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Cascading Combo Boxes; Filter by one or both

Cascading Combo Boxes; Filter by one or both
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I have two combo boxes: Customer & Location

They are linked to each other when Customer is picked Location is updated to only the Location that customer was in.

Is it possible to filter by both to find records and also to filter by just Customer and filter by just Location. So if one is NULL it will ignore that combox box and if both are NULL it will ignore both.

I am having trouble with filtering by individual combo boxes.

I have the cascading combo boxes change with no problem
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Using Cascading combobox to filter, sometimes...

I have a form that has two combo boxes in the header to filter the form.
The first is the Category combo which after selected, filters what is in the drop down of the second combo box.

The question is, is there a way to allow the second combo box to show everything available (un filtered) if the user does not select the category combo first

Three cascading combo boxes to enter data to a subform

I have read many cascading threads and tutorials and videos on thesubject and still it does not work,
My scenario isthat I have a form named “frmMain” on it has three cascading combo boxes, the first named “cboStation”, the second “cboStaff” and the third is “cboPPE” and a sub form calledsubfrmMaint to enter the required data:

first I use the cboStation to filter the names for the cboStaff then thatis used to filter the chip number for the cboPPE, which is then used to filtera subform so I can enter details into the it, called subfrmMaint.

When ever I open the cboStaff I keep getting a form appearing with “Forms!frmMain!cboStation”requesting me to enter something so it can filter combo box but ends up blank.

In the row source field for cboStaff :

4 Tier Cascading Combo where last combo looks up a record

I have been at this for some time, searching for a way to put these cascading combo boxes into practice. I keep getting all kinds of problems. Can someone give me a detaileddescription as to how to put these cascading combo boxes into practice.

Note: I am using a GUID as a primary key

I have a form that has four combo boxes. What I wish to do is have my last combo box selection look up a record.

My form is named batch and pulls from 3 tables
My 1st combo box is named cboPartNumber
My 2nd, cboTraceNumber
My 3rd, cboPONumber
My 4th, cboInvoiceNumber

My first one is supposed to hold what where?
My second one is supposed to hold what where?
My third last one is supposed to hold what where?

I have been referred to several other links and none seem to work right.

How to get cascading combo boxes to work properly?

I am using MS Access 2007. I have a form that has two combo boxes, one for divisions, the other for groups. I am trying to create ‘cascading’ boxes that will allow a division to be selected and will populate the ‘group’ combo box with all the groups for that division.

I have read on the internet about cascading combo boxes and have created mine the way I have seen in some other examples. My problem is that the ‘group’ combo box is never populated.

I can independently run the select statement that is in the cboDivisions “AfterEvent” and it returns values, just doesn't’t work on the form.

cascading combo boxes stop working in DAP system

I have created three cascading combo boxes based on filtered queries(that restrict records displayed based on the record selected in the previous combo box). They are all working fine on the machine with MS Acess installed, but when I use the form via a switchboard interface on a different computer that does not have Acess installed, the second and third combo boxes come up blank. All the rest of the forms work perfectly. Any suggestions as to why this is happening

Cascading 3 Combo Boxes

I am trying to cascade three combo boxes (Area>Bone>FracDesc1) and I have three tables (tblArea, tblBone, tblFracDesc1) that I am working with. I am able to connect the first two combo boxes so that when I select a value in the Area combo box, it filters the choices for the Bone combo box.

However, when I select the value in the Bone combo box, I get a pop up saying "Enter Parameter Value." I cannot figure out how to get the Bone combo box to filter for the FracDesc1 combo box.

Report Using Cascading Combo Boxes

I have made a Cascading Combo Boxes form this form has 3 combo boxes its working perfectly. I have to select items in all 3 combo boxes to get a report.

what I want is, if I do not select (leave empty) any item in the third combo box it should give me the report for all the items in the third combo box "Me.SubDesCbo"

Filtering a continuous form

I have a basic continuous form in Access 07. It has the following fields:
Serial #, Part #, Model #
I want to put combo boxes in the header to filter the form. I have a combo box for each field. I named them:
SerialSearch, PartSearch, ModelSearch

The combo boxes are based on tables to automatically update when a new serial, part, model # is added. So, I got this far, so now I have a continuous form with three combo boxes in the header. I can select a value from the combo boxes, but I have no idea how get these to filter the records. I would like to be able to enter values into multiple combo boxes and have it filter, or when the combo boxes are blank, I would like it to show all records.

cascading combo box subform data filter

I have a form with three cascading combo boxes and data is entered via a subform, the third combo box will only ever have four entries in it max.
I can fill the subform in, them requery the form and select another item from the third combo or exit the form.
What I want to do is that every time I requery the form and go back to the third combo box, the item that I selected previously is removed from the combo box list, and so on till no more item are left. or the form is closed down.

Cascading 4 combo boxes

I have a form that uses two cascading combo boxes (cboCity and CboStreet) to filter records in a subform.
The code I use for that is:

Private Sub cboCity_AfterUpdate()
sfrmDonorInput.Form.Filter = "[City]= '" & cboCity & "'"
sfrmDonorInput.Form.FilterOn = True
Me.cboStreet = Null
Me.cboStreet.Requery End Sub Private Sub cboStreet_AfterUpdate()
If IsNull(cboStreet) = False Then
sfrmDonorInput.Form.Filter = "[City]= '" & cboCity & "'"
sfrmDonorInput.Form.Filter = "[Street]= '" & cboStreet & "'"
sfrmDonorInput.Form.FilterOn = True
End If End Sub

So far it works fine. Now I have a need to add 2 more combo boxes (cboCivilYear and cboLocalYear) that should filter the records further. For the life of me I can't figure it out.