Automate Mail Merge to MS Word?

Is it possible to make a macro to automate this function? If so, how is this done? I want to be able to have this function assigned to a button on my database

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Word Macro - Running one from Access?
Seems like everyone is trying to figure out how to automate mail merge from Access to Word.

I am one of those. I have very limited knowledge. I have gleamed all that I can from the board, and have just one last idea.

I can get on the click of a button Access to open Word and launch by form letter. But haven't been able to get mail merge to work.

I wrote a Macro in Word that works, but I can't figure out the code to type in Access that once it opens Word and the form letter to then run the macro in Word.

I did a docmd.runmacro "merge", but it is looking at Access for the macro and the macro is in Word.

There must be a way? I think I could make the macro run when the document is opened, but I would like to stay away from that if I can

Mail Merge from Access Form To Word Doc
I need to find a way to create a one click button that will select the current record from an access 2007 form and mail merge it with a predefined word 2007 document.From looking around online, I can tell you that I cannot use bookmarks or anything of that sort. It has to be mail merge-able due to the fact that that is how all of our word doc's are already set up. I can't copy it to a word table or excel sheet because we constantly have people in our DB adding to it.

MS-Access and Mail Merge
When we talk about Address Labels, Form Letters, Mail Merge and so on, the name that comes into our mind is MS-Word, loaded with plenty of functions for the above tasks. It needs a database to provide source data for address labels, Form Letters etc. We can prepare a Table in Word Document and use it for Addresses or attach one from Microsoft Access or other database sources.
Here, we are not going to use MS-Word for Address Labels, Form Letters and Mail Merge operations, we will do it in MS-Access. Yes, we will try Mail Merge too.

Use a table or query as a mail-merge data source
You can create a mail merge operation by using the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard. This wizard is also available from Microsoft Office Access 2007, and lets you set up a mail merge process that uses a table or query in an Access database as the data source for form letters, e-mail messages, mailing labels, envelopes, or directories.
This topic explains how to start the Mail Merge Wizard from Access and create a direct link between a table or query and a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document. This topic covers the process for writing letters. For step-by-step information about how to set up a mail merge process, see Office Word 2007 Help.

mailmerge macro
I'm trying to build a macro to perform a mail merge. I'm using the macro function and so far can get the macro to begin the mail merge. Access presents me with a pop up box called 'microsoft word mail merge wizard' which then presents you with the window for mail merges.

Is there an action in macro's to click the ok so it brings me to the point where to select the file from.

If this is possible, on the next step can a macro action be created to insert the place to get word document from

Mail merge for filtered results
This is the first time I am trying to do mail merge from access.

Actually I have a query and I have designed the letter template in Ms word.
Now I want to filter the query based on the data passed from the access form and merge the filtered data in Ms words mail merge

Merge from Access to Word - Loses Data Source
I have a Microsoft Word Mail Merge document that uses a Microsoft Access query as the data source. A DSN has been setup for the connection. The user clicks a command button and the MS Word Mail Merge document is suppose to appear ready complete the merge. The process usually works great but lately the MS Document seems to be losing the link and needs help to find the data source. Why would this work one day and then the next it needs help re-finding the data source?

Mail Merge VB.NET 2005 DataSet
I would like to perform a mail merge between 2005 and Word 2007 using a dataset from my application, so the user doesn't have to touch word they will just be presented with the mail merged data.

I have already created my connection to SQL server and populated the dataset but how can I output the dataset to Word.

I have looked on here and can only find information relating to vb6 not the .net framework examples. I understand I will need to use Automation to achieve this any documents or advice would be great.

Mail Merge
I have a query which list the visitors to a compound with a given date. I want to send their names and addresses over to ms word in a mail merge. can someone

Mail Merge w/ data from 2 tables
I'm trying to automate letters sent to different clients with certain job information on it.

I created two tables one for client info and one for job info

so the data is separate, I can search through the job info table for jobs and the client list table for clients

I created a query to merge the data so I could import it in microsoft word 2007.
It works fine but the problem is the query is now making duplicates in my client table for all my clients, one for each job #(meaning the client info is repeated for as many different job #'s I have)

why is the query adding the merged data back to the table? I thought query's were just used to filter data into a mergeable format(I tried to mail merge the two tables but it told me to make a query)

Is there a better way to do what I'm trying to do. I want to mail merge two sets of data(the client info table and the job info table(but only one entry from that table)) onto the same page in word.

