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Auto populate field#1 if field#2 is null

Auto populate field#1 if field#2 is null
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Can someone tell me the correct macro condition, item, and expression to populate field # 1 with a word if field # 2 is null and populate field #1 with a different word is field # 2 is not null
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Auto Populate Field Based on other fields

I am a total access newbie when it comes to designing a database. I have managed to create a simple web database for project management but have run into a snag.

I want to have a field (field 3) auto-populate based on what is entered into two other fields (field 1 & field 2).

Field 1 is a date field (when a presentation is due). Field 2 is a yes/no checkbox (if checked, it means no presentation is necessary). Field 3 would be a calculated text field (?) because text cannot be entered into Field 1.

If field 1 is null and field 2 is checked, then I want "NA" to auto populate into field 3. However, if field 1 is null and field 2 is not checked, I want "TBD" to auto populate into field 3. If field 1 is not null, then I want field 3 to be null

duplicate alias ??

I have what might be a simple problem if I knew access/sql better. I have 12 fields (field1 through field12)which may or may not be populated. I know how to do this with other languages with if/else structures but it looks like access/sql doesn't have an ELSE structure.

I have to create a new table, with a new field populated with the contents of the last populated field.

in other words. if the 12th field is not null, populate fieldnew with the contents of field12
if field12 is null, then if field11 is not null,populate fieldnew with the contents of field11 |
if field11 is null, then if field10 is not null,populate fieldnew with the contents of fieldl10
if field10 is null, then if field9 is not null,populate fieldnew with the contents of fieldl9
if field9 is null, then if field8 is not null,populate fieldnew with the contents of fieldl8

Auto Populate fields

I have a form (see attached) which has a field called PropertyID. Originally I had Indexed set to yes(duplicates OK). When I would enter an ID the manufacturer, model, and serial # fields would auto populate.

I then realized that with that setting users can enter duplicate data. When I changed Indexed to Yes(No Duplicates) I lost the auto populate function.

I would like to have the best of both worlds. I need the field to stay Unique as well as populate those 3 fields.

Auto populate based on similar entry

Is it possible to auto populate an Access text field in a form when one begins typing the letters, based upon similar entries made from previous file entries in this same field in the database?

This would be similar to how Office or Word does an auto type based upon the initial letters typed.

I've searched the forums and found a number of inquiries regarding auto population, but they're usually tied to another field or table, not the same field in the same database

Is there a way to auto-populate one field with the same data for each record?

I have an Access 2010 database I am building and I would like to have the same value auto-populate into the one particular field for each new each record, so the users do not have to always type it in or use a drop-down menu via a combo box to bring it up. Is there a way to do that?

Understanding relationships and auto populate...

It may help to understand what kind of tables I currently have in Access 2010.

I have an employee table that shows employees and some basic information about each of them. This table has an employee ID field that is not an autonumber but it is unique to each employee (10004928).

I have other tables that also use that same field and I want the first and last names to auto populate based on the main employee table. These other tables are tracking OT and Vacation time used.

How do I make the later tables auto populate the name fields when you key the employee ID?

updating field whose value is the word NULL and Not a typical 'null' value

I was given a table where in a text field, the value is NULL. (Actually spelled out like that.)
I need to convert that field to a date/time one. Which is being hindered by these values of NULL.

The problem is that when I put the word NULL in the field criteria spot, Access believes that I am referring to a value of 'null' and will not do the update.
I have done "NULL", NULL, =NULL, ="NULL", is NULL. and no success.
Please remember that the actual value is not 'null'. It is a text field that has the word NULL in the field.

Auto populate form fields based on another field

I have a field on a form where I want to enter a date, I would then like another field to auto populate with that date plus say 90 days.

I tried having a column in the query that the form is based on to have a default value of date field + 90 but it doesn't work

Existing Record unable to set Default data to Date()

I have a form that I'm trying to get an existing record to have a date field (which is currently null) to auto populate (using the default value field) with the current date (using Date()).

The form will only auto populate new records. not existing records.

Forms and fields

I'm fairly new to Access | and I've built a form with a single table. It's a very simple form.

I’m trying to auto-populate a field in the form based on another field. For instance, I have a field named “Date seen” (which is manually filled in) and another field named “Due Date”. I’m trying to auto-populate the “Due Date” field so that it auto-populates with a date exactly 6 years after the “Date Seen” field.