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Attendance Table in Database

Database of attendance
I am building a database in Access 2007 for a learning centre. After having done the initial database of the personal data, classes, teachers, ecc., now I need to relate the attendance registry to the main table.
I think this is a many-to-many relationship, because one person will have various dates of attendance, and one date will have many persons which will enter the school.

Database of attendance
I am building a database in Access 2007 for a learning centre.
After having done the initial database of the personal data, classes, teachers, ecc., now I need to relate the attendance registry to the main table.
I think this is a many-to-many relationship, because one person will have various dates of attendance, and one date will have many persons which will enter the school

Database Desing for Tracking Attendance
I am creating student attendance tracking system in With attendance I need to track students attendance every day and want to generate charts with those data.

Charts for Daily Attendance report, Weekly Report, and monthly Report. For this how to design database in msaccess?

Converting attendance data for reporting
I think I am out of my depth here - but desperately need to get reports created out of a database that captures dates and attendance marks.

Currently the table was 12 weeks so there is:

12WeekProgramme.Week 1 Date
12WeekProgramme.Week 1 Attendance
12WeekProgramme.Week 2 Date
12WeekProgramme.Week 2 Attendance

And so on.

Marks are AA/UA or /

Is there a way I can export the dates/marks to a new table with only the 2 columns? Then I could use that to tally types of attendance within a specified date range

Club Database and daily attendance date recorded
I need an example of a gym or club/martial-art attendance database. what I want to do is type in a code for a member and his or her attendance is recorder on a table as a date. So that a t a later point I can see out of several hundred members who hasn't been in between a specific date. And so that I can do statistics later on.

Community centre attendance database
I'm new to access ,and I need to get an attendance database up and running for a single class attending a community centre.

It is for one class with sixteen students.
The students are attending a course every day for nine months. Don't need a table for classes as they are just doing one subject.

I can't figure out the best way to do this database? What I really need from a query is to be able to see what their attendance is like up to the present date, as we have meetings with students and discuss their attendance history with them.

Student Attendance
I was wondering if someone could help me design an Access database to store students records and be used at classes to monitor attendance.
I currently have 4 tables

Class table classid
Register table registerid ,studentid,classid
student table studentid
Attendance table registerid

Iv looked on the site but can't seem to find a sample database that meets my requirements.

I was also wondering if Its better to create a new table for address and parent contacts rather than place it in the student table.

I would like a form to select the class and then the date . for example class could be maths and the date could be left blank if its todays date. also a drop down menu ender the date would be nice to load a previous date and class to edit an attendance.

Attendance Record
I'm wondering what the easiest way is to create an attendance record for my scout database. One of which I can create queries and recrods from.

Report Attendance record by Scout
Report Attendance record by Term
Report Attendance record by Date
Report Attendance record by Activity

Fileds I am looking at is

Date - Meeting date
Name - Scout Name, needs to be associated as a pull down list from scout name [scout input table]
Activity - Pull down box [Indoor Activity] [Outdoor Activity]

Just not sure how to do it

Can a report be put in a form?
I have two tables, Student Information and Student Attendance. I have a Student Information form and also a Student Attendance form. The Student Attendance form is used to input daily attendance and the apend it to the Student Attendance Table.

My Student Information form is used for inputing basic student information and then it's apended to the Student Information table.

I'd like to make each student's attendance viewable on the Student Information Form. If so, could you explain how this is done.

I've also read something about subforms. This is my first time working with Access 2007.

Automate Attendance
Daily Task: Take attendance daily.
Goal: automate more.
Currently done every day:
I enter the current date, the student ID# (primary key from student table) which pulls basic demographic, and then I enter numbers 3, 2, or 1 for how many classes they attended that day. Done for each student daily.

I have the following in my db:
A Table of All students. An attendance table for historical data. Most students attend 3 classes a day; however some may attend 2 and on a rare occasion, maybe 1 class per day. A query of active students (say I've got 10 active students) that is related to the attendance table.

Hope to get:
A full class roster form.of the 10 students, with the date auto defaulted to "today".and a default number of 3 in each attendance field. If the student does less than 3, I will manually change those numbers.(rare) Then I want the attendance information to go to the attendance table

Attendance Database
I'm in the early stages of creating an attendance database using Access 2003 which will keep track of staff attendance and dates in order to create reports later on. I'm having difficulty getting the best way of inputting dates and codes like "Absent", "Present" etc. Does anyone have any templates or ideas that will get me going here?

