Automatically general date when another field is written to

apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I've created a field and set the type to general date.

What I want to do is have access insert the date when a certain other field is written to. The other field is called notice. When I have written my message in this field, I want access to get the date andtime from the clock and insert it in the date field. I want to do this as in the future I wish to write to the notice field from a website (connected to database via odbc), and when that data is added, I want access to add the additional info to the date field.

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Creating a general date from a short date and my own time stamp?
I need to create a general date field that takes my field [LogDate] and adds 9am to it (i.e 9:00:00), so that it basically shows 9am of whatever date it happens to be for that row, such as '12/03/2011 9:00:00'. I've tried but it only outputs as a string. Is there a function that I can use to put these together?

Autoinsert of variable data into update query
I have several update queries that I would like to automate the Date field to today's date and the "UpdatedBy" field to the person who's logged in "GUserName."

When a person logs in, his name is written to a global variable "GUserName" so that the system can update records automatically with that user's name. This works perfectly on all the forms.

I have written a number of update queries where I'd like to update the tables with new values and at the same time update the "UpdatedBy" field and the "ModfiedDate" field with the values from "GUserName" and today's date respectively.

Every time I try something, I only get a pop-up parameter input box instead of the system automatically inserting the value and moving on.

How to use Input mask for general date with milliseconds added
I am having a problem creating this input mask wizard for the following general date format:

1) 12/11/2011 09:33:46.240
the general date I use needs to be changed:

1) 00/00/0000\ 00:00:00\ >\ LL;0;#

Changing date to date with time
I currently have a report generating a date field that lists date only. I changed the format for the data type for the field in the table to General Date and tried changing the input mask for the field in the design view of the report to show the time, but it is still only printing the date.

Date Not Displaying Correctly on Access Form
I have a date field that when I use the date picker, it shows the date correctly but the minute I click out of the field, the date is converted into a different format. For example, 10/11/11 is converted to 40827. In the datasheet the field is set up as a Date/Time data type with a General Date format. Several of my other fields are set up the same way and work correctly but for some reason this field won't behave. It looks correct in the datasheet

Adding multiple data to one field
I would like to be able to have the date written in to a field when another field is updated. Pretty simple, however, there are circumstances that this field could be updated as many as 6 times. I will have to build a query that will search this field for specific dates so I can count them. I need to keep on file each added instance and not just the latest update date. I had thought of using the field being updated and adding Now to it to get a value, and then should there be another update I could simply take the value from the field and the new date (updates will never be done more than once on a given date). Not sure if this is the best idea or if there is a much simpler path

Bound Date/Time field to automatically display the current date
I have a bound form which has a field called WorkDate which I would like to default to todays also still needs to be able to be changed to a different date. I have tried inserting =Date() in the On Load event of the
Bound Worked Date field, but no luck.the picker is still just sitting there with nothing in the field.

automatically having a field filled in based on another field's criteria
Within a table, I have a field named date and a field named qtr. On the form, I want to automatically fill in the qtr field based on the date field. for ex: if date=>01/01/2010 and date=04/01/2010 and date =

How to create a custom autonumber
I have a table where I want to genrate the contactID automatically. The format is HS+mmyy+serialnumber I.e HS is the prefix for all the contactIDs followed the month and year followed by the serial number. so if a contact is introduced today as the 2nd contact for the month, the ContactID would be HS0810002.

2. I also have an age field which I want to be calculated from the date of birth.
3. I have another field in which I want to store the date exactly one year from the date of birth field
4. Also, I want to add a date field which is automatically filled in with today's date.

I hope all these are quite clear and related

changing date automatically in a table field
I have a table of customers and dates when their orders were placed. Is their a way of having a field within said table that shows the order date plus 3 weeks (ie when the order is due for delivery). It would be good if this can be done automatically as soon as the first date is entered in the first field without the operator having to do anything

automatically add information after date exceeds?
I have a field "Permit_Date_Expired" field automatically is created by adding one year to the "Permit_Date_Issued" field.

when the "Permit_Date_Expired" field exceeds TODAYS() date I want it to automatically change the field "Permit_Holder" to say Expired is this possible?

Date/Time question
In my table, I have a field defined as datatype date/time. In the format, it is set to general. The date displays properly but the time does not show up. I even increasd the displayed field lenght but nothing.

Automatically change text box based on date changes
I have a problem that you all may be able to help me with. I have an access form and on that form are 2 fields, one is called "Status" and the other "Date Last Reviewed".

What I would like to do is have the Status field set as a text box that will automatically change from "Current" to "Review" when the date in the Date Last Reviewed field reaches a specific date.

For example, when a user inputs that they reviewed the document today, then the Status field changes to "Current". When that date reaches 30 days or older than the current date, the Status field automatically changes to "Review".

Could someone steer me in the right direction to accomplish this? I'm sure there will need to be some kind of code or expression to make this happen, but I'm at a loss

Method to Reuse past Values for New Date?
I have a form that is basically general information. The information changes maybe once every two or three weeks.

I have a date field with a date picker to choose a past or future date. I have a combobox with all the definitive dates that already have data. And I have a Search button so that a known date can be found quickly.

What I am looking to do is to be able to go to a date that has values already, and save those values as a new date. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this

Calculated Week ending Date
I have a form which was created from a table. In the form I have a Date field and a Weekending Date field. I would like to automatically calculate the weekending date from the date that is entered in the date field.

Is there a data entry shortcut for Entering a Date?
I want to increase or decrease the date by 1 by simply using the plus or minus key when I'm in a Date field. If any of you have use quickbooks you would be familiar with this nifty data entry technique when in a date field. In my access form, when I go to a new record, the first field is the date field in which I have a default date entry automatically entetered and selected, waiting to be overwritten if so desired. Is there a way to use the plus or minus key to increment or decrement the date by one each time the key is pressed

fun date change script
I have 2 date fields on my form. When a user enters a date in the first date field I want it to automatically add the date to the second date field. So far I have this:

Private Sub Date_Started_AfterUpdate() Me.Date_Finished = Me.Date_Started End Sub

This part works fine. Now here is where it is too tricky for me.

I need to change the date just a bit. I want to

05/24/2011 will become 05/01/2014
07/13/2010 will become 07/01/2013
12/22/2012 will become

query to update a date based on another date
Basically I am trying to create a query whereby when there is a date in one field (e.g. pre_cutoff) then I need to be able to click a button and a date be automatically inserted into another field (e.g. post_cutoff). This date needs to be the first date (from pre_cutoff) plus 98 days

Query Expression for a date range
I have a field in a query, titled "Date" that holds a date per record. The date is written for example as 2/22/2012.

I can't figure out what to write in the criteria section of the "Date" field to give me the option to chose a date range. For example when I click to open the query, a pop up window shouldcome up asking me for a date range where I type 2-1-2012 to 2-22-2012.

and then the query will just show records within that date range only.

Connect Two Charts to Start & End date, and pull up Field Values from End date?
I have two issues:

1) I have two charts that need to display information for same start date and end date. I can get it so that the criteria of the query prompts the user, but then it has to occur twice (once for each chart).

I can just have the report query prompt once for a start date and end date; but then the charts use the data from dates, and the report creates the same report for allthe days from start date to end date.

but get that date to feed into both charts?

2) I need to also use the end date to populate some field values. Essentially, I have some general information that needs to correspond to the end date inputted.

How do I connect field values only to the end date from when the user is prompted?