Modeling an offroad tire + rim

In this tutorial i will show you how to model an offroad tire with an offroad rim. Its a very easy tutorial. I will also show you how to make the same model of tire but "low poly".

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Modeling a rim wheel
In this video tutorial for Autodesk 3ds Max i will show you how to model a tire rim. We will start by placing a reference picture inside 3ds Max environment and creating a cylinder like a primitive from which we will start to model. Step by step using poly-modeling technique we will create the details and holes on the middle part of the rim and moving to the outer shape. At last we will connect them together and apply subdivision for a smooth end result.

Modeling a Volk rim
In this tutorial Andrei Cornea will explain you how to model a Volk racing wheel in 3DS Max 2012. We will use a blueprint of this rim. So, in a short resume you will learn how to model a rim and also how to model a rim using a blueprint.

Modeling Car Tire
Learn how to model a tire with threads. You'll have to know some basis of Rhino. But still easy to follow.

Modeling a Volk rim - Part 2
In this tutorial Andrei Cornea will explain you how to model a Volk racing wheel in 3DS Max 2012. Step 41: Now attach them back .Having the rim selected, press the “Attach button” then click on the detached part of the rim. Why are we doing this?

Modeling a whell rim
How to model a BBS LM rim. During this tutorial, it is a very simple tutorial, which can be followed by any beginner because I have made a lot of images to help you to understand how it works. Below you have the reference image that we are using...

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This tutorial will show you how to model car rim. This is a beginner mag wheel tutorial, time required for finishing is about an hour.

Rubber Tire
See how you can create a rubber tire in 3D studio max,and learn the steps of its process. For both computer and cars fans this is an excellent opportunity you`ve been waiting for. Create a rubber tire by following the steps given in this 3D studio max tutorial and bring it together with your own sense of creativity.

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In this tutorial we will cover the following topics...

Modeling the Bottle
Modeling the Bottlecap
Modeling the Label
Modeling the Lemon
Modeling the Salt Shaker
Modeling the Waterdrops
Lighting and Rendering

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3ds Max tutorial: Learn the texturing techniques by texturing a car tire.

How to Make 3D Wheel and Rim - 3ds-max Video Tutorial
This tutorial explains the 3D model processing of Wheel in very detailed approach. This modeling is not difficult we are making this with very basic and common techniques. Hopefully you will like this and learn from this.

How to model a 3D car tire
This tutorial will show you how to model a 3D tire. To model a tire in 3ds Max is not hard either. Creating the model in 3ds Max starts out as a Cylinder object, and is modeled in low polygon mode with tight edge loops. A TurboSmooth modifier is applied, and the hard edges keep their shape. Only one half of the model is worked on. Then a Symmetry modifier is used to mirror both halves together. The wheel hub polygons are Detached as Elements. Then in Mental Ray, the rubber and chrome materials can be applied and rendered. This 3D graphic can be seen up at the top right.

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3ds Max tutorial: Make a tire which looks real by making its treads.

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This is a tutorial about modeling a cartoon duck. The modeling technique is spline modeling. The model is constructed in 3D Studio MAX by using splines. The model will get its final form when Surface modifier and Meshsmooth modifier is added to it. Why this kind of modeling technique? Nowadays polygon modeling seems to be the standard for character modeling. I think that polygon.

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Hi and welcome to another ball 3d modeling lesson. In this 3d modeling tutorial i will show your how to model a basketball ball using 3d Max 2011. We will cover only the 3d modeling process so the image on the left it's only for preview. Let's start 3d modeling.

Modeling a soda an
This 3d modeling tutorial will show you how to create a very detailed Soda Can in 3ds Max 2011. The shape of the Can is similar to those of energy drinks. The most used 3d modeling tools will be Chamfer, Extrude, Bevel and Inset. Modifiers like Turbosmooth and Shell will also be used. So, let's start this 3d modeling lesson.

Female Body Modeling: Part 1
These tutorial will cover the female body modeling from setting up the references, low poly body modeling, hand and foot modeling to completion. This video series is divided in 3 parts.

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