Realistic Water

This quick 3ds Max tutorial will help you to create realistic water using mental rays Arch and Design material.

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Simple water
Modeling realistic water in 3ds max: So you wanna make some simple, yet realistic water?

Realistic water
Water surface material is not as difficult to make as many people suppose. You just have to know a few tips, and you will find them here.

Mental Ray Water Surface
This tutorial will guide you to achieving a fairly realistic open water effect which can even be animated, using the ‘Ocean’ shader from the Lume Library.

Ocean Water in 3ds max
In this tutorial you'll learn to create very realistic ocean water and waves in 3d studio max.

Creating a Realistic Sea with Houdini Ocean
In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a realistic animated ocean surface in 3d Studio Max using the Houdini Ocean modifier, part of the free Houdini Ocean Toolkit (Hot4Max). Creating realistic waves and other water surfaces can be extremely difficult to achieve in 3D, but with the integration of this fantastic plugin, you'll be rendering out realistic ocean scenes in no time!

Vray water material
It is a basic Vray material tutorial, teaching you how to create realistic water material in Vray.

3D Water - The Ocean
In this 3ds Max tutorial we're going to create a 3d water surface that could be a lake, a sea, or an ocean. The 3d water is illuminated with the Daylight system. It might sound complicated but it's actually pretty simple (at least in 3ds max 2010) since the default settings work so well.

Advanced water
So you want to make some water that reflects the objects in the scene?

Dynamic Water
Want to quickly animate cool water effects? This is the tutorial for you! Learn how to create great surface disturbances that can interact with other objects in your scene - it has to be seen to be believed!

Reflecting And Refracting
3ds max tutorial for water reflection: Learn how to create reflection and refraction in water.

How to depict water in motion
Water is transparent, but will refract light passing through it, distorting and reflecting the light in weird ways. It will reflect light from every direction and focus it, causing bright specular highlights as well.

Modeling and Texturing a Water Tower
In this 3d Max tutorial, I'll guide you through the process of modelling and texturing an old water tower model with UVing.

Create a Cool Ice Planet Of Zentar Prime
I created this scene in 3DS Max with some help of Photoshop. Ice planets are mostly made of solid ice, or freezing water with ice chunks or frozen land masses floating in the freezing water.

BlobMesh: Simulating Water
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use BlobMesh, or metaballs as they are commonly called, to make a fountain of water. BlobMesh is a new feature of 3ds max 6 that's essentially metaballs.

Ragdoll and Reactor Water
Create a water object from the reactor toolbar in the top viewport and make the subdivisions to 50 x 50. Increase the Min ripple and Max ripple values to higher number, I choose 30 and 500 respectively. Turning on depth is not necessary for this tutorial but if you creating a wakes from a moving boat then its good that you enable the depth.

Boat Wakes in 3ds max
This tutorial will teach you how to create water wakes in 3ds max 6+, to simulate a boat moving through water.

In this tutorial we'll be looking at techniques for using textures and materials to create realistic objects.

Realistic Texturing
In this tutorial we'll be looking at techniques for using textures and materials to create realistic objects.

Render Wireframe in 3ds Max Tutorial
This tutorial wasn’t basically just meant for rendering wireframe. We needed to create a series of Polygonal Water wave tutorials in Aftereffects and Photoshop. So for the purpose of the tutorials, we required 3d rendered polygonal water wave with wireframe. We thought it what be great if we bring that process in shape of a tutorial.

How To Make A Realistic Wooden Box
How To Make A Realistic Wooden Box in 3ds Max. This Tutorial is a modeling tutorial of how to model a realistic wooden box. If you ever wanted to make a wooden box realistic like one in a where house, this is the right tutorial.