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2 Column Combo Boxes in display.

2 Column Combo Boxes in display.
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I have it set up so in the combo box drop down that it shows both columns that I want displayed but when an option is chosen, only the first column shows up in the box. I need both to show up. I searched the forms and found a few things but I still wasnt able to complete it. Any tips
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Restricting values in combo boxes

Here's another one. I promise I'm not planning on carpet bombing this forum with queries.

When adding a combo box to a field in a table, is it possible to restrict the values so that they include only a subset of the entries in the relevant column from the source table?

For example, Column A in Table 1 might contain a list of names, while Column B contains check boxes to state whether the people named are still alive. Column A in Table 2 might then contain combo boxes linking to Column A in Table 1. Would it be possible to restrict the values in the combo boxes so that they contained only names of people who were still alive

Combo Box help

I have a combo box that gets its values from the second column in a two column table, with the first column being numbers and the second being words. I just made the width of the display of the first column 0 so it wouldn't show up in the combo box. Whenever I select a word from the combo box, the number from the table shows up in the spreadsheet that the form is attached to. How to I make the spreadsheet display the word (ie how do I make it display the values in the second column instead of the first).

Combo Box to display thee different text boxes

I want to display all the current fields on my Form.Joe from a Combo Box. Example:
My combo box "Product" is taken for a table which contain 3 fields: FLD1, FLD2, FLD3. so, if you click on the combo box you see the first record. Now, being that these records are very long, I want the user to be able to see in on the Form, because they cause see it on the combo box!

So, I want to take the Combo FLD1 and store the data and make a text box to display the test in it and do the same for the other two fields.

So, as the users click on the combo box the wording would also display on the form in three different text boxes. How do I store that information in the Combo Box to be displayed on the current Form in three separate text boxes.

Combo Boxes 3 (multiple column combo boxes)

Now the third part will teaches you multiple column combo boxes. (video tutorial)

Selective Display of a List of items into A Combo Box

I have a table with multiple columns. Columns 1,3,5, etc are lists of names that I want to be used to display in combo boxes. The rest of the columns are corresponding columns to 1,3,5 which are of type Yes/No selection to determine if I want the name hidden or not.

Is there a way that I can get names from this list to display in a combo box, but make sure the ones that have the Yes/No box checked to be hidden?

So far I've been able to list the names in a combo box from a single column,
list the names in a combo box from multiple columns,
list the names in a combo box from a single column and hiding some of the options by using a query,
But when I try to list the names from all columns, it doesn't do what I want.

What should I do? I'm kinda

Set default value to combo box

I have got a combo box which I type a product code into and then text boxes which display the spec of that product. Is there any way I can set the default value of the text boxes to be a column in the combo box (eg [combo40].[column](1) ). I want to do this so it pulls brings up the default spec of the product but can be edited and saved on another table

Combo box not display when prompted ; just blank

I have some combo boxes that do not display when prompted. Everything is blank, but the information is there if I click in the blank region. Also if I type the item in the combo responds that it is not on the list. These same combo boxes work on my desktop with access 2000. My laptop has access 2003. What is the fix?

Display column headings in a combo box

On an Access 2003/XP/2000/97 form, I've created a combo box whose values are populated by a query. I want to see the column headings so that I can differentiate between the various columns. How do I display the column headings in a combo box?

Getting display value of lookup column?

How do you programmatically get the display value of a lookup column?

I have a lookup column that works fine, but when I try to get the value through vba, I can only get the bound value (a number). I tried doing it the way I would for a combo box: [field].Column(1), but that didn't work. I need the display value so I can use it in a Dlookup function on another table

ComboBox Display

I currently have a form with 2 combo boxes on it. One combo box has a list of participants that is pulled from a participant table. The other combo box are referrals, which a participant can have many of.

When you have both combo boxes selected there is a "Report" button that displays the appropriate report. Everything works as intended, but I am having a problem with the display problem of the 2nd combo box.

The query of the 2nd combobox has 4 fields (ParticipantID, RSID, Name, Date). The Criteria of the ParticipantID is what determines what records to display in this combobox. right now when you click the Referral you want in the 2nd combo box (example: 10 Rick Armstrong 5/11/2012) , After selection it puts only the RSID in the combobox to display.How can I fix this to display everything you selected, but still use the RSID to get the appropriate record.