Access 2010 / PDF

I've read thru the files on this topic and it doesn't seem like anyone has addressed this issue:

I'm using Access 2010 and I want to send the form (not report) via pdf preferability)

I have a table that stores the email addresses; button on the form which when the user hits is suppose to make an pdf of the form.

Sub OpenSendRequestAsAttachment()
Dim rsEmail As DAO.Recordset
Dim strEmail As String

Set rsEmail = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("tblDEmailList") 'table where email is
strEmail = rsEmail.Fields("dEmailAddress").Value
Do While Not rsEmail.EOF
strEmail = strEmail & " ; " & rsEmail.Fields("dEmailAddress").Value

DoCmd.SendObject , Forms!frmDataSystem, acFormatPDF, strEmail, , , "Data System Request", "See Attached Request", , False

I've tried many variations, with various runtime errors

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How to save a report as a pdf file - 2010
Just updating our database following conversion from 2000 to 2010.

Used Stephen Lebans code to save reports as .pdf in 2000 but doesn't work well with 2010.

I know 2010 allows reports to be saved as .pdf files but just having a mental blank on how this is done

Save Form In PDF Format
Unlike previous versions, Access 2010 offers a direct way to publish reports and forms in widely used document publishing format – PDF. Once you’ve done creating your forms in Access 2010, you can export the form into PDF and XPS format

Can't sign PDFs created by Access 2010
I have two database front ends, one in Access 2003 on XP and another on Access 2010 on windows 7.
I often create PDF files using Access 2003 (through PDF Create VBA Object Model), open the PDF File in Adobe 9 (or later), and provide a hyperlink in the database.
I can do the same thing in Access 2010.
However, if I open the pdf file through the hyperlink in Access 2003 (user admin), I can sign the PDF File electronically. This would require me to save (overwrite) the file in the directory. This works fine in Access 2003.
If I try this in Access 2010 (also user Admin), it doesn't work. The PDF File opens in Adobe 9, and I can sign it. However, if I want to save it it tells me that I don't have the rights to do so. If I opened the file from the Windows system (now the user is me), I can sign the file electronically and overwrite the previous file.
I suspect that the user "Admin" in 2010 is different from that in 2003. How can I make them the same, in particular how can I make them that of

why do PDF's opened via access hang?

I have an access program whereby I can click on a 'My Folder' tab and see the pertinent files stored therin ie word 2010 and PDF files. I can open/close or just cancel repeatedly if the slected file is a word file, but the second I do the same for a PDF it hangs the access system and I have to close it all by task manager. I think if I wait long enough it will eventually take hold, but time is precious for the impatient!

My sytem is office 2010, adobe or Sumutra PDF readers, running on SBS

Can't output report as pdf in Access 2010
I receive The OutputTo Action Was Cancelled, Error 2501 when trying to output a report as a pdf with Access 2010 and Adobe Acrobat X.

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "Data", acFormatPDF, "FullPathToFile.pdf", True

Can anyone tell me what might be causing this. The report has data and I can preview it and even export to pdf by using the acrobat tab in the ribbon

Save report as pdf
I am considering purchasing Access 2010, but it is essential I be able to save reports as pdf's. Does Access 2010 include that function?

Export to PDF Document Format
Contrasting to Access 2007, in which you need to install add-ins to export database. Access 2010 offers option of exporting database in PDF (Portable Document Format) and XPS (XML paper Specification) formats. Now with Access 2010, you can export datasheet, Forms and Reports to a .pdf or .xps file, it enables you to spread information in an easy-to -distribute form that contains all formatting characteristics.

Testing with Access 2010
I'm currently testing an application under Access 2010 Runtime. The application is developed in Access 2003 and works under Access 2003 and 2007 just fine. As I anticipate that some of my users (there are over 1,000 worldwide) will eventually want to use Access 2010, I decided to run some tests.

Anyway, I'm having a few "issues." The one I'm trying to work on right now deals with the Lebans Report-To-PDF software (which is now unsupported). Again, it works fine in 2003 and 2007 (as it did back in A2K .

All my reports are internally defined as "portrait" using 8.5x11 paper. But when I run this under Access 2010 Runtime (Windows 7), I get a PDF that's a bit odd shaped.

I opened the PDF using the Adobe reader and checked the properties. It shows a width of 11.69 inches, and a length of 8.27 inches (which is landscape). And there's no footer on the page (there should be a footer with the page number and date).

If I print this report using the same software, it comes out fine. This is just an issue with Report-To-PDF.

