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Change Query Data with a Form Access 2010???

Change Query Data with a Form Access 2010???
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Is there a way to add/remove query fields on a form before running said query
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access 2007 / 2010 problems

I have made a database with forms, query's and reports in access 2007. When I run it on access 2010 strange things happens.

This is the problem:

I have some queryes that sort out some records. I call these query from event on change from text boxes and combo boxes on a form. The problem is that it opens the query. I like to run this query in the background and then run a report based on this query.

How to fix this.

It works fine in access 2007 but not in access 2010.

Form change a query field?

Can a form change the field on a query?

Right now one of the tables in my query has multiple years across the top (as the fields), 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. Each year contains different rates that get applied to labor hours.

I would like to know if there is a way to have a form change the field in my query.

Change Access 2010 Form’s Font Family Quickly

In Access 2010, there are a lot of Form Layout controls which enables user to change every aspect of Forms. Along with many other options, you can also change the default Font according to your likings.

Move access 2010 screens to Desktop

I have an Access 2010 Table with a data entry form and two inquiry screens. I have to install these on a user's computer who also has Access 2010. The user needs for the Data Entry and two Query screens to be icons on his Desktop such that when he clicks on any of the three he sees only that particular screen without even being cognizant that Access 2010 is driving it all. He doesn't need to see any of Access 2010 bars, commands, etc.

Change Access 2010 Table Field’s Data Type

In Access 2010, you will a lot of Table Tools to let user change table fields settings. Since data type has to be specified for each field, it also allows user to change the data type on the fly without opening database in design mode.

Filter an Access web database with a parameter in Sharepoint 2010

I have a large list in MS Access 2010 that I would like users to be able to filter down in Sharepoint 2010 by passing a parameter through the query that the form is based on. It all worksfine within MS Access, but it does not work in Sharepoint 2010.

I was able to find an article that I thought would resolve the exact issue - [LINK]. The results display successfully in Access 2010 still. In Sharepoint 2010, the form that will capture the parameter displays.

A user can enter a value in the text box and there is a button that can be clicked what will 1) close window and 2) OpenForm in Read only Data Mode and Dialog Window Mode passing in [TempVars]![varName] to the parameter for the form.

However, the result in Sharepoint is Query Error - Failed to retrieve list data (error number 2950).

More information: the Access web database has a table of 33,000 records. I have a query for that table that has a parameter that will limit the results based on a full or partial supplier name.

I created a datasheet form for that query. I created a blank form with a text box and button. The text box value is stored as a tempvar. The button will close the window and open the datasheet form.

Update Access Query Depending Project Reference

I have an Access query that is passed to mail merge word document. Is it possible to change the criteria of Access query using vba? e.g I just want to change the ProjectRef. So it should work like in a form it should ask for project Refno and once it is inputted by the user then it should be changed in the Access query automatically.
How to change the Access query depending upon the project Ref no in the form?

how to change back color of a text box on continuous form

I want to change back colour of text box dependin on the value of text box on continuous form which data source is query. I am new in Access 2010. If possible, please tell me how and whree to write

Changing a Template

I have picked out the sales pipeline template & am making changes to it in order to develop a CRM at my new job. I want to make changes in the table/query/form. although I am having a guide book to help me out.

What if I rename the form/table/query? Will Access 2010 make the corresponding changes in the source for the form etc.

Any changes in the fields of the table (say rename add or delete or change data type) - will they reflect in the relationship or in the forms? Will Access do so automatically?

I know the questions aren't properly worded but if you get the drift,.

Form Filtered Crosstab Query Problem

I'm using Microsoft Access 2010, but editing a Access 2000 database.

I'm using a form with drop downs to filter the results of a query. HOWEVER, the form filter only works if I the query is anything but a Crosstab query.

I really need this query to be in Crosstab form, but whenever I do I get an error that "Microsoft Access Database engine does not recognize 'form!Formname!FormBox' as a valid field name or expressions."

When I change the query to a Select query and run, it works fine. I ONLY get this error on Crosstab queries.

Is there ANY way to run a crosstab query using a form selection as a filter?