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Change Field name in Table with VBA

Change Field name in Table with VBA
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Is it possible to read the names of the fields in an Access table and rename the fields? *I have three tables, one with several fields, and I need to change the name of the fields.
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Referencing Table Field Value to Change Back Color (with if/iif VBA/expression)

I have a report where some field values will be blank at times. I would like to write an if statement (in VBA or as an expression) to state that if the field is blank, to change the backcolor of the field value on the report.

I can't seem to get it to work in either VBA or as an expression. In VBA I get a debugging error as to how I reference the table field value. In an expression (I am not sure how to refer to the back color of a field) I first tested with true returning "Good" and false returning "Bad".

Even though the table field value is blank, it returns "Bad". I even tried to include IsNull(""), but this still returns "Bad".

Even if I put a value in the table field and refer to that in the expression, it still returns "Bad" instead of "Good".

At the moment I don't have a date selection form before the report, but I have a record in the table that shows when switching the report to View mode.

Change a field to Primary key in linked table

I need to change the properties of a field to be a primary auto number field. I know that we can't just change it so I am needing some code to copy the existing Contacts table structure. Change the ID field to Primary autonumber. Then we need to copy the contents of the original contacts table to the existing table, rename the old contacts to contactsOld and change the name of the temp table to contacts.

The reason for these gymnastics is that I am selling some software that will integrate with ShipRite and I need this to happen programitically so I don't have to physically go to each client to do the install.

validation rule or vba

I have a table purchases that contains a lookup field. The lookup field displays the field upc from the table red. id is the primary field in the table red.

The lookfield upc should only be able to except the values greater then 10 but less than 100. Do I come up with a validation rule for this field in this table? If so what is it? Or is a form with vba the way to goand if so what is the vba

Change to a new table

I am trying to get my Access Report to use a new table. In design view, I change the Record Source to the new table name. I also change the table name in the Order By field. But it won't let me save the change.

Change Record value to another field

I have a table with 2000 records.
I need to put the last hour of the day and employee for the field EndTime.
It is possible for vba cod?

Look at the picture in attached, please.

Can't change Table Field Name to All Caps


I have a table with a field name "distcode." I need to change it simply to all caps; DISTCODE. In Design Mode I type DISTCODE, save, and when I view the table the field name is all caps. But when I close the database and reopen the table the field name is back to all small letters. What is forcing this default change?

The Data Type is Text, and this table is not linked to another table

Set the field size

You can adjust the amount of space that each record in a table uses by changing the field size property of number fields in the table. You can also change the field size of a field that stores text data, although this action has a smaller effect on the amount of space that is used.
In this article
* What happens when I change the field size?
* Change the field size of a number field
* Change the field size of a text field

Log record change in back-end?

Is there a method, in the back-end file, to log that a value (any value) in a record was changed? - - adding a new field to the table just for this purpose is ok.

I can easily see a method if one can put vba in the front-end form that the user uses. I can use vba to insert a change code into that record's log field.

But I can not see any method that would exist only in the back-end file. Is there any technique out there?

Change group and sort options via VBA?

I have a report currently grouped by one field name and sorted by a few others. What's the best way to change the group and sort options via VBA so I can make group/sort buttons for each field on the form? - OR - What are other methods of accomplishing this

2010: Frontend with VBA and backend change breaks VBA form calls (onLoad etc)?

When I have a frontend with VBA (for table additions etc) and a backend (all tables except Switchboard Items), when I change from my test-backend (USB) to the realtime-backend (Network drive/directory) the tables work, but all VBA calls (events like onLoad etc.) break (I get an error message).

The only way I can fix it atm is by using the Compress and repair database,which restores the links between VBA and the forms etc.

What causes this to happen? Is it a known bug in Access 2010?