Create Backup Of Access 2010 Database

Creating backup of databases is the most important thing and must not be overlooked. Access 2010 offers a simple and easy way of creating backup of database you’re working on. To begin, open the Access 2010 database and close down all table fields. Now on File menu, click Save & Publish.

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access database crashes ...
I have Microsoft Office 2010 32 bit installed on Microsoft Windows 7 Prof 64 bit the database is accdb. Recently (one week or so ) I have started experiencing database corruption error: I cannot open any form , report or vba module, tables are still accessible though ,most of the linked anyway to SQLDB. So I had to create back up every one hour otherwise I have to redo all the work all other again. I have tried to create the new empty file and import everything from the backup and apply all the changes but after one day or so it is happening again! So it goes like that: I restore it from the backup, apply changes , all good, but as soon as I close it to create another back up and open again it already corrupted.

Create backup of access 2003 database using a command button?
I need the procedure and/or code to add a command button to the Main Switchboard form, so the user click it and creates a full backup of the database in other folder, where the databasename will have the date added to it.

I have tried different things, with no success. getting depress now!

if I press tools, database utilities, and backup database I'll get what I want, . well I need to do the same, but using a command button.

Creating Backup of Tables/Database
Not sure where this question must be posted! I would like to create code in VBA to backup tables in access. I am not sure where to begin, but what I would like to do is the following:

When the user signs in I want to backup the database/tables
When the user sign off I want to back up the database/tables.

Backup and Restore Process In Microsoft Access 2010
Performing regular backups is the best strategy against any type of data disaster. There is no definitive solution to avert data loss, however, backups are a medium to save business downtime if you anyhow happen to lose this vital asset. MS Access users also suffer from data loss due to intermittent corruption encountered in Access databases. If you have a backup of your database, it could save you precious time that would have been otherwise wasted in rebuilding the entire database from scratch.

Database backup automation
my database collapsed the other night and after putting together a backup file a bit old and a more recent excel extraction I could retrieve 98% of it.

I use this databse everyday, 10 hours a week, is there a way to schedule an automatic backup at a given frequency (every week for example) in a given folder?

Can we also automate a maintainance run (compact and repair) each time I close access

Restore a database
To restore a database, you must already have a backup copy of your database.
A backup is commonly referred to as a "known good copy" of a database file — a copy in which you are confident of its data integrity and design. You should use the Back Up Database command in Microsoft Office Access to make backups, but you can use any known good copy to restore a database. For example, you can restore a database from a copy that is stored on a USB external backup device.
You can restore an entire database, or you can selectively restore objects in a database.
If you do not have a backup copy, you risk data loss and unwanted changes to or corruption of your database design. For this reason, you should make backups on a regular basis.

Automatic backup?
I am relatively new to Access 2007. During the development, occasionally I find a backup file on my drive "Name_of_DB"_Backup.accdb.

What are the criteria for the thing making a backup by itself? I think I got one or two after crashing Access, but also without a crash. Is there some obscure setting? For I most certainly did not create those backups myself.

2007 Access file cannot be opened in 2010 Access
I have this Access file that was created in Access 2003 version. I saved a backup copy on a thumb drive and I cannot get it to open in my 2010 version of Access. It opens in 2007, 2003 versions, but won't open on my laptop, which is a 2010 version.

The error message reads: Your MS Access database or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file 'MSCAL.OCX' version 7.0

To ensure that your database or project works properly, you must fix this reference.

Again, it openes on other computers, just not this one. So, there is no problem with the file itself. It is a problem with this laptop, or this MS Access 2010.

Error Opening Access
When deleting a form, Access crashed. When I reopened it, I received the following error message:
The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained in it cannot be read. The database can be opened only if the VBA project is first deleted. Deleting the VBA project removes all code from modules, forms and reports. You should back up your database before attempting to open the database and delete the VBA Project.
To create a backup copy, click Cancel and then make a backup copy of your database. To open the database and delete the VBA project without creating a backup copy, click OK.

