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Cannot rename Access table

User Tips: Renaming Access Database Tables
I'd been trying for days to rename a Microsoft Access table from ASP. Apparently it's easy to rename a SQL Server table using a stored procedure (exec sp_rename oldtable, newtable), but there isn't an equivalent that works in Access. It looked like the only way around it was to create a new table and then use a SELECT INTO statement to transfer the data, followed by a DROP statement to delete the original. Hardly efficient and really ugly.

Changing a Template
I have picked out the sales pipeline template & am making changes to it in order to develop a CRM at my new job. I want to make changes in the table/query/form. although I am having a guide book to help me out.

What if I rename the form/table/query? Will Access 2010 make the corresponding changes in the source for the form etc.

Any changes in the fields of the table (say rename add or delete or change data type) - will they reflect in the relationship or in the forms? Will Access do so automatically?

I know the questions aren't properly worded but if you get the drift,.

Rename Macro Action
You can use the Rename action to rename a specified database object.

Rename a form
I created a form called "frm_9081" however I decided this name was unsuitable and decided to rename it. I am using Access 2010 so with the form completely closed I right clicked on the form and chose "rename" from the dropdown box that appeared. However it keeps returning to its original name of "frm_9081" why? Were do I look to fix this problem?

Macro for rename many tables
I have imported more than 200 tables to a database Access and would need to rename them. They are of the form ctl_tablename and would want to put them user_tablename. Could be done with a macro without having to write all the names of the 200 tables?.
The macro renaming parameters old table: "ctl_*" to new table: "user_*" does not work, of course.

Polishing table for export
I need some ideas because I am new to Access. I am currently prepairing a table which I intend to export to Excel format and use in the engineering software. With some pain I was able to finally organize a query which extracts data in the way I need. Only two problem remain.

1) After values in some of the columns I need to add "mm", becase it is the way it will be consumed later.

2) I need to rename columns to match the requirements of the engineering software. I cannot rename them in the quiery, or maybe do not know how.

Of course, all of that can be made in Excel after the export. But I don't think it is the best way, because if I make some changes (fix some bugs, for instance), I will have to repeat formatting over and over again. I'd like to have the table 100% ready in Access.

Rename in Access 2007 Navigation Pane
Does anyone have a problem renaming tables, queries, etc in the Navigation Pane? The Pane is set to view by list. If I right-click on an object then click on Rename, the focus just moves to another object. If I use the shortcut menu key on the keyboard then type "m" for rename, the inside of the orange highlighted object turns blue briefly to show you can type in it, then immediately reverts to orange. I don't know if this is a problem with my PC (HP laptop running Vista) or with Access.

Rename File with partial name
I need to make a VBA Code to rename a file using only a section of the name.
The problem is that the first part of the name change any day and I need to ignore this part and rename the file.

The second part of the filename ".0651.TXT" don't change.

I need to do:

RENAME C.\temp\*.0651.TXT , C:\temp\AUDIT.0651.TXT

How to rename a linked table which link to ODBC
When create the linked table to ODBC, it automatically create the name with user name like abc_tablename. How to rename as tablename ?

copy query with pop up window to rename it
Is it possible to copy the results of query to another query or table and have a pop up window to rename it, so it ask's the user what name do you want for this query or table.

I know you can do this with a macro, but if you set this up with a macro it renames the duplicate query that same name every time you copy the query therefore ending up with the macro not working.

It will work the first time, but when run again will not work as it is set to rename it as the same name as the first query that you copied.

docmd.rename wierd results
I am trying to rename a table in access 2007 using form fields as variable in
DoCmd.Rename "Old Employees Table", acTable, "Employees"
I have the following code:

Private Sub Command7_Click()

Dim TableNew As String
Dim TableOld As String
Dim UpDate As String
Dim What As String

TableNew = Chr(34) & Me.Text5 & Chr(34) & ","
TableOld = Chr(34) & Me.text1 & Chr(34)
What = "acTable" & ","

UpDate = TableNew & " " & What & " " & TableOld

DoCmd.Rename UpDate
End Sub

my results are kinda wacky:
it renamed my table as follows:

"uhd002", actable, "uhd005"

where uhd002 is the value in form field me.text5 and udh005 is the value of form field me.text1 .

this is im sure a syntax snafu that I am braindead on

Rename TextBox easily
I'll got right to the point! I have a calendar consisted of 30 listbox.

and undereach list box I have 16 textbox sor 16*30 = 480 textbox.

