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Add Text Box with Sum Function to Report

Add Text Box with Sum Function to Report
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I am trying to add a text box with a SUM function to provide totals at the bottom of a report. The function I am using is below:


SummarybyChannelType-LessThan60 is a Query
SumofAssetCost is a field derived in that query

When I added it to my report a view it, the text box displays "#ERROR
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Sum function on report not working

I have a report created where the page uses a query as the back end, all works well. I need to add a text box with the summed up values; however, I keep getting the #error for the result of my sum function.

I am trying to Sum up one field called SCHDQTY. On the textbox I am trying to put the total into, I have this as the control source:


and I get the #Error message when I go into preview view

Why is the average in my report footer giving the wrong calculation?

I have a report that totals up the daily efficiency for each employee. Then, in the report footer I made a text box that will average those daily efficiencies. However, when I manually type these numbers into a calculator I do not get the right average. For example on employee has the following daily efficiencies: 62.23, 131.37, 129.29, 126.53, 126.53, and 141.42. When I manually average those I get 119.56. However, my report average shows 128.55. I figured out that I have to include the sum inside the formula in my text box, but when I do that I keep getting error messages. This is the formula that I am using:

=Avg(((([Sum Qty]*[Rate])*(0.125))/[Sum Hrs])/[Employee Data_Rate])

When I run the report I get a box that tells me to enter the parameter value for Sum Qty and Sum Hrs. These two are calculated text boxes that gets the sum of the Qty and the Hrs. I realize that you can't use these with the Avg function but I don't know any other way to do it. I tried putting the Sum function inside the above formula but got an error message as well. What would be the best way to to get my report footer to show the proper average of these numbers?

Calculating overtime in report footer

I currently use the following formula in a text box in the employee footer on my report to calculate the amount paid to each employee is paid:

=([On Std Hours Sum] [Off Std Hours Sum] IIf([On Std Hours Sum] [Off Std
Hours Sum]40,0.5*([On Std Hours Sum] [On Std Hours Sum]-40),0))*[Current Pay Rate]

I should note that the [On Std Hours Sum] and [Off Std Hours Sum] are both sums (if you didn't already catch that!) Now, I need a sum of that formula in the report footer but as you know you can't sum a sum. I attempted to use the totals function inside the query that I have based this report on to sum the On and Off Std Hours but it only shows the last entry for each employee. Any ideas on how I can sum the above code properly?

Summing Totals from SubReports

I have a subreport in the details section, it works fine.

I have a text box in the detail section of the main report with the control source set to the subtotal located in subreport report footer.


This works fine.

When I try to sum txtDetailTotal in the report header or footer I am queried for the value of txtDetailTotal and no value is displayed.

My guess is that the sub form is not calculated prior to the main report sum function.

As a work around I'm going to add a sum of the details to the main report and see if it works

Report Assistance Requested

I have an issue where to put the Nz indicator to the following calculation in an access report.


This is part of an text box calculating as part of a footer.

After solving this I may need to extend this question into summing a text box later. We'll see.

Adding field values in report

I have a report in which I would like to sum the values of multiples fields into an unbound text box. These fields are all in the same table which is the record source of the report. I tried to use the SUM function, but it looks like that is mostly for SQL. I used the syntax


which doesn't seem to work either. Any way I type it, no value shows at all.

How do you add the last balance in a text box

with my report.

My report(detail section) displays the running balance, the report footer calculates the sum per colunm, and I will like to add a text box the displays below the running balance the last balance as the total balance. If you open report, enter 1 as the parementer and go to second page

Summing a caluated control in a report

I have a report with a subreport, on the subreportI have two controls [TotalReceived} [UnitPrice]

In the subreport I have added a text box where I created the formula (=[TotalReceived]*[UnitPrice])

Can I sum the text box? I guess the question I have is can I create a calculated text box and then sum that control in the footer of the report?

text box - sum of a b & c

I want to have a text box on my form that is the sum of box a, box b, box c & box d.

I know how to do it in thing like excel but I dont know how to do it in access. in excel it would be =sum(a+b+c+d)

and this will update in realtime. I have tried this in the default and control source in the text box properties but it does not seem to work. it seems to know the expression =sum() but as I enter values into the a b c & d boxes it dosnt update.

Add a text box control to a form or report

The text box is the standard control used for viewing and editing data on forms and reports. Many different types of data can be displayed in text boxes, and you can also use them to perform calculations. This article explains how to create and use a text box and also explains some important text box properties.
What do you want to do: Add a bound text box, Add an unbound text box, Add a calculated text box, Understand text box properties.