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Append Query- Only Add Records That Don't Exist

Append Query- Only Add Records That Don't Exist
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I have a form where assignments are added to a class, button attached that runs an append query.

The assignments are placed in one table (which also contain a foreign key to the class they belong). Students are assigned to particular classes thru a linked table and are given a RosterID

The append query places the assignments in a Grade table using the assignmentID and RosterID

I would like the append query to place only assignments that have been added since the append query was last run- and to ignore assignments that are already there

In design view, I tried (in the append fields) to set the criteria as <>[tblGrades].[RosterID] and <> [tblGrades].[AssignmentID], but it obviously thinks its a parameter query.
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Append table query in Access 2003 format using Access 2010

I created a make table query and pulled 201357 records yesterday. Today I ran my append query and came up with 201357 records to be added. I know there were not 201357 records created over night and since the number is the same as the make table query I am a little leery of adding these records to my database.

Does the append query just pull available records and then only add the missing records? Or when the append query says it is going to add 201357 records it is going to add that many records? I don't have a primary key designated if that helps.

Creating an Append Query in Microsoft Access

A Microsoft Access append query adds (appends) records from the database table that you are using to another database table. If you are wanting to append records in a database, the table that you want to append records to must exist. Records can be appended to a table in the current database that you are working in, or into another Microsoft Access database.
Microsoft Access append queries are good for adding data to a different table where the data is based upon a selection criteria. However, append queries are not always the most efficient way of adding records to another database. If you need to add all records and fields from one table to another table, the append query is not the best way to do it. Using Copy and Paste options in this case would be the best solution.

Append if Not Exist

I created the following basic Append query

INSERT INTO tbl_Clients ( ClientName )
SELECT [Tmp_Imp].[Client Name]
FROM [Tmp_Imp]
GROUP BY [Tmp_Imp].[Client Name];

But now I need to add a twist, I need to only append those Clients that do not already exist in the table already. How would I go about this?

Append Query to append fields to other fields

I have a Append Query to append fields to other fields. One of the fields is call Baptism (h1). When I go to run the query it tells me that Baptism(h1) does not exist. When I add a space again between Baptism (h1) the query will work. HoweverI have a command button for the user, and they will not know to adjust the query each time.

Which duplicate?

I want to load 3,00 more records into my database. I know I will be loading some records which already exist in the db.
I usually use an append querry, and set the primary key to to the field that will strip the duplicates.
However my concern is that many of my exisitng records have many notes. When I do an append query, how do I know which dups will be deleted, obviously I dont want to delete the existing records, that contain notes

Quick question about Append Query

Just want to confirm what I am thinking is correct.

I've ran an Append Query to select certain fields from the old DB to add it into the preformatted table in the new DB. This preformatted table is based on the table from the old DB but it has slightly different fields.

The Append Query seemed successfull so far. So now my new DB's table data mirrors the old one.

However, the old DB is still live at the moment but is due to be taken down soon so I will need to run a query to constantly update the data in the new DB in the mean time.

Let's say during this time the user adds a few new records in the old DB and modify some information on the older records in the old DB. What query should I run to correctly mirror this on my new DB's table?

As I understand it Append Query will only add new records so it won't go through the old records?

Should I just wait until the last minute, clear all data in my new table and run the Append Query once

Append Query with two distinct criteria

I have an append query that uploads external data into a table. It is currently set up for 1 distinct criteria, ie, the CAN number of hardware does not already exist. I've done this byadding the CAN field in again at the end of the append query and use Is Null to filter.

However, I now need to create another table that could allow for duplicate CAN additions depending on the lifecycle of this hardware and therefore need to add a 2nd criteria to stop duplicate uploads.

Therefore, is it possible to have 2 criteria that if both are met, do not append the record, but if only 1 is met, will append the record?

The other field I'm using will be the date the account was flashed. So, what I need to have is where CAN + Date are matched, ignore record, if CAN or Date are matched, add record and ofcourse if neither exist, add record.

Is it as simple as adding in a 2nd field using Is Null for date as well or would this not work?

Append Query to append records one db to another

I am wanting to use an Append Query to append records from one database to another. I am having problem with deciding on criteria to append only the records that haven't already beenappended to the second database table.

I will be opening the append query sometime in the form frmIssueNew. I only need to Append the records that have a JobID of 22, and haven't already been appended.

unable to append... key violation... message box

Is there anyway that I can suppress / disable query warning messages about not being able to append all data asking if you want to continue even if ## records were lost to key violations.

I want the query to execute and add the records it can regardless and I don't want the user responding to message boxes

Add records to a table by using an append query

This article explains how to create and run an append query. You use an append query when you need to add new records to an existing table by using data from other sources.
If you need to change data in an existing set of records, such as updating the value of a field, you can use an update query. If you need to make a new table from a selection of data, or to merge two tables into one new table, you can use a make-table query.