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Assign numbers from 1 thru 9 to a set of records

Assign numbers from 1 thru 9 to a set of records
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How do I do that? I have 9 fields that I need to be able to number everytime I run a function and they MUST not skip and they MUST start at 1

i've been looking at autonumber function all day and I haven't found one that does it, maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing? it's not autonumber but called something else?

EDIT: I have 9 ROWS, not fields
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Having Problems With DMAX

I'm trying to design a database where I need it to automatically assign specific numbers I want it to assign.

For example, for a Document Control Number I need it to only assign starting with 00-700-06957 and going up. It will be a one user only program. I know I have to do this with DMAX butcan't figure out how or where to put it.

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Mapping to numbers

I have to design a database (and front-end app) that contain reference numbers that relate to various groups of additional numbers.

An example

No. 1124 (ref A) contains 30 numbers (ref B) 01, 02, 03 ect up to 30 No. 1101: contains 60 numbers 01, 02, 03 up to 60 ect
No. 1411: contains 70 numbers 01, 02 up to 70
Ref B numbers can vary and need to be edited as and when needed.

I'm assuming that each second set of numbers (ref B) need to have individual unique identifiers , but how would I go about creating and mapping to (ref A) numbers?

Assign a random# (1-5) to a table of 100#'s

I’m working in access and I’m trying to assign a random value from 1 to 5 to a table of 100 numbers (that are 8 digits long). For instance,

1 – 99997000
2 – 97561332
3 – 97568123
4 – 94568711
5 – 12345677
1 – 97561302
2 – 97561295

Than repeat this process another 20 times unit all the 100 numbers have a random value from 1 to 5.

A somehow sophisticated Update Query !

I have two tables which don't have any relationships and I can not set any for them because of some reasons.

Table1 has am ID field (numbers) and Table2 records have those ID numbers and they are identical.

what I want to do is to update the Table2 records which have the same IDs as my Table1 records and update (i.e modify ! ) their content with the content of the corresponding Table1 record (which has the same ID)

hope I explained well.

does some one know how could it be done ?

Assign a Number to a Group of Records

I have a group of records in a Table that I need to assign a number to before appending them to another table.

What's the best way to do this? I was thinking of using a pop-up form but would like to hear of other methods.

automatically assign numbers

I am very new to database building.

I need to create a registeration database for a shooting sport competiton event that can either automatically assign each new registerant a target number when they are entered into the database, or allow me to enter different number if I wish.

Updating the next n number of records

I really just can not figure this out and it seems like it should be so simple. I've got a list of records that are to be assigned to users for completion. I'm trying to make an update query that uses a (list? combo?)box from a form to select a user and a text box to input a number of records to assign to the user. So essentially I want the query to assign N incomplete records to X user, and I just can not for the life of me figure this out

How to assign work to multiple users?

I need to create a form that allows the user to enter the number of records they would like to work on and then assign those records to them. For example, have a form with open text box asking to enter the number of records to be assigned? The user enters any number (say 50) and the first 50 records in the queue are assigned to their current user ID.

Assigning numbers to certain fields

I need to automatically distribute numbers to certain group of fields according to the selection of the user. I.e. on opening the form, the user is asked to enter the first number of the group and then the last number of the group.

Numbers of the group will appear and a textbox to write a beginning number to start with to assign a group of numbers to that group.

A button to start the procession and another button to re-open the for to continue assigning other groups.