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Access 2007 menu bar, toolbar...

Access 2007 menu bar, toolbar...
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Can anybody tell me how to create a menu bar, toolbar and shortcut menu in Access
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Missing Menu List and Toolbars

By the way this is regarding MS Access 2003.

One of my peers set his DB startup and unchecked all the Display/Form Page, Menu Bar and Shortcut Menu Bar. So now he can't see a lot of menu lists and toolbars. I went for Help but majority advised me to go to Tools but this menu list is also missing so I can't even see this to reset his toolbar.

I have enclosed images of how he set his startup andhow his toolbar looks now.

Custom menu bar - item list disappeared - Troubleshooting

I am taking over another employees who retired. She created in Access 2000 a switchboard menu. She also customized the menu bar. The users mentioned that all the items listed under each function list on the menu bar are not showing today. When we click any of the function list on menu bar such as File, View, Query, etc., only a gray small square shows, nothing else?!

Please help. Please advise HOW to show back all the drop-donw items on each function list on the menu

can the menu bar and blue Access bar above be turned off, disabled etc

I want to set up Access as read-only on a stand alone computer. To do this I need to turn off, disable, remove etc the menu bar, the blue Access bar above, the task bar and the "start" control.

Customize the Quick Access 2007 Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable toolbar that contains a set of commands that are independent of the tab that is currently displayed. You can move the Quick Access Toolbar from one of the two possible locations, and you can add buttons that represent commands to the Quick Access Toolbar. What do you want to do? Move the Quick Access Toolbar and Add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar

Keep dropping my Menu Bar

When I open my application I simply hide my Menu Bar then when I close my form I make it visible. This works when I step through the code but in real time I lose my Menu Bar when I hold the shift button and open my file. So now when I open every other Access database or even go to create a new one my Menu Bar is missing. There must be something simple? Any suggestions would be great! If posting code is necessary I can work on that - have it on my work laptop.

Ribbon vs menubar

my file in access 2003 version with menu bar. when I convert to 2007. menu bar appear in ribbon.
can I use menubar in access 2007 or you have any ides, what should better I use (menubar or ribbon

Customizing MS-Office 2010 Quick Access Toolbars

The Quick Access Toolbar has been a part of MS Office since the 2003 version, but it has come to the forefront since the introduction of MS Office 2007 and more prominently with MS Office 2010. The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable toolbar that houses the common commands – Save, Undo and Redo. Faithful to its name and function, the Quick Access Toolbar is there at the same spot irrespective of the Ribbon tab you are working on.
You can enhance your productivity with two quick and easy changes to the Quick Access Toolbar...

Create Windows menu toolbar in Access 2007

I'm building some forms for an Access 2007 database and need to try and find a way of having all these forms called from the same environment, so in other words have a top menu as youwould in Word or Excel or another standard Windows / Office application, so you could have File -> Print, Exit, or Edit -> Copy, Cut, Paste, or Clients -> Add New, Amend and so on.

There doesn't seem to be a way I can do this in Access 2007, is this true?

I don't want to have lots of completely independent forms in my application, ideally they should all exist and be placed in the same environment so that all the user has to do is click theicon to launch the application, and do everything they need to do from within that, using the navigation menu at the top.

quick access toolbar for Access 2007/2010 runtime

I'm deploying an Access 2003/2007 project to a mixed environment of users -- some have Access 2003 full version, some Access 2007, some Access 2010, some Access 2010 runtime. I there a way to have one project that will display a Quick Access toolbar that has a couple of basic items on it? E.g. a button for Form View, one for Datasheet View, one for Print.

This was easy with Access 2003, and I can customize the toolbar for people with full Access 2007 or 2010. But I'm stumped on Access 2010 runtimes.

I looked into custom ribbons, but they seem to only work with Access databases, not projects.

Menu Bar for Forms?

I am looking to design Menu Bar and shortcut menu bar for forms and if can be for reports. can some one help to provide bets sample database or procedure over here?