Universal settings for V-Ray interior rendering

In this tutorial, we will look into the one of the fundamental and, probably, the most controversial and frequently raised subjects in the 3d rendering. It is the rendering engine setup. We will setup the V-Ray renderer for 3ds Max.
What are the best universal settings for V-Ray interior rendering?
How to setup Vray for good exterior renderings?
What is the optimal settings combination for quality V-Ray product visualization?
How to make the basic start AA settings setup for Vray render?

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Lighting and Rendering in V-Ray - Interior
In this tutorial you will learn how to light and set up a realistic render with V-Ray 2.0 and 3ds Max 2011. We will also look at how to use IES lights, set lighting with V-Ray sun and V-Ray sky, use the V-Ray physical camera, and set up your render.

Interior Lighting by using Mental Ray
This video tutorial is created in 3ds max by using Mental Ray. In this 12 minutes video tutorial (without sound) will explain you how to use Sunlight, Skylight in the daylight interior scene and render through mental ray. After rendering in 3ds max color correction in Photoshop. In the end of the tutorial will give you some notes which will help you in achieving realistic results in future projects. Overall, this is very informative tutorial which will explain you everything without a sound.

Speed up V-Ray rendering tutorial
Hello, all V-Ray users!
This tutorial answers the following questions:
- What is adoptability of V-Ray and what are its advantages?
- What is the V-Ray DMC Sampler?
- How does the DMC Sampler work?
- What is the actual number of samples for blurry effects calculation in V-Ray?
- How to setup DMC Sampler?
- What is the difference between the noise threshold and adaptive amount parameters?
- What effects are influenced by global subdivs multiplier?
- How to control the quality of rendering in V-Ray?
- How to speed up V-Ray rendering?
- How to setup V-Ray draft render?

Best V-Ray settings - Indirect illumination
Hello! We are pleased to share with you a new portion of 3d stuff. Continuing the theme of the correct configuration of V-Ray renderer, in this and the following three tutorials, we look into the second important part of V-Ray settings, the Indirect illumination.
To understand the setups of indirect illumination in V-Ray and any other render engine it is worth to find out what is indirect illumination, and why it is important to photo-realistic rendering.

How to avoid the 3ds Max crash when it is not enough RAM Tutorial
This tutorial answers the following questions:
- How to avoid the 3ds Max crash when it is not enough RAM?
- What should I do when V-ray turning off during rendering?
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- How to render the scene with many milloins of polygons?
- How to make computer work faster during rendering?
- What is raycasting and how V-Ray accelerates its work?
- What is BSP tree and how does its structure look like in V-Ray?
- What is the difference between Static Raycaster and Dynamic Raycaster?
- When does V-Ray use paging or swapping?
- How to switch V-Ray for working with dynamic raycaster?
- What are the Vray buckets?
- Why do we need the VRay rendering logs?
- How to change the V-Ray rendering process priority?
- What should I do if V-Ray crashes during the Light Cache calculation?
- How to calculate the best amount for Dynamic Memory Limit?

Using HDRI Maps with VRay and 3ds Max
For most of my rendering work, I use 3ds max 8 and V-Ray 1.5. Although Mental Ray, Brazil, and finalRender all support rendering with HDRIs, I have found V-Ray to be the most intuitive and manageable. However, I will be writing tutorials in the future regarding the use of HDRIs with all the major rendering engines.

Rendering wireframe in V-Ray and Mental Ray
Many of the 3d-artists at least once faced the need or desire to make the wireframe rendering. And they asked questions like: How to render wireframe in V-Ray or Mental Ray? How to perform the isoline render? How to make a shaded mesh rendering? How make a post production to a wireframe rendering? These are the questions this tutorial will answer and will show the easy and usable ways of creating model's mesh renderings.

Lighting and Rendering With Mental Ray
In this beginner's 3ds Max tutorial we're going to illuminate a simple warehouse interior. We'll explore techniques to illuminate the interior through windows only. To keep things simple we'll concentrate on lights that work with Final Gather and leave Global Illumination out of the discussion.

Interior Lighting and Rendering using Vray
This tutorial will cover the interior lighting, materials & rendering (explained color mapping, gamma). This 8 minutes video tutorial will definitely help you.

Simulating Global/Indirect Illumination with Mental Ray
Mental ray, a product of the Mental images, Inc, is the first rendering engine, which simulates the physically correction of the real light and reaction of surfaces to light. Together with Renderman, by PIXAR, mental ray is recognized as an industry-standard rendering software; and has been a major contribution to world-wide design visualization and feature film, including Oscar-awarded.

Illumination Tutorial
There are many different illumination techniques that I teach, on the topic of interior-rendering. This one is quite easy, and will use 2 different kind of lights. One is the MR Spot Light and the other is the photometric Free Area Light. Before we begin, it's very important to inform you that we will use mental ray as a render engine and 3d studio Max 8.

How to install and use V-Ray for 3ds Max.
Introduction to Vray rendering. How to download the Demo. How to purchase Vray. How to install Vray. Basic Vray settings. Create a Vray light room. Also Vray materials, and Camera setup for rendering.

Chair Modeling - Spline Technique
This is a basic tutorial to understand how to use the SPLINES effectively in the field of Interior/Furniture Design. This tutorial is based only on splines. It is very important that your chair has the correct dimensions, otherwise the rendering with Mental Ray will not be optimal.

Rendering a Bead Box with Mental Ray
This tutorial is going to focus on rendering a trinket box and will look at setting up the lights and preparing the scene for rendering.

Architectural Visualization: Living Room: Rendering in mental ray
I decided to write a little article about how I created my interiors. We will look thought the process of rendering one of my last works with super lighting and gorgeous composition that I made in mental ray: “Living Room”

Mental Ray Sun
This tutorial is geared towards showing you how to use the Mental Ray renderer to create really good lighting and skies. First thing we need to do, before we begin, is set Mental Ray as the Rendering engine.

Creating Clay Render with 3ds max 2010 and Mental Ray
In this 3ds Max 2010 video: we’ll take advantage of mental ray’s ProMaterials to create a nice clay render of the interior scene we’ve been working on. By rendering using the technique shown in this video, we can create a clean and clear render that showcases our work in the best light possible, highlighting the depth and details of our modeling work.

Clay render objects in 3ds Max
When you’re just about finished a model in 3ds max, sometimes a quick clay rendering is needed. You might need an early prototype for the model. A clay rendering is very fast (especially compared to Mental Ray or V-Ray, which can take a very long time to render). To set a clay model for rendering, follow the steps below (depending on your version of 3ds max, things might look a bit different).

Rendering a Toy Plane with Mental Ray
This tutorial is going to focus on creating a material for a toy plane, and will also look at setting up the lights and preparing the scene for rendering. The little toy plane featured here was modeled by my friend as an excuse to introduce some of the mental ray techniques in 3ds Max.

Mental ray rendering
3ds Max tutorial: Get the basic idea of mental ray rendering in 3ds max.