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Auto-fill one field from another table

Auto-fill one field from another table
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I am working on Access 2007.

I have two seperate tables (called inventory and job log) and they have a few of the same field items (number, name, style 1, style 2, and area).

I would like the job log table to autofill the name, style 1, style 2, and area when you type in the number when logging a new job (pulling this information from the inventory table). It has to be fairly straight forward but I am having trouble trying to make this happen. Could someone please help, I am sick of flipping between tables to fill in the information
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Auto Fill Fields in a Form using a Combo field

I am trying to auto-fill address info from a combo field. I'm using a select query on a table for the information. It appears to work for the first field (Firm Address1), but then stops working on all the other fields.

Auto Fill Fields in a Form using a Combo field

I am trying to auto-fill address info from a combo field. I'm using a select query on a table for the information. It appears to work for the first field (Firm Address1), but then stops working on all the other fields. Any idea what's going wrong

Auto calculate field - extract certain information

I wonder if it is possible to generate a new field which auto fills values with everything between brackets "(xxxxx)" in the source field?

I have a field with records like abc(xxxx) and I want to auto fill another new field only with xxx

Auto-Fill text fields in the form

is there a way to have a form set to either auto populate fields based on the FIRST FIELD? For example: if the user type in the STUDY ID, the other fields like (first name, last name etc.) are auto-populated/auto-filled?
and if the STUDY ID is new and not in the table, then the users simply fill in all the fields/complete the form and save?

And I would also like a message box to show when I am typing the STUDY ID that would say something like: this person is on the system already. Click YES for this person and NO to add the user?.

Auto fill in value based on two fields

I am creating a user input database with a table name “tblOutput”. It several fields such as OrderNbr, Oper, PartNbr, Machine, Area, UserName, InputTime and etc. I also have another table for reference calls “tblOrderRef which has field such as OrderNbr, Oper, PartNbr, Machine, Area.

I would like to auto fill in the values for field PartNbr, Machine and Area based on the OrderNbr and Oper the user input. I need help with create reference query auto fill those field in either table or Form.

Auto-fill field not saving to table

with this:

In the form, there is a field that gets filled in automatically by what is entered into two other fields on that form.

The information that is being automatically generated in that field is not saving to the table.


Field 1: Meeting Type
Field 2: Meeting Year
Field 3: Auto-fill field (starts out blank)

Field 1: I choose "Annual Meeting" for the meeting type (this puts AM into Field 3)
Field 2: I choose "2010" for the meeting year (this adds 10 into Field 3)
Field 3: "AM10" is now what shows in the field

I save the data base. I go look at the table and there is nothing in the Field 3 column, when there should be "AM10."

Any ideas about how to get it to save that info in the table

Design View = Text 6 Char =Next Column

My Table has the following fields:
Field A = aaabbb
Field B = aa-aaa
Field C = aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

When I fill the fields I want them to advance to the next field if they have the maximum characters, 6 char in Field A & 5 Char in Field B. I have been able to auto enter the "-" with no problem in Field B. I only use Field C when I want to make a note. I'm not using a form view. I'm trying to avoid unnecessarily keys to continue.

Work Flow:
Field A - 6 char auto advance to Field B
Field B - 5 char auto advance to Field A
Field C - I use mouse to select since it's a rare event.

Auto fill field upon New Record selected

I have a field in a table ( Clients ) called Clients_Client#, which is a text field. Each year we start a new group of clients numbered as follows:
and so on.

I would like to fill in this field automatically when a new record is selected to avoid typos and duplications

Auto fill data (number) between tables

I created a database to track a group of records (people). I couldn't figure out how to auto number the primary key to a random unique number that was less than 10 digits so I generated a list of random numbers and just use the next number off the list as I enter the next person which works OK- but I have to put that number on each table as the ID number to relate back to the Primary key and it seems that I should be able to have those auto fill with the entered number. Is it possible to have the number typed in "table 1" (people) primary key auto fill onto each of the other tables as an ID number?

auto fill certain text fields?

Does anyone know of an easy way to set 3 different text fields to automatically fill with the same info? I have an online store database, and would like to have certain postal fees and charges to automatically fill in because they never change. Also, I have a lengthy refund policy that I would also like to fill in automatically.

I don't know vba at all, so if it's that, I'm done for. Is there anyway to set a default on the table? For example, one field will always say something like $2.95. So, when I add data into the form, I'd like the field to be pre-filled