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Auto select a record in a list box.

Auto select a record in a list box.
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I would like to auto select a record in a list box. in the list box there will always be only one item(record).
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list box selection

I use a button to select a few things on a form. Although the correct record is highlighted in the list box, I still need to select it before I can input a record. even if I set focus to the list box. is there something else I could try?

Me.lst0.Selected(11) = True
Me.Combo17.Value = 14

Enable users to find a record by selecting a value from a list

When you design a form in Access, you can create a list box (list box: A control that provides a list of choices. A list box consists of a list and an optional label.) or a combo box (combo box: A control used on a form that provides the combined functionality of a list box and a text box. You can type a value in a combo box, or you can click the control to display a list and then select an item from that list.) that can be used to find a record when a value is selected from the list. This makes it easier for users to quickly find existing records without having to type a value into the Find dialog box.

Save Record in Form.

I've been searching but could not find a way to solve this.
I have a Form with List box that list the items and several text boxes that display info of the selected items in that list box.

So I use the Dlookup in the list box so that the text boxes will auto update the info regard to the selected item in the list box.

My issues is I want to change the info in those text boxes and auto save the record.
I tried many ways but didnt work.
I tried to use Macro SaveRecord for Save button, after update, after change focus
Tried If Me.Dirty Then Me.Dirty = False
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord

Please help to advise where did I do wrong? My guess is that because of the Dlookup that prevent the save but if I dont use the Dlookup then what should I use

Multi Select List box - transfer to Multi Select List box

It is Friday, I am tired and someone out there has a simple way to do this.

Attached a Access database. It has two list boxes.
Highlight one item on the left - click the > button
and it transfers to the right list box. (and vica versa with the <)

What is needed to make this a Multi Select list box?
I would even accept a link to a working demo

List box not retaining info on exiting record

I have a multi-select list box but it does not retain my selections when I exit the record. .

Muli Select List Box off Another Multi Select List Box

I am trying to create a Multi Select List box and then have another multi select list box refresh its values based on what was selected in the first list box.

Multiple Selection wth List Box / Combo Box

I have a form with a Combobox in Access 2010. It is bound to a table and has ten items in the list. These are the list of different departments which when I select, gives me the Report of that dept.

I would like to select multiple items from the list, so that I can combine those dept reports whenever necessary.

Is it possible to select multiple values from a combo box or list box? I was searching for the Allow multiple value select property in the Property sheet, but couldn't find.

New record with combo box?

I have a form with a combo box to choose the main indexed field. it auto populates the rest of the fields when you select one choice. If I press "new record" it blanks all the txt boxes (good) but I can't type a new entry in the main combo box (bc its not part of the list).

I'm thinking I need to make a button that says "add" and it brings up a dialog form with a txt box instead to add the new entry in the main record, then once the new indexed entry is there it can bring up the form with all the other fields and let you enter the info for them also. Also how can I make a txt box that brings up the new record only?

conditional list box

I am building a table with several list boxes. When entering a record, I want the user's selection in one list box to effect the choices in another list box.

How do a create a list box that displays particular values based on another

Combo Box without the arrow?

I want my form to LOOK cool. Can I have a Combo Box without the arrow? Or at lease the features of a Combo Box with VBA code to perform the same actions?

I want the field to auto fill like a combo box and if needed to pull up a list. I could put code in OnUpdate for auto fill and OnClick for a list.