Access 2010 Advanced Report Options

Access 2010 offers several advanced options for creating and modifying reports. The Report Wizard is a tool that guides you through the process of creating complex reports. Once you've created a report, whether through the Report Wizard or the Report command, you can then format it to make it look exactly how you want.
In this lesson, you'll learn how to use the Report Wizard to create complex reports. You'll also learn how to use Access's formatting options to format text, change report colors and fonts, and add a logo.

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Fill Access 2010 Report’s Controls With Background Color
Access 2010 has a lot of tools to make your report look in a way you want. Along with Design, Layout and control Arrangements, you have options to customize the look of report by filling in with colors and apply effects.

Why have the report options become so limited?
I see that in Access 2007 we've lost some Create Report options? The Chart Wizard, and two Auto Report options appear to have been removed and the layout options for Align left have gone.Are they somewhere else or did Microsoft think nobody ever used these?

Access2010 Team foundation options
My system Win64 vs2012rc office2010. I cannot see any options in access 2010 to get a TFS project, how do I do this? In access 2003 it was under the database options. I cannot find how to do this in access 2010

Set Paper Size Of Access 2010 Report Before Printing
Access 2010 offers a long list of Print sizes, so you can choose the required one. Before printing a Report or Form, it’s recommended to check the Print size. To set the size of the report, navigate to Report Layout Tools Page Setup tab and under Page Size group, from Size options, select a suitable one.

Save a access 2010 db as 2007 db
I have a db in access 2010 (used to be 2007). The invoice report works OK if opened in 2007, but not in 2010.

The 2010 file was password protected and would not let me save as until the password was removed. I have now been able to remove the password, but still can't save it in2007 format.

I just installed Access Professional 2010 and the report works fine. So, no idea why it does not work in access 2010 non professional. Access 2010 is used by the Community Association and I am trying to help them get the Invoice Report to work correctly. In the report the $ amounts are showing as #Type or # error(only in 2010)

Change Access 2010 Form Anchoring
Access 2010 offers many options related with arranging different Form controls boxes. It provides users with Anchoring options to set the Form at required position of the screen. You will find 9 options in total under Anchoring pull-down menu.

Access 2010 & Window 7
I had to replace my work computer so now I have Windows 7 home premium and office 2010. I'm connected to a network. I've had some issues. I create a shortcut on my desktop for an access application and it doesn't open the application. It works if I open access up locally and then go to the network directory and open the application. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I noticed something else that I think is a problem. When I open access 2010, click options, at the general options screen at the " Default file format for blank databse:" dropdown I don't have Acess 2010 as a choice. I would think I should see 2010, am I correct

Drop Down Boxes in Access 2010
I'm trying to design a form for a database I have in Access 2010. I Was wondering if it is possible to have a form, which has 2 drop downs, next to each other, one which would select one of 4 options (Each with 10 or so sub-options) And then the other select one of those sub-options

Hide Details Of Access 2010 Report
Access 2010 Report design, you’ll find a lot of ways to group up and sort report data, one of feature it offers is of hiding the details of either complete report or only selected records in report.

Access 2010 error when referencing sub report in open event
I have been working on migration of large ADP project from Access XP to Access 2010 and have been faced with many problems.

One of the problem is that there is thrown error when referencing sub report in its Open event.

I have a report called Main and it contains subreport control called sbrLine. In sbrLine sub report control I have placed report Line.

Open event of Line report contains following code:

MsgBox (Me.Parent.sbrLine.Report.Name)

It was working in Access XP, but it fails with error in Access 2010.

The error is #2455 "You entered an expression that has an invalid reference to the property Form/Report."

Is this a bug in Access 2010?

Access 2010 More Query Design Options
Access 2010 offers many options that let you design and run queries that return exactly the information you're looking for. For instance, what if you need to find how many of something exists within your database? Or what if you would like your query results to automatically be sorted a certain way? If you know how to use Access's query options, you can design almost any query you want.
In this lesson, you'll learn how to modify and sort your queries within Query Design view. You'll also learn how to use the Totals function to create a query that can perform calculations with your data. You'll also learn about additional query-building options offered in Access.

