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Access 2007: Creating Switchboards

Access 2007: Creating Switchboards
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Learn how to create a custom switchboard so that when editors open the database they go right to the form screen.
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Switchboard Management

I have a database in which I have used the Switchboard Manager to produce my Switchboards/Menus. I have managed to produce three switchboards off the main one, but I cannot get access to give me any more. I need at least two more.

Where did my switchboards go?

In Microsoft Office Access 2007, when you open a database created in an earlier version of Access - and that database contains a switchboard (a form with buttons or links that enabled you to navigate around the database) - some commands on that switchboard may not work. Specifically, commands to display the Database window no longer function.
Office Access 2007 provides a new feature called the Navigation Pane. The pane replaces the Database window, and you can use the pane instead of switchboards. The Navigation Pane works with the new user interface model adopted by Office Access 2007. That model (called the single-document interface model) places any open objects - forms, reports, and so on - in a single window and marks each object with a tab. When you open more than one object, you use the tabs to switch between the open objects

Switchboard name changing in 2007

I have a switchboard that has 3 sub switchboards in an access 2007 database. The default switchboard displays the wrong name. The others do not. In switchboard manager, the correct name is displayed

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This tutorial has been designed to give an introduction to some of the basic features of MS Access. The tutorial will cover the following topics:
Creating a database; Creating tables; Changing the Field Properties in the tables; Adding Lookup Tables; Creating relationships; Adding Passwords to the database; Creating simple forms using the Form Wizard; Adding graphics and creating customized forms; Creating forms using multiple tables; Creating reports using the report wizard; Formatting reports; Creating Switchboards.

Advanced features

Access XP Level IV focuses on advanced features such as using sub forms, switchboards, creating macros and replicating database. Access experience using forms, reports and queries is necessary.

Working with Access Projects in Access 2007

Microsoft Access 2007 features significant differences from earlier versions. One of these is the lack of support for data access pages. Projects become important in this environment. This tutorial will show you how to create an Access project and more. TOC: Working with Access Projects in Access 2007;
Creating an MS Access 2007 Project;
Creating a Stored Procedure in the Project;
Stored Procedure in SQL Server.

Close and reopen the Navigation Pane and the objects in the pane

Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides a new feature called the Navigation Pane. The pane replaces the Database window, and you can also use it instead of switchboards — screens used to perform common tasks, such as running reports or closing a database.

Creating Charts in an Access 2007 Database

Garry Robinson fills the gap found in the Access 2007 help manual by providing some much needed help on how to use the charting object in Access 2007.

Microsoft Office 2007

Saving Access 2007 Documents in Access 2003 Format, Creating a Database, Adding Fields, Setting a Primary Key, Setting an Input Mask, Sorting Data, Creating a Query.

Video Tutorials: Creating a Custom Switchboard in Access 2007

This screencast from Matthew MacDonald, author of Access 2007: The Missing Manual, guides you through creating a custom switchboard in a Microsoft Access database.