Access 2007 Database Properties

I have a split database for tracking help desk issues. The front-end exists on several desktops. The back-end resides on a shared network drive. To do some testing I wanted to move both parts to my personal network drive, then change the database properties if possible to recognize one another. Tried the obvious w/o any success.

and if so, how can I connect or relate the two ends in the new location?

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Form properties in Access 2007 determine a form's characteristics. The controls and sections on a form also have properties that determine the appearance, behavior and structure of that control and the data it contains. Form properties may be set with the property sheet. The following steps will show how to accomplish this in Access 2007.

Cant see properties sheet in ACCESS 2007
I got a database using ACCESS 2007 and added an instruction to macro autoexec to hide menubars when opening. It worked OK!

I also have a backup without that instruction to be used for future corrections of the database.

The problem is: I cant open the properties sheet in the backup to make the changes I want to do. Could you please indicate the origen of such and the way to correct it?

Printing the properties of an object
I am attempting to document some of the objects in my database (Access 2007) As an example, how can I print the properties of a form named frmUnpaid_Accts I have tried using HELP, but can seem to find anything - did MS change the way it works, because it looks and feels different to me.

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Access 2007 - Property Sheet
I just got Access 2007 on my computer and for some reason, it will not allow me to view the properties for a field, much less a form or report. I have right clicked on it and selected Properties.

I have gone to the Design tab and clicked on Property Sheet. Either way I do it, nothing happens. How can I get to the properties for my form?

Split database & Multiusers
I've split my database to have 2-3 users access it at the same time over a network.

The properties of the FE & BE are on shared but when I want to open a second copy of the FE it says that my BE is currently being used by another. All locks are set to none.

Using Access 2007. The one person that is using it continually adds reccord. The others are mostly wanting to use the search form.

Are there any other properties that I've missed?

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If you use an existing database in the Access 2.0 format (.mdb), you can import tables, queries, and macros from that database into a Microsoft Office Access 2007 database (.accdb).
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How to read Database Properties
in the MS Access 2007, under menu File -> Database Properties -> Custom tab, I added some custom properties (say 'Source')

How can I read these custom property values via Macro?
The following didn't work:
MsgBox (db.Properties("Source").Value)

It says "Property not found"

I am trying to create custom property for data source and out, so I use these to dynamically change when file path changes too

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Access 2007 form different color on different pc
I have access 2007 database with tabbed forms. On my pc the forms appear pale/white background, the back stlye is set to normal.

When I open the database on a different pc, the back stlye is normal but it appears as dark grey. I have the same problem with command buttons - completing changing the look and feel of the forms

Both PCs have full install of Access 2007, and when I compare Access Options of current database, they both have the same settings. Also note both have "use windows themed controls on forms" enabled.

What is causing the difference in the color of my forms. Both PCs have display properties with color setting at Highest (32bit)

Saving an Access 07 DB combo box properties when making a copy?
This is the problem: I have some polished databases working all right in a PC with Access 2007, when I try to make copies and save them in another PC or Laptop, even in a backup device on the same PC, the Combo Box properties are lost.
¿Is this a problem of the copy, shall I make it using some special feature to preserve the properties?

Access 2007 crashes on the network
Our Access 2007 database is constantly crashing on the network. The database has a 2007 shell linked to 2007 data tables on the same drive. Network has 1200 pcs and about 120 users - shell is about 120mb. Our repair involves copying a clean master shell - relinking to the data tables - creating a new shortcut and deploying the new shortcut across the network. This database was running last year OK in Access 2000 - in the summer the network was upgraded to Access 2007 and our problems started. At first the database was still in Access 2000 so we converted it to 2007 - still the same problem - next we rebuilt the database in 2007 by importing the objects from the 2000 database - stil we are having the same problem. Is it being caused by a rogue installation or 2 of Access 2007 ? When the database goes down it automatically creates a backup of the shell so we know when a problem has occurred. Any suggestions would be most welcome

.mdb on network, can form properties be set for individual users?
I am running MS Access 2007. If I have an access application running on a network can I control the read/write access for the data by setting the form properties to yes or no for "Allow Additions", "Allow Deletions" & "Allow Edits" based on the user's login? Not sure how access would handle the form properties if it is on the networkand shared.

If one user is logged in and has 'read only' access and I set these form properties to 'No', then another user logs in, can I set these same form properties to 'Yes' for thisuser independently of what has been set for the other user?

how to set form properties in vba access 2007
I have to work on something in access and I am use to In a VB winform I can have something like this

Private m_Firstname As String
Public Property Firstname
End Property

and when you want to set this before your form opens you just:

Dim f as new frmSomeForm
f.Firstname = "raz"

This doesn't seem to work the same way in Access 2007. I am able to make properties basically the same way, but I am stuck when I open the form. I can instantiate a form the same way but I have no access to .Open, and .Show etc when I do a

Dim f as myForm

I found that I have to open forms with DoCmd.OpenForm()

that works but I can't assign values to my own properties.

I've clearly missed something but I can't figure out how to word my question to the Googles.

Access 2007 - Adding Padding to Report control
In Access 2007 does anyone know how to use the Padding properties through code?

I have two textboxes and I have them "Stacked" on a report, I can add padding through the properties box, but not through code, why is that?

Me!Textbox1.BottomPadding = 2

Also, can you reference the "stack" through

Microsoft Access 2007 In Pictures
This tutorial helps beginners learn the basics of creating and using databases with Microsoft Access 2007. This tutorial covers the following: Create and modify database, tables, records, forms, queries, reports; Specify data types and field properties; Edit, find, sort and filter records.

How do you Password VBA in Access 2007
You used to be able to go to tools then your database properties in Access 2003; however, that option is gone. Anyone know how to password your VB modules and form code in Access

Form Properties
All of a sudden, I can not in design view open the form properties or properties on any database. These are database that I have created and one in particular I havent put any code in yet to lock that stuff down.

Seriously confused. Anybody run into this before and if so how do I fix it?

Also I can not open the properties on a Brand new DB I just started. now really confused

Access to Access 2007
We have Access 2007 on an office PC. We have a Sales Database, that all of our salesman used to access on this computer. They all had Access 2000. We all got Office 2007 (WITHOUT ACCESS).Do I have to purchase Access on the other computers to be able to access this data, or is there a way to add and/or access this database? Maybe even by internet access?

Keep in mind I am the IT department, I am very, very green when it comes to this stuff, just lay it on me easy.