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Studio Setup - 3ds Max and Vray Rendering Tutorial

Studio Setup - 3ds Max and Vray Rendering Tutorial
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We will learn how to make a studio render using 3d Studio Max 2011 and Vray(3d rendering engine).
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Creating Studio Light Setup using 3ds Max and Vray - I

The key to render nice and clean product visuals using 3ds Max and VRay is to setup a clean studio environment. You can use a drag and drop environment such as HDR Light Studio to create these visuals. However, if you want to make your product shots different from others, you need to create your own custom studio setup. This tutorial will help you to create your own custom studio light setup using 3ds Max and VRay. This tutorial is written for a broad set of users but it assumes that you have the basic knowledge of 3ds Max and V-Ray. The tutorial is created using 3ds Max 2014 and VRay 3.0.

How to install and use V-Ray for 3ds Max.

Introduction to Vray rendering. How to download the Demo. How to purchase Vray. How to install Vray. Basic Vray settings. Create a Vray light room. Also Vray materials, and Camera setup for rendering.

Lighting Setup And Applying Material And Rendering

Coffee Mug Tutorial In 3ds Max – Part Two – Studio Lighting Setup And Applying Material And Rendering In 3ds Max Using Mental Ray. In this tutorial we are going to learn to setup virtual studio lighting in 3ds Max, create seamless background, apply materials to both background mug object and then render it out using Mental Ray. I have posted final rendered image of the scene for your reference. I hope you will enjoy going through this tutorial, so go ahead and jump into 3ds Max application and get start with studio setup.

Studio Rendering with Vray

In this detailed 4 part tutorial you will learn every step necessary to create your own high quality studio renders with Vray and 3ds Max.

Universal settings for V-Ray interior rendering

In this tutorial, we will look into the one of the fundamental and, probably, the most controversial and frequently raised subjects in the 3d rendering. It is the rendering engine setup. We will setup the V-Ray renderer for 3ds Max.
What are the best universal settings for V-Ray interior rendering?
How to setup Vray for good exterior renderings?
What is the optimal settings combination for quality V-Ray product visualization?
How to make the basic start AA settings setup for Vray render?

New 3ds Max Tutorials

Welcome to our 3ds Max beginner tutorials. Here you will learn 3D modeling, texturing, animation, UVW unwrapping, Vray and Mental Ray rendering.
Autodesk 3ds Max (Formerly named 3D Studio Max), is a 3D modeling computer graphics and animation software. Good for creating 3D models and applying textures and materials. It is used by game developers, TV and movie animation. 3ds Max is also good for rendering 3D images.

Creating Studio Light Setup using 3ds Max and Vray - II

In Part - II, we will: Create chrome shader using V-Ray Material. Set VRay Lights to illuminate the setup. Specify the test and final settings for the VRay renderer.

Studio Lighting for Vehicle Rendering

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup a studio lighting rig that I use mainly for vehicle rendering. Basic to intermediate knowledge of 3DS Max is needed for this tutorial. I will be using 3DS MAX 9 for this tutorial, if you have a different version, your button configuration may be a slightly different. This process will take about 10-30 minutes, depending on your particular skill level.

Vray studio lighting

This is an advanced V-Ray studio lighting tutorial explains the creation and setup for studio lighting, and the use of vray physical cameras within 3ds Max...

Vray 3ds Max Glass Rendering Tutorial

In this 3ds Max tutorial, we will be model and render a wine bottle and glass using VRay. VRay is a powerful renderer, and can produce good visual results.