This 3D modeling tutorial is about how to create a Table in 3d Studio Max 2011. 3d modeling Tools such as Weld, Target Weld, Extrude, Inset, Chamfer, etc and Smooth modifier will be used.

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Modeling a table
This is another tutorial suited for beginners in 3d studio max. I will model the Brancusi table. First go to the shapes, and select line tool, and then draw the profile of the table. You can draw a rough shape now because this can be adjusted later

Modeling Classic Table
In this tutorial you will learn how to model a detailed classic wooden table. With this tutorial, you can generate a stunning and amazing Wooden Table with 3Ds Max.

Making a kitchen table
Start creating modern style kitchen table: Great tutorial on how to model and create modern style kitchen table.

Detailed table object
If you want to learn or just see how do they make it-click here for the further infos. The table is infect one of the first-to-know examples for the 3D studio max beginners,and so is this overview illustration.

Modeling the mesa table
In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to quickly create the amazing ‘Mesa’ table in 3Ds max. It’s quite a complex piece of furniture with very organic shapes. Fortunately, the modeling is not too difficult and can be done using some very simple tools. Since the table looks so complex, there is no need to fret over the details too much – the most important thing is to get the ‘look’ right.

How to model a Chinese Table Set
In this tutorial i will show you how to create a Chinese Table Set with 3ds Max and Vray. I will model the
, the chopsticks holder, a bowl, a plate, a plateau and a table rug. After you finish this tutorial your image should be similar with the one above. If you follow this tutorial well you should achieve an image like the one above. At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max, .3ds, .obj formats.

Create Realistic Table Fan
3ds max video tutorial: how to model, texture and render a hyper-realistic table fan. Modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing in Photoshop will all be covered in this tutorial.

End Table Model with Texture
In this tutorial, you will use a texture, and map it onto a simple End Table model in 3ds Max. A 1024x1024 TGA bitmap file will be created, containing the original End Table texture and Wood Base Texture. In 3ds max, this model will be unwrapped by the Unwrap UVW modifier. All the parts will be positioned and scaled over the TGA bitmap to create a realistic texture for the 3D model. Watch the tutorial on YouTube.

Antique furniture table
Now in this tutorial we are going to show you how to model a antique furniture table.

Realistic Looking Pool Table
In this 3ds Max video tutorial learn how to create a pool table using real scale values to give a realistic impression using Symmetry modifier and Bend modifier to create a unique design in matter of minutes.

Table cloth modeling tutorial
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a table cloth in 3ds max. You can use this tutorial to create bed sheets, clothes, and anything similar to this.The result of our tutorial...

3d snooker table in 3ds max
How to make a 3d snooker table in 3ds max. I have used following techniques in making of this tutorial.

3d model dining table
This tutorial will teach you model a dining table.

3d dressing table studio tutorial
Here I will tell you about 3ds max 3d model 3d dressing table studio tutorial.

How to model a Table and a Chair
In this 3d modeling tutorial i will show you how to create a Chair and a Table using 3ds Max 2011.
Step 1: In Front viewport from Create, Geometry create a new plane with the Length of 46cm and the Width of 41cm. Set the Length and the Width Segments to 1. Right click on the plane and select Convert to> Convert to Editable Poly.

3d model granite table max studio
This tutorial will show you how to 3d model granite table max studio

3d glass top table model tutorial in 3d max
See how to create a 3d glass top table model in 3d max.

Modeling interior furniture
In this tutorial we will using reference images model different objects which you can find inside any interior by starting with a simple conference table. Starting from a primitive object we will shape the models according our reference picture using poly-modeling technique. Like this we will model overall five models including a conference table and a wardrobe. Using subdivision and smooth modifier we will achieve smooth look of all our models.

3D model table tennis tutorials in 3D max.
Make a 3d model table tennis tutorials in 3D max.

Realistic table cloth cover in 3ds max
How to make a realistic table cloth cover in 3ds max.