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Access 2010 & Win7 .ldb File

Access 2010 & Win7 .ldb File
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We have recently upgraded to Win7 and Access 2010. I have a bunch of database's that are shared, and I had been looking at the .ldb file to see who has the database open. On my Win7 Machine with access 2010, I cannot see a ldb file. I did some looking and have found that this uses a win 32 dll file which is probably what is causing this.

Is there another way for me to look and see who all has a the databases open with my new setup
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How to solve the Could Not Lock File Error

This error occurs when the .ldb file is not automatically deleted when the user closes MS Access. In theory, the .ldb file should automatically get created when user connects to the database and automatically get deleted when user stops using the database. The way to fix this problem is to delete the .ldb file. The .ldb file will be in the same folder as the database itself. If the File in Use error is received when trying to delete the .ldb file.

Information fro .ldb file

Ldb file if you open that in Notepad, at my work it gives me the 'Computer Name' of who is using the database.

(eg ABC1234 - Admin)Is there a way to change this to show methe 'Username' or is this a Business IT thing that pulls from our IP address and isn't related to Access? I just use this as a guideof who I need to kick out if I do.(Apologies if this posts without paragraphs etc I don't know whats going on!)

MDB in Read Only, No .ldb, What to do

I have a 2007 microsoft access database that when is opened shows it as read only but does not have a .ldb file. The database is located on a shares so that other users can access it. My questions are:

Is there a way to unlock the file set in read only? I found this post but it did not work.

Is there a way I can see what is locking the database? I have a field in the only table the users access that captures the last person that made an update although even if I have that user log off it doesn't unlock the database.

I'm strapped on ideas, please help me before I jump out the window!. jk

mdb wont open with double click

My new system will not open an MDB file from Windows Explorer when someone else has it open unless I open Access first. If the file is not open, a double-click on the file icon will open it without problems.

If the file is open by another user, my machine apparently does not open it (Access does not show up in Task Manager) but it adds my machine name to the open LDB file!

I have already tried dis-associating MDB with Access, then shutting down, and then re-associating the MDB file types with Access. It did not solve the matter.

The file is in Access 2003: I just got a new system running Windows 7 and Office 2010 today. This same issue came up previously with a co-worker with her Windows XP-Pro machine suddenly stopped opening MDBs that someone else had open unless Access was started first.

Access 2010 split form not display

I have a database I have set up in WIN7 64 bit system. I transferred database to a WINXP 32 bit system. I modified the main form in the XP system to be a split form. I then copied the file back to WIN7 64 bit systems and have found that the datasheet portion of the splitform does not display on the WIN7 system.

I have checked many settings to include that it is shown as a split form, checked the record source setup on the property sheet, data tab, and all is set up the same but datasheet does not display on the WIN7 systems.

It seems as if this may be a bug with Access.

I am uncertain if it is a 32 bit verses 64 bit issue or if it may have something to do with screen resolutions or what. I have also read that the splitforms tend to be buggy in other posts.

Windows Media Player Control

Background: running Access 2010 on Windows 7. Recently switched from Windows XP and Access 2003.

Problem: Have mdb db with a form that contains Windows Media Player control used for playing wav files. Until recent upgrade to Win7/Access 2010 this worked fine. Now it doesn't: when I click the "play" button on the control it displays "Opening media." and then. nothing, it returns to "Ready".

The wav file to be displayed is set with this code: "player.URL = [directory] & "\" & [videofilename]", where player is set to the windowsmediaplayer control object. The original reference "Windows Media Player" (\windows\system32\wmp.dll) has not been changed.

Maintenace Issue

This has now left me with a hanging open session in the BE file, which says it is my DEV machine, but soft and hard reboots have not cleared it.

I need to run weekly maintenace, with "Compact & Repair" but am denied, because it say the BE is locked.

I know there is a way to FORCE off the BE file, but can not find it in the MICKEY soft HOWTOs, so need some help on finding that.

I tried to delete the .ldb file for the BE but get the "file in use". I also tried changing from shared to exclusive for the db, but nothing is working

Upgraded from 2007 to 2010 now drop-down boxes go BLACK.

our company upgraded my PC from 2007 to 2010 and now when I try to use drop down boxes in our company-wide database, it just shows a black box. When I type it in it's completely blacked out, cant see the text at all.

I am on Win7 64bit using Access 2010 64bit while the rest of the company uses Win7 32bit and Access 2007 32bit if that makes a difference.

Any ideas on what could be causing this and how to fix it

MDE created in Win7 don't run xpwin


I created an .mde in Win7.64bit.sp1 ultimate OS running Access.02.sp3. When this is placed on the PC running with Access.02 or Access.03, it reports that it failed due to Automation issues.

This .mde has no problem running in Win7.

.mde created from the same .mdb in WinXp.sp3 running Access.02.sp3 runs fine on all OS platform with access from 02 to 2010.runtime

Access97 app running along Office 2010

We are using an old Access97 App. I have managed to make it work alongside Win7 / Office 2007 and previous versions but now I am stuck.

The error is: "the expression on click you entered as the event.".

I have 2 stations running Win7/Office 2010. One doesn't even have Access 2010 installed, but still something has changed as one menu from the app will give the error described/attached. Uninstalling Office 2010 does not solve anything.

The database is fine, it works from all other stations.
I don't have the code, just the compiled mde.