Change field to combo box w/out data loss

Using access 2003 is it possible to change the type of a field from text to combo/picklist without data loss? Whenever I use the Lookup wizard it warns me that all the data will be lost when I try to change it.

I have a field in which the user is typing the same 4 values over again so it makes sense to change the field to a picklist. There are 400 records so I'd rather avoid having to go through each record and re enter the data.

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Change existing combo box to new one
I have a database that needs to be modified and I'm kind of a newbie.

I have a form to be filled out that currently uses a query to fill four fields.
The user clicks a combo box (Sub/Vendor ID) to select a specific vendor and the 4 fields of Sub Vendor ID, Company, Address, and Taxrate are then filled in. The only value stored in the Work Order table is SVID and none of the values appear on the work order report.

The old form worked fine but they now want to use the companyname field as the combo box for selection to fill all 4 fields.

I thought I made the mods correctly, but the only field that gets updated is the companyyname field.

I'm actually at a loss as to how the fileds get populated from the original query but not from the query I made.

I can send a sample data base and 2 screen snapshots of the old and new forms

Cancel combo box event if there is not data in another field
I have a continuous form where I have a field “Description” and a combo box. If you’re on a new record and click on the combo box I want to display a message stating that there must be data in the Description field before the combo box.


I get the message but the combo box still opens. How do I keep the box from opening?

Manually changing attribute
When adding a combo box to a form with the wizard active, there is a setting that says "Store that value in this field" and you can choose a field from the source table. Is there any way to manually go in and change what field it stores in? You're probably asking why not just make a new combo box? Simple. I added new fields to the table I want to choose a field from. The new fields do not show up in the list. I tried closing out of everything, exiting Access and yet they still not appear. So I need to manually change the target field for the combo box to store its data in

change textbox value after combo update
I have combo box. Its values are from a query. No I want that after updating value of combo the value of text box will change. For example

1. I have a table named table_bill containing Item & Description field
2. In a form name form_bill containing one combo box. Values of this combo box is items of table table_bill.
3. Now I want that when I change the value of combo box automatically value of text filed Description will change. And the value will be corresponding description of item from table_bill

Best Way to Assign a Value to a Field with a Combo Box
I have a question concerning combo boxes and the best way to implement them. When creating a field in a table I can choose to set the lookup for the field as a combo box and it will allow the use of a combo box in the table.

I could also leave it alone and use a form with a combo box on it. or are there particular situations where one ispreferred?

I can only think that using a combo straight from a table is good if you plan editing data via the table. If data entry is only to take place through the form then I see no need to set the combo box value on the table.

Change existing text box to combo box
On my form, I have a field that is a text box data type. I want to change it to a lookup field. Is this possible to change a specific text box on a form to a combo box

Text to Combo Box
I have some 20,000 entires populating a text filed that ideally should be a combo box. The data in the text field needs to be restricted to a small number of options, I'm thinking that I need a combo box for this but then the original data will be in a different field.

Is it possible to create a new combo box and then populate it with the data from the text field retrospectively or is there some other way forward for this problem?

Using combo box to look up records?????
So I have a combo box. I am using it in my small scale sample DB so as not to screw up my huge DB.

Combo box is named Field 1. It works to lookup the other fields in the DB. It woerks well at this.

Enter wrench in the plan. I bound the combo box to a textbox that I am using a Mid function to pull the data form a barcode that I need.

It pulls the data just fine. Matches what is in the combo box letter for letter. But the combo box won't look up the record anymore

Convert text to Combo
I have some 20,000 entires populating a text filed that ideally should be a combo box. The data in the text field needs to be restricted to a small number of options, I'm thinking that I need a combo box for this but then the original data will be in a different field.

Is it possible to create a new combo box and then populate it with the data from the text field retrospectively or is there some other way forward for this problem?

