stuck on a database im building.

I would like to know how to change the value of a field for more the one record.
Basically I have a form with a list of records on (which have been filtered using a macro) and I would like a macro that changes the value of a field for all the records. like a select all button as it would mean changing the value from yes to no and vise versa. I have tried using the setvalue command in the macro option but that only changes the field for one record and I need to change all the records displayed on the form, can this be done

Automatically changing a blank field into a null value?

background of what I'm trying to accomplish: I have set-up a column in a query to count the amount of null values for each record. However, when a field has information and then is deleted, that field is now read as blank (or 0 value) instead of null and my count is thrown off. I used an update query to change those blank fields into nulls.

Ok this being said, I do not want to have to keep changing each field each time I find blanks, so my question is, is there a function or macro or module that will automatically change a newly created blank field into a "null value"?

Refresh visibility properties based on control on record navigation
I have a combo box with different options (File Types) that I have set so that the form changes depending on what is selected in the combo box. The form changes by changing the properties of controls with the enable and visible flags.

However, on record navigation, the form doesn't change even if the record that was navigated to has a option (File Type) that is different from the record that was navigated from. Can anyone help? I know its a bit confusing and I would be happy to clarify

Changing Empty Field Format To AutoNumber With Macro
I have used a data definition query to add a new field to a populated table and set the format of the new field to number. The new field contains no data but other table columns do contain data.

I would like to be able to change the format of the new field from Number to AutoNumber so that it auto populates but rather than do it manually I would like to change the field format from within a macro.

I have looked at the runcommand option available as a macro action but cannot find any method to make the change from within a macro. If I had some code in a module I would be able to use the OpenModule or possibly the RunCode action in the macro but my coding skills are nil.

If there are any solution or suggestions as to how I can go about changing the field format from Number to AutoNumber from within a macro I would be most grateful for