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Auto Update Date Field In Table

Auto Update Date Field In Table
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I would like to make a Date Field in my table called "Change" every time a record is changed or created the field would be updated with the current date.
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Unbound checkbox's that update

Is there a way to setup checkbox's that are unbound but update based off whether a field has a date in it or not? The idea is it auto updates a checklist on the right that shows the correct order to do something but the left where the date is at is split up by who's responsible to do what. Just want to show a check mark if there is a date in the field. If the field is null then the check box is unmarked. Auto both ways soon as the field updates. Thoughts on how to do this

Auto date update

New in Ms Access and working on a database. I'm having a problem with date fields that I would like to automatically update to current date each time I open my database.I have used the Now expression as my default value thinkg it will work. Unfortunately the date doesn't auto update rather it remains the same.

Date in continuous form

I have a table, and form that are going to be used as a call log. The form will be continuous for a month and then we will run a query to delete old calls.

The table has a hidden field for date. I would like this field auto populated which I am able to do. The problem I am running into is 3rd shift 11p -7a. I would the like the field to auto populate with the previous date until 7am then start to use the new date.

Adding new fields

I have a database that includes the table structure shown in my attachment.

1. If I add a field called Date_Further_Info_Reqd, then is it possible to auto generate a date in this field if the Review_Status field value = Require Further Information? (Note if theReview Status field is changed later, then the Date_Further_Info_Reqd date must remain unchanged.

2. If I add a field called Date_Completed, is it possible to auto generate a date in this field if the Review_Status field value = Complete?

3. If I add a Y/N field called Watchlist, is it possible to auto generate a date in a field called Watch_Date when the Watchlist field = Y?

Update date field

I have a date field in a form called Activity Date. I wish to have it update the associated table field to todays date() when ever it is opened. It will show the correct date on the form but not update the table field. I'm sure I'm missing something simple but can't figure it out.

Auto update field with Today's date when open the database

I am using a database to merge information into Word documents. These Word documents have dates that need to be dependent on the current date. I was able to make a field in my table for "today's date", but I need it to automatically update to today's date in my table each time I open the database, in order for the other dates to merge correctly.

I have used "=Date()" for the default value for that field, but it only updates new records with the current date.

How do I get the 1200 records to update with today's date automatically?


Let me start by saying I do not know how to use SQL or VB so all I am doing is within Access itself.

I have a Membership Database created in Access. The main table, Members Table, includes a field for Next Renewal. The Next Renewal Date should be one year from the last membership update. To date, the end user has been putting the Next Renewal in manually. What I want to do is to have it auto-entered by the program by writing a calculation that basically says =([LastUpdate]+365 and automatically posts the answer into the Next Renewal field.

Now, I know I cannot do calculations in a table, but I can in a form. So I wrote the calculation in the form, but when entries are made on the form that should update in the table, the Next Renewal field shows blank in the table.

I need that field in the table because I have to run a query based on the Next Renewal and I can't run a query based on a form field.

Can what I wish to do be done? How would I go about it

Forms and fields

I'm fairly new to Access | and I've built a form with a single table. It's a very simple form.

I’m trying to auto-populate a field in the form based on another field. For instance, I have a field named “Date seen” (which is manually filled in) and another field named “Due Date”. I’m trying to auto-populate the “Due Date” field so that it auto-populates with a date exactly 6 years after the “Date Seen” field.

auto generated unique reference ID

In one of the fields of a table I need to auto generate a unique reference ID using a combination of letters, numbers and information from another field. For example: ABC-DE000-FG-00/00/00 (auto number) (information from other field (Date)).

I can do the first bit (ABC-DE001-FG-) but Im unable to find a way to get the information from another field (Date) to the end of this auto generated unique reference ID.

Problem with Auto update a field

I have a problem. got a field that when you click a checkbox it updates the date in another field. that works no problem.
the problem is when you click select it will not auto input the date