Restore From BackUp
Having split my DB, I have now made a button that backsup/copies the BE to a backup folder. It copies the database name and puts the date of the backup on the end (GundogTraining_be 18 01 12). What I need to do now is create an Import function. Where the user would select the button which would open the folder "BackUp" they would then choose the file to import.And the file would be imported into its "Working" directory and automatically renamed ie. GundogTraining_be

Not really sure how to go about this, this is what I am using to open the BackUp Dir, but after this I'm stuck!

Private Sub btn_Import_Click()
Shell "EXPLORER.EXE C:\Gundog Training Databases\BackUp\", vbNormalFocus

HEEEEEELP!!!!.......Database Error
My boss has tried to create a backup on a external hard drive whilst doing so he has managed to override the current access database with his previous backup (19/08/2011).

this has caused all of our previous work from this date become deleted.

is there anyway we can retreive the data that has been deleted

Database Daily Backup
If your Database is installed on a Network then a regular server backup is done on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly basis by the Network Team and kept in Fire-proof Cabinets away from the Computer Center. If something happens to your database, like database corruption or deletion by mistake etc., you can always send a request to the Computer Department giving details of location, filename and safe backup date from which you would like to restore from. This may take a few hours to few days to get it done because the backup tapes or other mediums must be transported back from its storage location before they is able to complete your request.

MS Access to Text File Backup
This article describes about Text File backup for MS Access Database. Working with MS Access and manipulating Tables and data backup is a common procedure. If you want to take a records of a MS Access Table you have to write lengthy of code by means of Establishing connection, opening record set and creating files etc. so I decided to develop a small Active X dll for doing all those process in a single step. This is simple application which can be used for any size of MS Access Table.

access database backup...
is it possible to backup ms access database daily updating data only separately

Search employees backup database
Attached I have a Database with 3 Tables.
-Table MA's. is the just a table were you can select if an Analyst is at the office or not. so if the check box is selected the analyst is available.
-Table Backups. We have Alias which is a reference code to a supplier the 1 Analyst and then Backup 1 and backup 2
-Table suppliers are just de supplier details.

what I whould need is when in the MA's table an Analyst is not selected a macro or query should search for backup 1 and replace it. when the backup 1 is not available as wel than backup 2 should be put in place.
When no backups are availeble then a message can put in the cell like"No Backup Available'.

This result can be put in a new table named. Decksplit with then the Supplier Alias, Supplier Name, Analyst

Can't backup Db
For some unexplained reason, Access won't let me backup my db. It's worked fine for months, but now when I try to backup my db I get the following message: "could not use <filename>, file already in use". I'm the only user and I've closed the db, waited and then reopened and try to backup again and still can't. Hope someone can help me solve this

Forms list disappearing in navigation pane
It's been years since I've been in Access (since Access 97!) but since I'm still considered the resident expert I received a question from a client about her database. She is using 2002. She said yesterday her tables list was gone. When she opened her database today her forms list is gone. She did do a compact/repair.

So, I poked around and found the hidden option and tried playing with that a bit. No luck. I am able to create a form and see it. Hide it, unhide it, etc.

I didn't see anything when I googled other than the hidden possibility so I suggested we get a backup and I'll create a new database and import all the objects from the backup.

Somehow I doubt that is the solution though. Any other suggestions/ideas will be

Peter D'Silva - Admin Assistant
I would like to know how to setup a Macro which Automatically Backs Up the Access Database when it is closed. I would like to set up a different Backup for each day of the week, then the following week I would like it to overwrite the previous backup

Schedule automatic database backup
I have almost completed my application, and just 1 last feature to go.

How do I automatically schedule a backup of my database say for example I want to back up my database at 12am everyday?

Can I use the task scheduler to this for me

Change Default File Format Of Blank Access 2010 Database
Access 2010 saves database file in Access 2007 compatible format – ACCDB, however, if you’re dealing with Access 2002/2003 version, you can let it always save database in MDB file format. To make Access 2010 create a database in Access 2003 format.