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Access 2007 Vba Code To Save Record In Current Form

Save Record for Current Date
A Save Record button, and a field with a date picker. I also have a simple VBA code that saves the last fields' values as a default on the Mouse Up event of Save Record.

If I choose any date other than the current day, I can click Save Record and everything works fine. However, if I click New Record and then try Save Record, nothing happens.

If I actually change or add a value to a field after clicking New Record and then click Save Record, it does save the record.

Save does not stay on current record in access 2007
I have a command button on a simple form created with the wizard. When adding a new record and the clicking save it does not stay on the current record. I have also tried an event procedure with the code:
docmd.runcommand acCmdSaveRecord

Access 2007 releasing saved records
I'm using a popup form to enter data in MS Access 2007. If I hit the save button to save the record and then attempt to edit a field, I get the message.

Another user editied this record and aved the changes before you attempted to save your changese.

I have code on the Form_BeforeUpdate that sets some fields on the form. If I remark these out, I do not get this error.

I'm using a form master that I have used for years to create forms. I have similiar forms updated from Access 2003 in the same Access 2007 database with the same code that work great.

I appears the Access 2007 saves the record before it can execute all the code in the Form_BeforeUpdate. I have seen some goofies like this in other events in MS Access 2007.

Tell me I'm not crazy. But if you have a solution

VBA to save values entered in a unbound form
I have a form containing unbound text boxes which the user will enter data into. I want to write some code to save the values to a table. There are four different text boxes/values I want to save for the last three rolling months (so potentially 12 values will be saved). I have the following code which stores the months in an array so that I can update each month at a time.

I keep getting an error message saying "Run-time error '3021: Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record

Save current record on form as PDF and loop to next
I have a table and linked a form to it. My form looks nice (like a report) and has 1000's of records.

Currently I can save each record as a PDF but I have to type the file name (I use the print current record option on cute PDF) and doing this for 1000's of records is horrible.

Can someone help me to create a basic VBA code that I can click one command button and it then saves each record as a PDF using the main field and then move to the next using a loop. At the end I would like a folder with 1000's of PDF's of each of my records named after the main field.

If we can call my form "abc" and the main field / primary key for each record as "xyz" that would be great.

So with the primary key "xyz" this would have each record called "1", "2", "3" etc

I know it would have to open form abc, find xyz key and save record 1 as "1" repeat for next record and save as "2" etc

I use access 2010.

run code moving from record to another record
How can I run some code when moving from one record to another.

I know when the new record opens I can use current but whats the oppsite ie when leaving the record, not closing the form that's easy.

I might have 10 records from a search so as I scroll through them in a form I want to save some data on the record that is now not current.

Access 2007 multiple users
I've created this database by tailoring the contacts example from the Access 2007. it's just for contacts and has fields like lastname, firstname, address, etc.

When I enter details and save and look at it later, no probs. However when my colleague logs in, under another name, on his own computer and views the database at the same time, no probs.

But when one of us has updated a record and wants to save and log-out the following message appears.

"The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained in it cannot be read. The database can be opened only if the VBA project is first deleted. Deleting the VBA project removes code from modules,
forms and reports"

If I click Cancel, the database remains opens but this message reappears if I try to look at any of the code behind the forms or reports.

Do I need to delete the VBA project? If so how can I do that? Can Access 2007, can't imagine that? or have I not clicked a check box or something?

Duplicate a record in Access
I've created a form in Access 2003/XP/2000/97 and I want to have a button on the form that duplicates the current record. What VBA code do I use to duplicate the current record in a form?

How to create a save and go to new record button without affecting Me.Undo??
How do I create a button that saves the current record and moves to a new one? I want to do it in such a way that microsoft access acknowledges the button.

Below is the following codes in my form:


I tried to create save and go to new record using macros and the wizard but I'm not sure if they even work because everytime I press the button my beforeupdate event appears. How can modifythe code such that when I press the button, it savees the record and goes to a new one without displaying my "Do you want to save updates?" message.

How to? Copy rec to new tbl then del old rec
I'm new to VBA and am building an ACCESS form that when a Button is clicked: 1. Save the current changes made to record in Table A.
2. Copies the current record from Table A to Table B (appending it)
3. Deletes the current record in Table A.

The purpose of this is to allow a user to click a button to archive the record in Table A to the archive table, Table B.

The tables are totally disconnected. Separate tables, but the fields are set up exactly the same.

Table A is the current "active" database, where as Table B is the "archive" database.

The form that is going to do this record move, first allows the user to add closing information to the record in Table A...

Code autosave form using data pdf?
When dispatching equipment we enter the address and details onto a form. The data on this form saves into a table.