Combining TIFs into a single TIF or PDF in Access 2010
Is there a way in Access 2010 to combine tif files into a single tif or pdf file (either output is fine) using VBA? I was using the Microsoft Office Document Imaging Library, but Microsofthas stopped supporting this for 2010 and I'd like to keep moving forward as opposed to installing older software on computers.

I was able to get by just using the Create, Add, and Saveas functions, so it's very basic functionality I need. I just don't know which library to use.

Form to PDF output
I have tried this code to a command button to save form as PDF in Access 2010
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputForm, "form_name", acFormatPDF, _
me.textbox_name & ".pdf", True, "", 0
But it outputs all records to a PDF file. I just want to save current record to a file.

Access 2010 PDF and Email a Report Using VBA Code
I'm using Access 2010 and found the Send to Email as PDF command indispensible. However, I have a problem in that I've hidden the main ribbon from my users which means they can't actually click that button.

Can anyone tell me the VBA code that will let me PDF and email an indiviual report based on a given unique ID. I am happy for the user to add the email address, subject and message body and for them to click send

Combining TIFs into a single TIF or PDF in 2010
Is there a way in Access 2010 to combine tif files into a single tif or pdf file (either output is fine) using VBA? I was using the Microsoft Office Document Imaging Library, but Microsoft has stopped supporting this for 2010 and I'd like to keep moving forward as opposed to installing older software on computers.

I was able to get by just using the Create, Add, and Saveas functions, so it's very basic functionality.

Link PDF files
What would be the best way to link pdf files in an Access database form?

For each record there could be more then one pdf file. I would like to automate the process as much as possible. The pdf file would exist on a network drive and the user would need to go to their record in Access and then link the pdf files.

I started but am having problems with Access not opening the pdf file, it will open word files but not pdf,

Create a search engine for a collection of PDF files using Access 2010
I have a collection of PDF documents (about 9000 of them) saved and separated alphabetically in a master folder.
I.E. Main folder is "PDF Documents". In this folder there are 26 folders, one for each letter A-Z. Folder "A" contains all PDF's that start with the letter A and so on.

Can I create a search engine in Access to scan this folder and find a particular document by file name. For example search and pull up file apple.pdf located in folder A

Importing data from PDF to Access
I know I'm a newb, and this might be a dumb question, but I have searched all over the internet for an answer and still have nothing.

I have a fillable PDF file and I need the information in the PDF to be automatically imported into an access database. The PDF consists of 2 pages and has well over 50 different boxes that have to be filled out (its a shipping/receiving form

Convert to PDF
A few quick questions in regards to converting a report to PDF.

At the moment the client uses the button on the Print Preview ribbon (Access 2010) to convert the report to a PDF file. Client is asking if it is possible to automatically select the "Standard Publishing" option as it seems to default to "Minimum Size" each time.

If I use VBA to open report as hidden, create email object and attach it as PDF does it automatically get converted to the highest quality

Access 2007 and PDFs Question
Soon we will be migrating from A2003 to A2007 (but don't have A2007 from our infrastructure people yet).

We have been using ACG's PDF Pro Plus with A2003.

Most of our PDF stuff is simple, but one program uses their PDF Merge feature which concatenates multiple PDF reports into one PDF. Will the PDF feature in Access do this?

(I suppose sub-reports would be one solution but wonder if there is a better way

WebControl() Access 2010 - save url in database
I have a form with a webcontrol where I need to save the url/document ex. a pdf-file in my database as an attachment.

When I ex. make a google search and find a pdf document - I can open it inside the control - no problem. and the PDF reader save functions opens too.

But I need to save the document in my database og local ex. pdf-file

Limit data in report when printing to pdf
With Access 2010, I use the following to print to pdf:

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, strReportName, acFormatPDF, FolderPath & "\" & strReportCommonName & ".pdf", False, , , acExportQualityPrint

How can I add a filter (where) to the above to limit the records in the report

If I am not printing to pdf I use:

DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, optReportOutput, , Wclause

FIFO inventory related query
Currently on pg 235 of Access 2010 for Dummies). I created an Access 2010 file to help manage our warehouse inventory on a FIFO basis. Surprisingly, my queries work!However, I have one field I am struggling with.

I wasn't sure how to upload my queries or tables to this thread.pdf files.

The first attachment "Product_Tables (example report).pdf" is a sample results set I manually typed up in Excel to show the format I need.

The second attachment "Product_Totals.pdf" shows the actual query results I was able to achieve. Close but no cigar. I need the query to show the location where this product is stored in our warehouse.