I don't want to rename them one by one.

I have 4 column of 4 textbox so i'll use the coordinate of them like 0(line),0(column) is the top left one

0,0 should be name TxtQtyExt1 for the first day of the calendar, and 2 for the second , three for the third, you get the point.

I want to know if there is an easy way to rename them all cause 480 is really long

Have access rename a .txt file and move it

I currently have a database that creates a .txt file which contains information from one of my tables.

I need access, after it has written the file, to rename if from a .txt file to a .xml

I have already looked at exporting as an .xml but the xml file does not come out right and only work as I am doing presently.

Is there any way I can get access to change the .txt to .xml

Renaming external file from within a macro
I only need to rename a txt file created by a dos procedure invoked by an Access macro through the same macro. What happens is that the txt file just created seems to be held by the macro, because if I try to rename it through a VBA module inside Access database by runnig it after the creation during the macro, nothing happens, conversely if I let the macro finish and execute the VBA renaming module inside a new macro, it works fine. Maybe I need to create an external exe vba file to rename the txt file to be invoked by the main macro?

Can no longer delete objects (tables, forms etc).
I have a weird problem with my Access 2007.

I created a BackEnd/FrontEnd database. In the BE all is fine, but now, suddenly, in the FrontEnd, I can no longer delete (or rename) any of the objects (Tables, Queries, Forms etc.). When I right-click on them in the Navigation Pane, the options to Rename and Delete are greyed out.

Also, I have linked tables and now the Linked Table Manager is greyed out

Change name of field throughout database
I've taken over a database where the original developer created a field called Date in the main table. I'm having all sorts of problems in code where I try to do things with date as it's a reserved word. So I would really like to rename it to something like CallDate. Is there a quick and clever way of finding every Query, form and report that references this field and rename it

How to Rename Microsoft Access Form Controls Instantly
Even though Access is the best rapid development tool for databases I have ever used, some things can be drudgery. Take Form Controls for example. Access names the controls on a form the same as the control source. This makes it easy to have errors. You may try to use the name of the control in an expression but Access reads it as the name of the field. To avoid errors like this we have to go through the controls on a form and rename them one at a time. This can really slow down development and it gets to be drudgery after a few forms. So to save myself some time I wrote the following procedure which renames the most used controls on a form in an instant.

A2003: want to delete table but can't
A2003 on Win XP

Goal: Copy fresh data from production DB to my test DB. Code is in test DB.

- Delete table "oldTable1".
- Rename "Table1" to "oldTable1"
- Import "Table1" from production DB to test DB.

When I try to delete "oldTable1" I get an error about "oldTable1" being in a relationship and it cannot be deleted. How do I delete the relationship so I can delete the table?

Here is my code:

' Delete old tables first. DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, "oldTable1" ' Rename tables to "old" prefix. DoCmd.Rename "oldTable1", acTable, "Table1" ' Import real tables from M: dbsrc = "M:\blah\production.mdb" tname = "Table1" DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, "Microsoft Access", dbsrc, acTable, tname, tname

Adding a lookup to a column
While looking at the record itself, I tried to add a lookup to an existing column - couldn't find a way to do it. Access wants to Insert a new lookup column.

Ok, I'll go with that and then rename it. I made my lookup and whoa! great joy, it shows me what I want. Then I found I was unable to rename it from 'Field1.'

I Saved, reopened and bingo, the column 'Field1' is still there but the little drop-down for the lookup has gone.

What am I doing wrong? How hard can this be

Form listbox button commmand
I have a listbox in my form that has 4 coluns showing name,code,price of produtcs. then I have 45 command button in the form "cmditem1 . to cmditem45". What Im trying to do is: I need to read the listbox and then rename the caption of the buttons command to the product name like:

cmditem1.caption = listaproduto.Column(1, 0)

so with that I have rename the caption of one button to the fist name of product in the list box. great! but now,how can I do a loop or whatever to rename the caption the rest of the buttons with the rest of the products names because I dont want to repeat that for each one