Access 2007: Using Reports to Make Data Meaningful to Others
This lesson will show you how to create a report using the Report command. It will also show you how to use grouping options and query limits to make the report easier to read, as well as identify several report formatting and layout options that can be set in Layout View. Finally, you will see how to use Print Preview and how to save the report.

Access 2010: How to keep Nav Pane hidden
Q. In Access 2010, how do you stop a hidden Navigation Pane from being unhidden?

These things I know:
- In MS Access you can hide the Navigation Pane to prevent users from getting to the form objects etc.
- This setting can be bypassed by holding SHIFT while opening the database.
- There is code that can disable the bypass key (the SHIFT key).

In MS Access 2007 this works fine. You can't get to the Options to turn the Nav Pane back on.

But now comes my problem: In Access 2010, the File menu is still visible, which has the 'Privacy Options' available. This lets the user go in and switch the Nav Pane back on again.

How do I stop this in Access 2010? I either need to remove the File menu, or remove the Privacy Options item from it

Advanced Report Conditional Format
Access Friend.

I need some advices and would be happy for any tip you may have to help me out.

Problem Report Conditional Formating , I looking for help on "advanced" not the "basic" formating options

Example - Description of the situation

Imagine a table with 2 columns

Column A = CAR BRAND
Column B = COUNTRY

The result report is grouped per Column A "CAR BRAND"



So, what I am looking for is that the "COUNTRY" falling out of the "normal" or "most used country names", is highlighted in Red and this on Group level, not on the complete report level

Previewing a Microsoft Access report sized using acCmdZoom
When we open a Microsoft Access report in Print Preview we have options available to us about how we would like to see and view the report on the screen. We can use the Zoom options on the Print Preview toolbar to allow us to resize the preview of the report to make it easily visible.

Access 2010 Startup Form - hide ribbon
In the process of converting Access 2000 to Access 2010. The following did work in Access 2010.
For the developer - opening up Access with the shift key still hides the ribbon. Added a module and code so the menus open for the developer.

Access 2010
Access Options - Current Database - Display Form
In the Display Form's Load Event

report filter not working in Access 2010 SP1
Windows auto installed Office 2010 SP 1 and now my Access 2010 reports no longer work. It is a Access 2003 mdb file running in Access 2010. It was working fine till SP 1 was installed.

DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, acViewPreview, , strSQL

the report opens fine, but no longer filters like it used to. (In my case I am filtering dates, using the # characters.)

Access 2010 Printer Selection
I have just upgraded to 2010 from 2007 and have opened my 2007 application in 2010.

In the original msAccess 2007 program, after filling out information on a form, I have a triggered DoCmd:

DoCmd.OpenReport "rptIntakePrintedForm", acViewNormal, , "VisitID = " & Me.VisitID

In Access 2007, the report was sent to the Windows default printer. However, in Access 2010, the report is sent to a specific printer which is not always accessible, depending where I am.(That printer was used where the report was originally developed.)

Is there a 'switch' that I need to set in 2010?

Subreport Truncating in 2010
I have created a report in Access 2007 with several nested subreports that runs just fine in Access 2007. However, when a user opens the database with Access 2010 and runs the report, the 2nd level subreport truncates after about 8 records instead of showing all 27.

I opened the subreport directly and the underlying query and verified that all 27 records are presented inboth and all 27 records have valid entires in the field that links it to the parent.

I have run this on two different computers with 2010 and get the same problem on both computers.

Does anyone know what is going on here and what I can do to get the report to run correctly both in Access 2007 and 2010.

Change Access 2010 Datasheet Default Font
Access 2010 keeps font size and weight 11 and Normal respectively, however, if needed you can tweak with the default font settings from Access Options dialog. To change the default font, On File menu, click Options. This will open Access Options dialog, from left sidebar, select Datasheet and from main window, under Default Font, you can change Font; Size, Weight, and style