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Change Error Message?

Change error message for dupicate entry
Is there a way to change the pop up message for someone trying to enter duplicate information? Right now it a long message that is not very easy to understand for non Access users

Error message refers to a form that does not exist
I receive the following error message when I open a database: (see attachment).
The original table name was changed and a new form designed that functions fine. I can find no trace of the form mentioned in the error message. I thought I had deleted any old forms when I made the change. This table is linked to another database and the error form is not located there either.
The macro referred to does not show up anywhere that I can find.
After I acknowledge the error message the database works fine.

What does this macro error mean? Return without GoSub.
I just made a change to my database and now I am getting an error message when I open it. The message says: "The expression OnCurrent you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Return without GoSub."

What does this message mean?

Record is too large. (Error 3047).
I am creating a Access 2007 db based on a questionnaire with long text answers. I received this message and managed to delete the offending record and change some of the text fields to memo fields.

I have received the error again, but I am a bit stuck this time. It looks like a number of my records are too large and unfortunately they have child records, so I can't just delete them. I can't change the records as I just get the same message again and I can't change more text fields to memo fields as I get the same message.

Is there any way round this? Would it help to split the main table into 2 smaller tables?

Alternative error message
I just can't find soultion for the following prooblm:

On the table - field proprties, I have set on of the field to be Required and not to alow Zero Length values.

On the form, when skipping entering a value in the bound field, I get the standard system error message, but I would like change this message, because it refernces to a cryptic field name, and not to field name like "Enter First Name".

I have tried many combinations on IsEmpty and IsNull in the field LostFocus and AfterUpdate events, and I have tried to use the Validation Rule - but all those will not cover the situation where I jump from field to field with the TAB-button, or just go to an another record without entering the field at all.

So, does anybody have a solution for usining the table validation, but with an another error message

Open report filter from form getting error message
This so easy but I keep getting a weird error message.

Here is the code to open the report.

DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCrewCompanies", acViewPreview, , [CrewMemberId] = Me.cboWorker.Column(0)

I get the error message -

.can't find thefield '|1' referred to in your expression.

I should mention if I change [] to " " the report returns no records.

I swear folks I can't find |1 anywhere

Join Error
with this error message:

Goal: to create a one-to many relationship join between two tables
Error message: Relationship must be on the same number of fields with same data types.

The error message may seem self-explanatory, but, as a newbie I don't have a clue

error message when opening the database
after double clicking on the myDBname.mdb file, the following error message pops up:

The Microsoft jet database engines stopped the process because you and the other user are attempting to change the same data at the same time.

I was not able to go into the database. Is there any way to fix this corrupted database? I had tried the compact and repair, but it didn't

Error Message in Access2007
I'm getting the error message when trying to run a simple query in Acess 2007. Once you click past this error message the query runs fine.

"The setting you entered isnn't valid for this property. To see the valid settings for this property, search the Help index for the name of the property.

How do I turn off this error message

Error Message
I'm getting the error message when trying to run a simple query in Acess 2007. Once you click past this error message the query runs fine.

"The setting you entered isnn't valid for this property. To see the valid settings for this property, search the Help index for the name of the property.

How do I turn off this error message

Issue with data change confirmation using Me.Dirty function
I applied below code to remind user and confirm any data change of record in forms before they leave the record or close the form.


It works fine except in the datasheet form. When I opened a datasheet form to edit data, when moving to different row, the following error message appeared.

“The expression BeforeUpdate you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: A problem while Your System was communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX Control.”

What does this error message mean and how to correct the problem?

Another thing I need help with this is that some forms contain SubForm. When I change data in SubForm and leave the MainForm record, the codes did not apply (nothing happened). How tomake this design to cover the data changes in SubForm?

Run-time error on form
I have set up a database for monitoring users of our financial system. with the user ID being numeric, and everything has worked fine. Recently the administrators of the database have asked me to alter the database to accept alphanumeric ID's. After changing the data type to text, certain of my forms that use a filter are producing the following error message.
"Run-time error '2501'
The ApplyFilter action was cancelled.
You used a method of the DoCmd object to carry out an action in Visual Basic, but then clicked Cancel in a dialog box."
I know that the error message is due to the change in data types, because when I delete the alphanumeric data and change the type back, the forms work again.

How to trap and change the default data type validation error?
I've been teaching myself Access programming and am new to this forum. I have looked here and elsewhere for a problem but have not found a solution, hoping someone here can help.

In a form control, I am doing a number of data checks and generating appropriate error messages, using VB in the "on exit" event. The field I am checking is declared as data type number in the underlying table. If the user mistakenly enters text, Access generates an error "The value you entered isn't valid for this field." I want to change that default error message. I have learned how to change other default error messages, but I can't figure out how to trap and change this one. Note -- I don't want to check for the error in the form, because there are a dozen or so controls in the form where I need to do this check

Issue with Access 2010 and date picker
I am using the date picker built in function on an unbound text box. In the text box propertyI set the format to short date and the show picker for dates.

When I enter a string or a non date number, the error "You have entered invalid data blah blah blah" fires. I would like to change this to my own message and remove the offendingdata and allow the user to reenter the requested information.

The problem is, even though I can trap the error on the forms on error event (error 2113) and send my own message and undo the text - the standard error message still fires.


Enter a date or null and leave control all is fine. enter a string and watch the fun.

Hekp with this error message
Parameters have not been given values".error is detected on the line obj.Connection(sr1).execute

what does this error message refer to

Replace an Error Message
I am getting a Data TYpe Error 13. Is there a way I can get a msgbox instead of the error message, so that users dont' get confused

Caption -- change using VBA
Can you change the Caption property of a form while opening the form from another form? I know Me.Caption works.

I am trying:

but get this error message:
Error Number: 2465

Error Message
When I add a new contact to an organisation I get the error message:

You cannot add or change the record because a related record is required in the table tblInstitution.

This only happens if I add a new institution/organisation and then add a new contact to that organisation. However if I just keep clicking ok it eventually lets me.

Have tried looking on a previous thread but all the things it has suggested I have already done.

Nutty error
I've got a db in Access97 running on XP. It's 90Mb in size, with 100K records. Most of the data is in one table, with a few ancilliary lookup tables.

When I try and change the field size on any text fields, I get an odd error message on saving. It doesn't matter whether I'm increasing or decreasing the size.

"Microsoft Access can't change the data type.

There isn't enough Disk Space or Memory"

Disk space isn't a problem, there's 15gb free on a 27Gb network partition. And my PC is fine, it's a dual core with 2Gb.

If I reduce the size of the text field I get the message that data may be truncated as you would expect, and then the message. There's no way that reducing the size of a field should give that message.

The field isn't linked via a relationship to anything, it's a free text comment field.

I've tried backing up the Db and compacting, as that usually sorts weird errors out, but not this time

Replace system error message with a custom message
In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I have a form that is linked to an Oracle table. When I enter duplicate data, I receive an error message "ODBC - failed... Unique Constraint violated...".