Select Query - Max
I have two tables.
Table one contains a list of Workshops, Key is WCode
56 Records in Table. One Table.
Table two contains a list of students' Attendance at workshops and contains a Key of WCode
433 Records in table. Many Table

I need to extract 3 things. via 3 different queries.
1. The Average attendance per workshop. 433/56=7.73 but how do I do this in a query?
2. The Maximum attendance per workshop. How do I do this in a query?
3. The Minimum attendance per workshop. The same as 2 except different selection.

Is it possible to do this in a single query? or Combine the 3 results into a single query?

Looking forward to

Comprehensive Attendance Project
I am trying to create a database for daily attendance. Can some please help me in starting how should I design my database. I want an automatic table to be created every month. I should be able to record attendance for each day for each employee.

All this should take place with entry in a form. I am planning to use following five options:

a) Present
b) Work from home
c) Leave
d) Holiday
e) Non Working Day

In case of leave, three options will be available - Approved/Unapproved/Pending for Approval. Something like, a particular day is marked as leave for an employee, so these three options will get activated.

My major cause of concern is automatic switch to next month + updation of employee records

Call records not showing attendance date
I have 2 tables (student Info) and (student attendance)and a form called (DNS (did not show)) basically in the student attendance I record the dates that a student attended class.

What I am trying to figure out it the sql query or VBA to call the records that are not associated with dates from the attendance table between and including 2 dates.

For example: on My form I have 2 txt boxes that I place in Mondays date and say Weds date I need to see who hasn't been recorded for attendance between and including the dates in the range.

IE who doesn't have at least 7/18 7/19 7/20 but I could also chose the first and the 30th of any month so I need a formula referring to the 2 boxes.

Creating a simple Attendance DB
I am new to the site and appreciate your help. I have had expereince with acccess for many years but all lost since did not use them.
I need to create a simple database to keep track of employees attendance. And I need your help.

Database may contain the followings:

Need Specific Data
I want to be able to count data in a field in my database. The field is called ATTENDANCE. Under attendance are options like ATTENDED and REFUSED and SICK etc.

I want to sum up all of a persons attendance on a report to show they attended 6 classes, refused 2 classes, etc.

It seems this should be a lot easier than I'm making it out to be.

Dlookups with multiple criteria
I am building a form and would like for it to do a dlookup based on Employee Number and Date in an Attendance Table. (For each empnum there will be multiple dates, and vice versa). In the Attendance there is a field called points, and that is what I am trying to look up.

So, after I enter the EMPNUM and DATEofOccurance in my Warning form, I would like it to pull the Points from the Attendance Table (with the corresponding EMPNum and Date) and put them in the Form.

How to Query fields with check boxes?
I'm creating an attendance tracking database. I have a table called Attendance that has Employee Name, Tardy and Absent. The Tardy and Absent fields are check boxes, some checked, some not checked at all. I'm trying to create a Query to just give me the count for each person, how many tardy are in that record for that Employee Name and so on.

What I did was this:
Field: Tardy
Table: Attendance
Total: Count
Sort: (Blank)
Show: (checked)
Criteria: Abs(DSum("Tardy","Attendance"))

Now what this does is simply count the boxes regardless of if there checked or not. How can I make this show the sum of only those that are checked true.
I been reading before asking and I was reading I could do something like = Count(IIF([Tardy] = True,1,Null)) but even though Tardy only exist on one table and I have specified that table it still tells me that Tardy could apply to too many things when I try and run it

Attendance Database Table
I have tblEmployees with all employee details
also, I am updating the template from microsoft for employee hours worked, however, the attendance I need to track of the employees is not per hours worked, I only need to summarize "days " worked, as they are paid per day

How could I do this in my table structure by not using hours

Working out the percentage of attendance - Register System
I'm currently struggling with a problem in my database. I'm creating a system with an Access database and visual basic as a front end. I need to work out the percentage of attendance of a student (and after that, students etc).

I have several tables, but the ones I think I will require for this are

Student ID
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Sessions (ie a class/lession)
Session Name
Start Time
End Time
Session Type
StudAtt (Where the attendance history is stored)
Attendance Date
Day Attended

So I am basically struggling with a method of counting the amount of sessions that a student should have attended in the period of time. Each student has 4 sessions per week, but I don't know how to write a query that will count the sessions a student should have been to from the 01/03/2012 to todays date, and from there to work out the % of attendance