Can't resize/reposition fields independently

I highlight a table and click Create -> Form. Access creates the form with all fields as desired. When I select Design View and try to resize a field or move a field all the fields are affected. Access won't let me change the field sizes independently.

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A couple of really simple queries regarding resizing and basic buttons
1) I am resizing my fields on a form but when I resize one of the fields the rest of the fields resize as well. How do I only resize one of them?

2) I would like to add a button that lets me search for a record. I have added a button and have used the Find Record Macro builder. I have no clue what to do from there though.

Contiguous Forms
Is there a way to make these resize on their own based on the number of records? Auto Resize is set to yes. Also, it's a subform.

Basically, I just need it to resize on it's own so there's only one scroll bar (it's a tab on a Navigation Form

Move and resize controls independently
By default, when you create a new form by using one of the form tools on the Create tab, or when you add fields to a form while it is open in Layout view, Access 2007 puts text boxes and other controls in guides called layouts. A layout, indicated by an orange grid around the controls, helps you align controls horizontally and vertically to give the form a uniform appearance.

Work with the Help window
Click the Microsoft Office Help button Button image in the upper right or the F1 key on your keyboard to open Help on your computer. The first time you use the Help feature in Microsoft Office programs, the online Help window appears in a default location and size on your screen. You can change the way the Help window is displayed. After that, when you open the Help window, the settings that you made are maintained.
Learn how to: Resize or reposition the Help window and Keep the Help window on top

move fields independently
I'm trying to create a report with several fields.when I create the report, all the fields are smashed together horizontally. as all fields are connected. Is there an easy way to "disconnect" the fields?

DoCmd.MoveSize after DoCmd.PrintOut
I have a form (actually a calendar on a form) that I am printing out, but in order to have it fit on the printout, I have to resize the form, then print out, then I wanted to resize the form to the original size that the user had it.

The code works perfectly up until I try and movesize after I printout. It goes through the code, but the actual window does not resize. If I actually step through the code it will resize. If I remove the printout, it will resizes just fine. I thought that if I added a pause that it would help. That didn't work. It is really strange. Any help here would be great. I have looked everywhere to see if anyone else has encountered it.

Essentially this is the code that I am using.

Private Sub PrintCalendar()

Forms in Microsoft Access
I have created a form in Access 2010 using the Form button (not the Form Wizard) based on a table. I am unable to resize the fields separately as they all resize at once in both Design and Layout views. I am unable to move them around either.

Form Resize
Access2007 .mdb

I have a form that is not a pop-up or modal, single form, form-view only, auto-center=no, auto-resize=no, fir to screen=no. My Access Options has overlapping windows set.

say, the design properties sheet in Access). Which other settings do I need to be able let my users resize the form please?

Make controls stretch, shrink, or move as you resize a form
By default, the controls on a form stay anchored to the upper-left corner of the form, and do not resize when you resize the form. To change this behavior, you can use the Anchoring command. For example, you can configure a text box so that it stretches down and to the right as the form becomes larger. This lets you see more text in the control.

Resizing Forms
Here's a thing. What I am trying to do is, when I resize a form, I am trying to resize all the controls to fit the resized form. It does look very slick.

Nearly there except for a couple of snags. Anyone seen any code to do this

Datasheet - Custom fields to behave independently for each row
Got datasheet on forms. Want to add a "Pay" check box to each row and want to have a "pay selected" button to look at rows where the "pay" check is selected.

How do I get the check boxes to act independently on each row and how do I refer to each individual check box programatically in VBA?

Access 2007: Resizing one textbox resizes all
All textboxes were auto-created from the Data Source | table. Now, I want to resize some of the textboxes to smaller and larger.

When I give focus to one textbox and drag to resize, all textboxes automatically get focus and resize as well. Or, when I change the textbox width in the Properties for one text box, all of them change. Never saw this behavior in Access 2003.

Wizard Report has "locked" fields
I have used the wizard to create a report. Overall it is good, but I want to move a few of the fields and now cant move the fields independently. Is this a lock feature? Edit permissions? Help please - need to get this report off my desk today

Resize ListBox Columns
Just wondering if there's an easy way in Access 2000 to resize listbox columns if necessary to show all information - like you can in a table by clicking, or by the columns autoformatting

how do i make forms not resizable?
I can make them unmovable, but I cant make them stay the same size?

There's an event procedure "on resize".but what code do I need to put in to make it so the user cant resize the form

Run-time error '424': Object required
I am trying to make a function that when I pass the control it will resize the control according to the length of the data in the given text box. I am trying to do this in a report only. Anyone know why I am getting this error?
Run-time error '424':
Object required

Resize (Me.txtLocationTest)

Function Resize(ctl As Control)
Dim tlength As Long
test = Me.TextWidth(ctl)
Me.ctl.Width = test

Auto resize columns in split forms
Just to confirm, is it true you can't auto resize column widths in Split Forms using VBA code?

For example :

Me.[nameOfColumn].Columnwidth = -2

This doesn't seem to work in my split form

Text box resize horizontally
Is there a way to have a text box that will resize itself horizontally depending on the size of the data? The can grow property allows it to grow vertically which I don't want. If there isnot an easy way to do it I would imagine there would be a way to do it with VBcode.

How to disable this annoying auto arrange?
I've got several forms made up (created using "Create Form") and I can't move the fields around or resize them separately as they all seem to be grouped together.

How do you resize a popup box upon trigger?
I have a popup box containing a button that, when pressed, adds/removes a few fields to the popup. When this happens, the buttons are moved down to provide space for the additional fields, and are no longer visible - you'd have to scroll or re-size the box to be able to see them. Is there a way to simply increase the popup height (re-size it) to the current height