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Access ribbon group idMso

Access ribbon group idMso
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I have created a custom ribbon and need to use the idMSO "GroupSortAndFilter" but do not want to include the Advanced Filter which is in the Advanced part of the "GroupSortAndFilter".
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Ribbon group send right

The ribbon builds itself from left to right. Is there any way to send a group to the far right? All the other group can remain as is, but I'd like 1 particular group to the right-hand side of the ribbon.

Can this be done? Is there a parameter to control this type of thing that I am not aware of?

hidding group commands in ribbon and setting password with vb

All this is for access 2007

I can manipulate the access default ribbon tabs and groups but is there a way to, for example, hide a command in a Tab's group? For example, are we allowed to hide the 'linked table manager' command in the 'Database Tools' group? If so,

Second thing. How to use the RunCommand acCmdEncryptDecryptDatabase command to set a password/encrypt a database? When I use it from a button on a formi get an error message saying that it is not available right now, however, the 'encrypt with password' command in the ribbon works just fine.

Getting rid of the RIBBON!!!

Just in case anyone wants to know. I keep reading don different forums that people don't know how. This completely removes the ribbon, the office button, and the QAT.

remove access ribbon

disable access ribbon

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo

Select Ribbon Name/Ribbon Name Property

I know there is VBA to load a ribbon in to the database but is there actual code to set the ribbon or code that corresponds to Access Options --> Current Database --->Ribbon and Toolbar Options --> Ribbon Name?

Adding Tabs and Controls to the Office Fluent Ribbon in Access 2007

Microsoft Office Access 2007 offers the ability to customize the Ribbon in your application. The Ribbon provides a new user model for exposing commands, and it provides easier, more discoverable navigation. You can create a custom Ribbon for an Office Access 2007 database by using only Ribbon extensibility markup XML and macros.

Hide the Ribbon When Access Starts

By default, Microsoft Office Access 2007 does not provide a method for hiding the Ribbon. This topic describes how to load a customized ribbon that hides all of the built-in tabs. Learn how to hide the Ribbon when opening a database.

Missing Ribbon 2010

Upon loading Access 2010 the ribbon has disappeared.

How do I unhide the ribbon manually.

I have tried it in code:

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarYes

and it had no effect but there must be a manual switch or toggle.

I should have got to grips with Access 2007 as soon as it came out

Access 2007 - Ribbon XML

I've created a custom ribbon that has 1 group and 3 buttons, each of which calls a macro to open a form. It works fine, but I'm wondering if there's something I could add to the xml whichwould allow me to display an icon to the left of each button?

Office 2013: Hide the Ribbon When Access Starts

By default, Microsoft Access does not provide a method for hiding the ribbon. This topic describes how to load a customized ribbon that hides all of the built-in tabs. To load the customized ribbon when Access starts, you should store its settings in a table named USysRibbons.

Access 2007 Ribbon

I've been looking all over MSDN and have not been able to find a simple solution to my problem. I want to be able to keep the Print Preview ribbon open when a report displays, even if the ribbon is hidden in other scenarios. This being because my users will be using developer and I don't want them having access to edit the forms. Therefore I will be hiding the ribbon, and just want the Print Preview ribbon to display when a report is opened. At the moment the user has to click on "Print Preview" in the top left corner to see the ribbon. I am trying to avoid using XML and the "USysRibbons" table