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Access backup

Access backup
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I have one question, Is it possible to take daily backup of Access database in any folder automatically at any specific time e.g 9pm at night. This is just to make sure that data is safe and nobody moved the current folder or deleted the folder where the system is present(SO in case anything goes wrong with the system).
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Automatic backup?

I am relatively new to Access 2007. During the development, occasionally I find a backup file on my drive "Name_of_DB"_Backup.accdb.

What are the criteria for the thing making a backup by itself? I think I got one or two after crashing Access, but also without a crash. Is there some obscure setting? For I most certainly did not create those backups myself.

Can't backup Db

For some unexplained reason, Access won't let me backup my db. It's worked fine for months, but now when I try to backup my db I get the following message: "could not use <filename>, file already in use". I'm the only user and I've closed the db, waited and then reopened and try to backup again and still can't. Hope someone can help me solve this

MS Access to Text File Backup

This article describes about Text File backup for MS Access Database. Working with MS Access and manipulating Tables and data backup is a common procedure. If you want to take a records of a MS Access Table you have to write lengthy of code by means of Establishing connection, opening record set and creating files etc. so I decided to develop a small Active X dll for doing all those process in a single step. This is simple application which can be used for any size of MS Access Table.

Create Backup Of Access 2010 Database

Creating backup of databases is the most important thing and must not be overlooked. Access 2010 offers a simple and easy way of creating backup of database you’re working on. To begin, open the Access 2010 database and close down all table fields. Now on File menu, click Save & Publish.

Database backup automation

my database collapsed the other night and after putting together a backup file a bit old and a more recent excel extraction I could retrieve 98% of it.

I use this databse everyday, 10 hours a week, is there a way to schedule an automatic backup at a given frequency (every week for example) in a given folder?

Can we also automate a maintainance run (compact and repair) each time I close access

Backup Command

What is the best code to use to backup couple of my tables and allow the users to back it up in the following formats, XML, CVS and ACCESS

Restore From BackUp

Having split my DB, I have now made a button that backsup/copies the BE to a backup folder. It copies the database name and puts the date of the backup on the end (GundogTraining_be 18 01 12). What I need to do now is create an Import function. Where the user would select the button which would open the folder "BackUp" they would then choose the file to import.And the file would be imported into its "Working" directory and automatically renamed ie. GundogTraining_be

Not really sure how to go about this, this is what I am using to open the BackUp Dir, but after this I'm stuck!

Private Sub btn_Import_Click()
Shell "EXPLORER.EXE C:\Gundog Training Databases\BackUp\", vbNormalFocus

Access 2007 automatic backup

I have crated a small application in Access 2007 and by using AccessRuntime, I have created a installer.
I want to know how can I take the backup of the data after it is installed on the client's machine

Creating Backup of Tables/Database

Not sure where this question must be posted! I would like to create code in VBA to backup tables in access. I am not sure where to begin, but what I would like to do is the following:

When the user signs in I want to backup the database/tables
When the user sign off I want to back up the database/tables.

Search employees backup database

Attached I have a Database with 3 Tables.
-Table MA's. is the just a table were you can select if an Analyst is at the office or not. so if the check box is selected the analyst is available.
-Table Backups. We have Alias which is a reference code to a supplier the 1 Analyst and then Backup 1 and backup 2
-Table suppliers are just de supplier details.

what I whould need is when in the MA's table an Analyst is not selected a macro or query should search for backup 1 and replace it. when the backup 1 is not available as wel than backup 2 should be put in place.
When no backups are availeble then a message can put in the cell like"No Backup Available'.

This result can be put in a new table named. Decksplit with then the Supplier Alias, Supplier Name, Analyst