Changing a combo box's record source?
I'm basically trying to change a combo box's record source based on another combo box. However, to make matters a little more complicated (at least for me!), depending on what is slected in the first combo box, the number of columns in the second combo box will change. They will therefore also need to change widths

How to Change Field with a Combo Box Twice
I am trying to change two fields with the same form using a combo box. When I change the record (serial number) in the field using a combo box, it automatically updates the records in the other fields (which is what I want), but it also changes the field (serial number - installed) and it's associated records/fields, which I do not want it to do.

I would like to be able to change these records separately on one form and then click my 'save' button and move on to my next change out.

I have included a picture to show what I want my form to look like. Is thiswhere a sub form would be used?

Display a text box based on Combo Box value
I have a combo box that filters a field called [SDT], which picks out a date and time. This is done via a query. However I need this combo box to filter from another list into a text box after the selection is made in the combo box.

The combo box is called cboSDT which enter data into a field called Schedule.SchedDateTime. I need the text box to enter data into a field called JO.

The cboSDT get its info from a table called L_SDT which lists the required data for this field when a date has been selected.

The L_SDT table has two field names SDT and JO.

When the cboSDT selection is chosen I need the JO field to display in the txtJO text box, which adds that record to the JO field in the Information table.

Combo box and Text box link
I have a combo box and text box in a form. The combo box is displaying fields from a table. What I want to do is input data into the text box so that this data appears in the field selected in the combo box

Combo box wil not sort
I have a form with only a combo box in the form. The combo box is used to update data in single field table. My problem is that I want the data in the combo box to be sorted. I can't seem to find out how to do this.

Populate one combo box based on the selection of another combo box
I have a combo box that displays values based on the selection of another combo box. My problem is that when I make a different selection in the first combo box, the text in the second combo box does not change. Although the drop-down items are correctly changed in the second combo box...

Creating a query based on 2 Combo Boxes
I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have created a table that has records that have more than one field that is a look up field (combo box).

My problem is one of the look up fields (combo box) needs to display only that data that is based on the data in another field in the record.

I searched the help and it said to base the second combo box on a query that matches the rows containing the value selected in the first combo box.

I am not sure how to generate the query.


If in the record one field I choose Risk Level "1".
In the second field I want to display the Areas assigned as a Risk Level

unbound combo box
I have an unbound combo box on my database to search on a primary field. How do I make this combo box to match the primary field each time I move the record on my database? At present the combo box does not change.

Requery Button
I have and query and a form. ON the form I have two combo boxes. I have a function that I call on update of the combo boxes it requerys the data
But when I change data on the other combo box it does requery right. It disregards the other combo box and adds ALL its data in the results. Instead of filtering some data out based on what I already have.

Forms - Combo Box Question
I work for a law firm where we have a table of client numbers. There is a table of matters that we work on for the clients and each matter has a field for the client number that can link back to the client table.

I am working on a form that will add records to a new table. Here is what I am trying to get the form to do:

1. Select a Client Name from Combo Box A using the client database as the list.
2. Once Client Name is selected, the client number populates a field on the form called "Client Number"
3. Based on the Client Number selected in Combo Box A or in the field called "Client Number", use Combo Box B to select ONLY THOSE MATTERS for the client number that is selected in Combo Box A.

I built a query that uses the matter database narrowed down to the client number that is selected using Combo Box A to populate Combo Box B.
4. Select the matter from Combo Box B and then populate a field on the form called "Matter Number".

My problem is this: When I first open the form and select my client in Combo Box A, it works fine. Then, I select Combo Box B and it gives me the list of matters only for that client. BUT, if I happen to change my mind and go back to Combo Box A and CHANGE the client, Combo Box B does not update for the new client and shows me only the matters for the first client that Iselected before I changed my mind.

Adding a blank field to a combo box
I have a combo box in a form, the row source for this combo is a table, I need to be able to add a field to the combo box but no to the table that is the source that basically should be a blank field.
I don't know how to do this and whether I have to change the type of row source to Value list or not. In case when I open the form, I need the combo box to show me the values in the table plus a blank field in the list.