Mail Merge macro
so I have made a mail merge for my database and it works fine and im happy with it. Now I just need to create a macro so I can create a button on my switch board which allows me to access the mail merge and the send it to the recipitent automatially. The mail merge is formed by a query

Programming mail merge from Access
I am somewhat familiar with ACCESS programming, definitely not an expert, but I can find my way around and maintain other's code, just haven't created from ground up. I'm also familiar with VBA coding, I do quite a bit in MS WORD, but now I'm stumbling around in Access 2010 and trying to accomplish a simple task, creating envelopes from data in a table. If I "export" to mail merge, all works, but I want to take the steps:

word merge
etc.etc.and put this in code.

My thought is vba code behind the "print envelope" button from my Access form, I'm assuming the on-click event. Am I correct that the only way to get my envelopes is a mail merge, and if so, I'm looking for anything to get me started with "VBA mail merge" in Access. I've been trying to test this with a macro function, but not getting anywhere with this

Mail Merge
I am relatively new to Access.

I have a contact form and want to create a command button to:

1. refer to current record
2. Open a MS Word Mail merge document
3. Auto populate data in to document

Also when the word document is saved can it be visible and opened from within the databse so that the user can open the document without having to navigate to the folder in which it is stored?

Mail merge from from Access to Word
I have an Access database that I created using Access 2007 - I have a problem now I've upgraded to 2010.

Basically, I have a Word Macro enabled document that is linked to a table in my database. I use the mail merge function to export information into a Word document. If I use Word 2007 and Access 2007 together, it works fine. However, if I try the same thing using the 2010 versions, I encounter a problem.

A practical example:

One of my database fields is a list of countries - take Vietnam, as an example. If I export using 2007 Word mail merge, it works perfectly. If I used the 2010 version, instead of getting Vietnam, I get Vietng. The same thing happens to every other field - instead of Nigeria I get Nigeng.

This happens on multiple computers, using multiple OS (Vista & 7), using 32 and 64 bit versions. Has anyone noticed something similar happening, or know if it being mentioned as a bug somewhere

Click a Button to Run Word Mail Merge...
I have an access database for storing tour reservation data. Also, I have three letters set up as a mail merge in word. I would like to have one button for each letter that will print that word document corresponding to record being viewed on the form.

I have done some research on this, and it looks as if this cannot be done with VBA script behind each button. Looks like I need to create a module. I have never done this procedure before, if anyone has experience with this or can point to a code example that you think would work best.

ALSO. I will be splitting the database sometime in the near future. Would this be easier to do before or after the splitting procedure, or does it not matter one way or the other

Attach form to a table field?
I am attempting to automate emails using a directory or many to one style mail merge.
The merge needs multiple pdf attachments inserted, and they are specific to each employee referenced in the email.

There is a main table that provides the data for this merge, but also the data for a forms database which is how the pdf's are generated.

Is it possible to put each individual form back into the main table as an OLE object, etc?

My thinking is that I can just make the pdf (or whatever file type it needs to be) another field in the mail merge.

Open on specific record in mail merge
I've just created a button that uses the RunApp macro to open up a mail merge for our database. Is it possbile through some VBA code to jump to an exact record in the mail merge? So, for example, if I'm on AccountNumber 29 and click the Mail Merge button, the mail merge will open up on AccountNumber 29. Is this possible at all

Performing Mail Merges Using XML Data in Microsoft Office Access 2003
Create a mail merge programmatically from Access using an external XML data file. In this article, walk through how to call Word programmatically from Access to create documents merging boilerplate text and customized data stored in Access.
This article demonstrates how to create programmatically a Word mail merge from Access by using data from an XML file. You did this by using the OpenDataSource method of the MailMerge object. Using an external XML file adds versatility to your mail merge applications.

Can I put a button on a form to create a Mail Merge letter?
I have a database for my business, which lists clients details. Within this, I have a query that runs off receipts (one customer, many receipts), as I run a private school and people pay me monthly.

I use this query to run off a Mail Merge letter within Word, but it´s a royal pain in the neck, having to close the db and open a Word document and then relink it.

Is there any way that some coding could be used within the db so that I can add a button and just print out that record into a mail merge document? It sounds so easy to me, but I'm a simple soul and from what I've read on the internet, I don't think it's as easy as it should be.

Merge Access data with Word
ou can merge Microsoft Office Access 2007 data with a Word 2007 document by using the Mail Merge Wizard. This demo shows you how to create a simple form letter and how to troubleshoot problems. You can also use this feature to create address labels or any other type of Word document in which you want to display Access data.