The form always opens on next record so at the minute for example its 22900. I would like instead of printing a copy for the company, for a button to click on the form to do the following:

Save "current record" with all data entered by user into a folder on the computer automatically with a file name of ""current date""customername"".

It would save in a folder also called "current date" if this had not already been created I would need the code to firstly create this prior to saving the file as a pdf.

vba to write a record
I'm quite new to programming vba in access, but I have two fields (txtDateFrom and txtDateTo) on a form. If the txtDateTo is empty, I just want to save the record to the table.

If there is a value in it, I want to save it and then create extra records for each day between the two dates (inclusive).

I have got as far as the code below, but don't really know where to go form here!

Private Sub cmdAddLeave_Click() DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord If Not Len(Me.Me.txtDateTo & vbNullString) = 0 Then
For LeaveDate = Me.txtDateFrom.Value + 1 To Me.txtDateTo.Value
Next Else End Sub

Import data from Excel(2007) spreadsheet into Access(2007) form using VBA
For many years I used Excel as a database and having recently graduated to Access, My problem is that in one case the data from each spreadsheet row needs to be split into 2 Access tables, one a subdatasheet of the other.

It seems to me the easiest way to do this is via an input form in Access and I have created one for this purpose.

My guess is that I now need some VBA code to populate the fields in the form from the spreadsheet and to save the records relevant tables in the database.

Updating records based on form data
I am looking how to build the code so that if a form you have open has a value of 0 in three different fields, I can press an update button at the bottom of the form and it will place the current date in another field on each record. To explain better (hopefully), I have three check boxes on a form. Should a record exist that does not meet the conditions of the check boxes, they will leave the boxes alone which are defaulted to 0. Otherwise they will check the box and other functions take place. When the user is through with the check boxes, I would like them to hit an update button which will look at only the records displayed on the form, and if no boxes are checked on that record to apply the current date to another field on that record.

The check boxes are called NS RX and Re and the field I wish to update is ClrDate.

I am open to better ideas than this but my VBA skills are pretty poor.

I am using Access 2007 at this time

Current Record Update Issue
The code below concatenates a table of information and then inserts this string into ECR_Table.FinishedGoodAffected. Problem is that I want to modify the current record being viewed in the form. It only seems to modify the second record.

How can I modify to make it update the current record on the form? (I think the issues is withing the RED code text)...

vba issue after migration to access 2007 from access 2003
I have a piece of code that is not working properly in access 2007. the same piece of code works in 2007, nothing!

here is the code below. purpose is to take local/state taxes and populate values inside record for when tax reports are ran.

VBA Code for buttons, Access 2010
In using this new version of Access, I have found that when creating buttons, Access no longer uses vba codebehind to handle all the dirty work - rather, it seems Microsoft is forcing me to use the upgraded (and very nice I must say) Macro builder.

This is fine for all the simple tasks, but what I have myself into is a little more complex than the Macro builder is ready tohandle I think.

Before, when I created a button, not a Macro. I am trying to build the following button types:

Button 1 - Update a Field in a table, Save form, Close form
Button 2 - Update a field in a table, save form, new record
Button 3 - Update a field in a table, save form, print report, close form . and so on and so forth.

I used to put 3 or 4 buttons on the form, then copy and paste the generated vba in the correct order in a single button, and delete the dummy buttons. But now it seems as the basicfunctions are built using an embedded macro, and when that is combined with VBA, Access must choose between one or the other, rendering my button useless.

Is there a setting in 2010 that will change the way buttons are created in that VBA is used by default instead of macros?

prompt before moving to next record, if no dont move, if yes then save and move
I want to prompt users before they are allowed to go to the next existing record, search for a record, or create a new record. I display the records on a form. The form just opens to the 1st record in the table.

" If they answer yes then save the data for the record they are currently on and allow them to go to another record, either the next , new record, or search. then it stays on that current record.

#Name? error in Access Form when trying to add new record
I have a Form A which is accessed via another Form B only (I.e. not possible for user to go directly to a Form A and add values).
So when the user clicks on a button in the Form B he is taken to the Form A. In case Form A has a record (CONTAINER) correspondent to key record in Form B, then the correct record is filtered based on the code:


However if there is no correspondent record in Form A there is a code on the Current state to create a new record showing the correspondent record name from Form B:


The first part where there are correspondent records works fine. The trouble starts when no correspondent record is found - Form A shows #Name? instead of a record name from Form B.

I have checked Control Source, Label names - everything is in order. Don't know where else to look.

VBA code to open MS Access form to new, blank record
I want to open a form in Access 2007 (on WinXP) by clicking a button on a different form, and I want the form to open with blank fields, to create a new record in the underlying table.

My code is as suggested in the five-year-old posting, but it doesn't work: