Adding Images to Reports

I am trying to work out a way to link images to my report. I will have a large number of images and don't want to embed the images into the database as that will make the size of the database massive.

Any suggestions on a way to link images (preferably) from a image storing facility on the internet into reports, so the image prints on the report?

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I am creating a database that will store one image and one or more documents per record, in addition to other text and numerical data. What are the best field types to use for the images and the documents. I will need to print reports containing these fields

Bypass database row
I am having trouble with the database row which many of my data in the database records have images and one do not have image. I did remove With Listview1 statement whichit works but I need them because I have the images in the records.


I know it would be impossible to remove the row but how about adding a new listview item without adding the database rows? I assume that it would be possible to get pass with the followingtips, for e.g.: hide the images row or end the sql connection then read the different rows table without the images row if possible to get pass?

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If I have to make changes to front ends by adding more reports, changing reports, exports, etc., would I have to update each front end separately?

Right now, the test database resides on the server and each of the users has a short cut to their front end on their desktop. I need to know as I'm creating an instruction manual for useof the database and my boss wanted me to include in there about updates and what not because users will be able to request different reports that I will create for them and put on the frontend.

how to display images stored in database in binary form on reports
I wanna display images stored in the database in binary form on reports,which m preparing for my ID CARD printing application.
what's the difference in storing images using link and actually storing it in the field, which is a better approch ?by the way I want solution for the later option

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Can you put buttons on reports to either print the report or email it? If so, how would you go about doing this? In design view adding buttons with the wizard?

This is for a front end locked down database. The users do not have access to the entry forms only reports and query exports. I also took away the ribbon up top.

Inserting images into MS Access file using OLEDB
To insert images into Microsoft Access file and also to perform search, update and delete operations. Access provides several ways to store and display your images - digital photographs, computer graphics, and scanned art. This article explains how to store images and display them on your forms and reports and on controls, such as buttons and text labels.

Getting rid of OLE images
I blew up an Access database by uploading a bunch of images, sending it over the 2GB limit. I deleted all the images, and all queries, reports, etc. referring to the OLE images, then ran the compact/repair tool, but the database is still over 2GB in size.

It didn't run with the images in there and it runs now that I've gotten rid of the images and the OLE-field row, but it takes two hours to back up the database because Access still thinks it's dealing with a 2GB monster. Any suggestions for reducing the file size?

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Does anyone have a procedure for adding different images per record in a continuous form view, using a2007.

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I've created and formated 3 individual reports and they are all print ready. My users wants to group and print all 3 of them in one go. I've tried to create a new report and then adding 3 individual reports into one but it won't format the pages correctly.

Is there an easy way to merge reports without having to reformat everything again? It looks ok in report view but in print preview and even after publishing to PDF it looks wrong

Adding a prompt to ask for value
I have a report shooting off of the main table and other reports off of queries. They hold the same information so that part isn't really important.

However I would like for when one of the reports is opened to ask for a value to be entered in so that it will pull up only that record.

Hiding Images
Is there a way for me to hide images in a file such as a dll file and then use those images in my DB.

Currently I have all my images stores in a folder eg: ./backend/images/

but this gives user easy acces to the images and I have one user in particular who insists on replacing images with his own.

I really want to prevent this and don't really want to go the route of embedding the images in the front end a bloating said front end

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Attaching images to a database.
I am just wondering what is the best way to attach images to a database? I more asking for people's opinions and experiences. I have looked around and have not being able to come to a definitive conclusion.

I am weighing between emedding images, which I fear could become an issue with space, or attaching links to the image locations, which could be a problem if the the database or images are moved.

I am creating a product database that stores all of the companies products and raw materials, among other data. We wish to attach a picture/s to every product and maybe even everyraw material. There could be up to 1000 products and just as many raw materials. The images will be visible when viewing a particular product and material in a form and in reports. So if you have any thoughts or opinions based on experience, feel free to comment.

Mutiple images in report records
I am a total novice with MS Access (2007) coding and I am struggling with trying to come up with a way to enable an insurance adjuster to add multiple images to any record and to generate a report that includes however many images that are associated with a given record. Can anybody help me out with this by offering strategies, examples, or informational references?

Because there may 60+ pictures associated with a single claim record my design will need to involve links to pictures residing outside the database in a folder. Each computer on the network must be able to be directed to the link addresses properly. Also, the reports will need to have a caption under each picture

Tabbed reports?
I am using Access 2007 and I am trying to create a tabbed report. I tried doing this by adding a Tab Control in the Design section and then inserting a report on each of the tabs. Both of the reports are based on parameter queries, and when I try to open the form in Form View, Access will not stop prompting me for the parameters specified in my queries.

I do not know if it is my design that is flawed, or if the concept of tabbed reports is even possible in Access

Storing Bitmap Images in OLEObject Attachments Fields
MS-Access Tables have OLEObject/Attachment Field (Access2000/Access2007) to store and display images on Forms/Reports. Example: Storing of employee’s photo or Product’s image on data table.

Reports will organize and group the information in a table or query and provide a way to print the data in a database. Learn how to create reports using the wizard, create reports in Design View and Printing reports.

Linked OLE Objects bloating size of database
I am running into a slight problem with my database design. Currently, I am constructing a database that acts as an inventory system. For the inventory table, I have one column with its data type set as an OLE Object for the purpose of adding an image of each product into the table.

To insert the image, I have a form linking to the table with an OLE Object box and its property is set to only allow linked images.

why would that column be adding 230 mb to my database size if all of the images are linked and not embedded? There are only about 85 entries into the table.

Also, I have tried compacting and repairing and that has not been able to fix the problem.