Access2010 - Package Solution Wizard - File to Package - ERROR: This file is in use

When I open a access database (2007 format) in designer mode and want to create a MSI package I choose [FILE] - [Save & Publish] - [Package Solution] and the wizard opens.

When I complete this wizard, I get a error: "a unexpected error has occurred"

The only strange thing I see is in the 2nd screen, Installation Options. File to Package.

Here I had typed the complete path and filename of my current database.

When I choose BROWSE to select my (current) database I get a error: This file is in use. Enter a new name or close the file that is open in another program.

There are no other programs that are using this file.

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Google tells me it's a bug in the wizard that doesn't handle subfolders for the installation directory correctly. I also saw where they eventually released a fix for the 2010 version, but no help on Access 2007. Leaving the subfolder blank isn't an option since it's a required field, so I'm stuck

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I've installed both the AccessRuntime and the Service Pack 1. They both seemed to install without any errors, but I can't determine how to use it. Searching Google, I read a posting where once the DB is opened, selecting File, Save & Publish, I should see an option named Package & Distribute, with Package solution available below. I don't have the option of Package & Distribute. Thanks for your assistance! My machine is Windows 7 Pro 64bit

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Visual Basic 6.0 Setup Toolkit (Error Window Title Bar)

The Office System Pack cannot be installed on this system because it requires Windows NT Service Pack 6 or later.

I assume Windows NT SP6 has no relevance to Vista ?

Maybe some other update will help here. I have googled for hours to no avail.

Thank you and best wishes for

Missing menu item Package and Distribute
So it seems that Access has a "Package and Distribute" option on the backstage "File" tab.but not on my copy (see attached). MS says "Note that Packaging Wizard and Template Save As Template are integrated in Microsoft Access 2010 and do not need separate add-ins."

Access 2010 Package Wizard
I have an MDB database (FE, BE) created in Access XP (2002). I now have access 2010 and am using the access 2010 packaging wizard to create an install for my users. The previous vesion of the packaging wizard (XP) had a scan feature that would identify all of the referanced files and allow you to send them with the install package. 2010 does not have this feature.

When I install the program it works fine except for creating the barcode that is handled by a dll (barcodewiz.dll). I have manually registered it but that doesn't solve the problem. I'm missing something here and I have searched extensively to find a solution without success.

Access 2010: Windows Installer Package Solution
After creating an application in Access 2010, you may need to bundle the relevant databases into a package. Access 2010 has a intrinsic feature which lets user bundle and deploy Access 2010 database applications. This feature allows you to wraps up Access application into setup package, i.e, MSI installer in which you can associate Macro or VB code with the main database file and add other information such as; registry info, bitmap files, data version, Add or Remove Programs information and EULA info.

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I'm running the SQL Import wizard to import a text file to an existing table. In the final step, just bring the save SSIS package, the run immediately is disable. Why this happens?

Access 2010 Package & Distribute not showing
I packaged a database last week just to test out if it would work and it worked fine. Now I am done developing the database and want to package it for real but there is no package and distribute section under the save and publish menu now.

Package Deployment Wizard
I have just joined the forum and am at the start of my testing for my database that I created. It is a smaller database that will have 3 users and me as the administrator and the I am only one who will be allowed to enter records in the database.

I have been scrambling all day trying to figure out how to get a restricted database out while keeping my end unrestricted.

I downloaded the Access Developer tool for the package deployment wizard. I am being required to use an EULA for this. This is just an inhouse database. I am unsure of how to proceed.

I have racked up about 4 db back ups today trying to figure this out.

Between this is my first database and distribution ever.

Deploying Access
I have been using the following to professionally deploy my database:

Access Runtime for 2007
Developer Extension - Deployment package.

What I want to know is?

Is it possible to deploy a split database. Putting the main tables DB and Frontend in a location under "Program Files" and the shortcut on the desktop.

Or when using the windows installation package to deploy your access package do you not need to split it.

I had a thought that you always keep the database tables backend separate and just package up the front end

Package Solution Wizard
So, I'm fairly new to Access and I've designed a simple employee time sheet that only consists of 2 tables and 1 form. The first table is linked to a combobox displaying project name and number and the other table is for the actual data submission. I have tried several times to package this using the wizard and it seems to save just fine with no errors, installs with no issues including showing the image I added to the installer and adds my shortcut to the desktop. The issue is when I open it, it is blank. I have disabled the trust center policy for checking ms office documents that are from link to suspicious web sites, but to no avail. I still get a blank screen. None of my tables, forms, reports, or even ribbon bars show. Can someone give me some "KISS" method instructions please? There maybe something I'm missing in all the instructions I'm seeing online

package access dtabase in .msi
I want to package my access database with front end and back end in .msi package. which software I can use(free