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Access 2010 Navigation Forms

Access 2010 Navigation Forms
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I have spent the last several days beating my head on the computer trying to figure out how to get the working details right for the new Navigation Form.

Is there anyone that could post a really good working example of this new navigation form with a mix of different combinations.

I have searched all over the web and the references I found are either not my needs or beyond my limited access capacities.
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Access 2010 BrowseTo DoCmd and macro action

BrowseTo allows you to create web-style navigation between forms and reports. We’ve already talked about the navigation control. The navigation control allows you to easily create tabbed navigation hosting sub-forms and sub-reports.
BrowseTo operates similarly but is much more flexible. BrowseTo is the navigation control’s big sister. It allows you to roll your own navigation or build custom UI on top of an existing navigation control.

Split Forms

I’m new to both the Navigation Forms & Split Forms in Access 2010, but I can see that there is a lot to be gained from their use. What I could do with is some advice as to whether a split form can run in a navigation form? From my experience when I linked a split form into a navigation form it rendered as a single data entry form, however it still continued to work properly as a split form when called from the navigation pane.

Show All System Objects In Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar carries all the important elements of Access 2010 database. Since it lists down all the created forms, reports, queries, etc., you may want to tweak with its several viewing options. By default, Access 2010 doesn’t show system objects, however, you can enable them from Navigation Options.

Help with access 2010 Navigation form print button

I have been assigned a task at work that involves recording, tracking and managing assets and the calibration intervals. I am very new to access and basically self taught with the help of some great forums.

I have encountered an issue with one of my navigation forms and would like some insight. I have created a navigation form that shows a list of reports I have created. In the navigation report I would like to have a print button that only prints the selected report.

It seems that access 2010 allows you to generate a print button, but wants you to designate it to one report.

Is there a way that I can make a print button print only the report, and only the report that is selected on the navigation form.

Navigation Form control syntax 2010

I have a load of forms that now have been put into navigation forms using Access 2010 wizard. I know have found that most of the controls such as cascading comboboxes don't work and other comboboxes ask me for the parameter values when I open the form. I am unsure of the syntax for referning to these as I know the navigation forms are subforms and sonme of the comboboxes are in subforms themselves. I have as an example a combobox (cmboDepartmentID) that is asking me for the parameters whenever I open the formEvent ( through the navigation menu) this then has an unbound combox (cmboSubteamSF) on a subform (SubFormSubTeam). I have tried to work out the new reference but it isn't working so far I have as requery on the cmboDepartmentID:
Forms!frmMainNavigation!NavigationSubForm!Form!Sub formSubTeam.Form!cmboSubTeamSF.Requery but this doesn't requery and the combobox is blank. Can anyone point me in the right direction please

Access 2010 Web Form with regular Tab control ?

Are Tab controls of any use in Access 2010 Web Forms? In web forms the tab change doesn't appear to expose any properties to know what tab was selected. I tried using the navigation control first but didn't want to always requery my main page automatically as the navigation control does.

Access 2010 - Navigation Forms (how to reference a control)

I love the new navigation form functionality in Access 2010, however am having problems referencing a control within the subforms.

I have 10 navigation buttons on the parent form, each with a subform. I desparately need to be able to reference controls within each subform, however am struggling with the syntax.

I have tried the following code:
which works beautifully for the first subform (ie. Tab Index = 0)

However, I am stumped as how to reference a control on any of the other 9 subforms (ie Tab Index - 1-8) as the aforementioned syntax doesn't work for any of them but the first (ie Tab Index

Restrict user to navigation form

I have a database in Access 2010 where I've created a navigation form, and I want a regular user opening the database to enter a password and only have access to that form, and not the actual tables or the navigation pane.

They should only be able to view, add, edit, and delete data through the forms I've prepared, and I don't want them to be able to get to the tables themselves unless they have an admin password.

I tried looking up how to dosomething like this, and I tried splitting the database, but it seemed like I was still able to go right to the tables and edit them from the navigation pane even in the front-end, and ifI removed the navigation pane links to the tables from the front-end, the forms I made wouldn't be able to display anything from them anymore, and that's not what I want either.

So, I want one password to give access only to my navigation form and nothing else, and then a second password to grant access to everything else.

Works with Navigation forms as Master/Child Forms

I would like to Use Navigation forms as form/subform.

I have a navigation form which is bound to a recordset and in the header I display some information about the selected client. I would like to synchonize the included "subforms" with the dataset in the header of my navigation form.

I did'nt find any built-in possibility. will I need to filter manually every forms included in my navigation forms ? Or does it exist an easier way

Advanced forms design in Access 2010 and 2013

If you have mastered the basics of Microsoft Access and are looking for more advanced tips and techniques, you have found the right place. If you are just getting starting with Microsoft Access, I suggest you first go through my MS Access 2007/2010 Tutorial as it provides instructions on all of the basic Access components (Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports and Navigation Forms) including a gentle introduction to relational databases. Once you have mastered these basics, please return to this tutorial for the more advanced features.