Metal Materials

In this tutorial we'll explain how to make 3 realistic metal materials (steel, gold and chrome) without using any additional plug-ins.

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Basic Materials & Lighting
This tutorial will be focused on teaching the basics of using and creating materials in 3ds Max. To begin, the main thing that I want to express is that in order to discern materials in a 3D scene, you have to have lighting. You can’ simply avoid this step. You should have at least a basic lighting rig setup that comes close to the scene that you will be using. How else will you be able to tweak the parameters of the materials if you do not know how light is affecting your object?

Adding Wooden Materials
Enter here and enjoy the moments of upholstering the furniture in 3D studio max. Upgrade your knowledge of adding materials to your objects. Make chairs and tables in 3D studio and bring it up to higher level by adding different materials on them.

Render 3ds Max Materials in Mental Ray
Applying and rendering Mental Ray Materials for 3ds Max is easy once you finish reading this tutorial. You will learn the fundamentals of Mental Ray and Standard Materials that you can apply on your models.

Modeling glowing materials
How to create a glowing material through Architectural and Standard materials. Additionally it will explain how to use the Glare shader to improve glow effects

Multi Material
In this tutorial I will show you the basics of Multi/Sub-Object materials, a feature that allows you to map different materials on a single object.

Brushed metal using procedurals
In this tutorial we'll be making a brushed metal. It will focus both on the procedurals used and on the Raytrace material together with Shellac in 3ds max.

Metal Tearing with Bullets
In this 24 min tutorial, you will learn how to tear the metal through bullets or any object using particle flow in 3ds Max. Dont forget to rate and comment. Hope you will like this video tutorial.

Presenting a Brand
When designing an identity and brand materials for a client, good presentation is crucial! In the second and final part of his 3Ds Max tutorial learn how to light, apply materials to and render the models we previously created in Day 1, before completing post-production within Photoshop.

Apply Multiple Materials to an Object
An easy-to-follow, beginner oriented, tutorial that will help you assign multiple, distinct materials to a single object. This can prove to be useful when dealing with large objects, that feature multiple sub-elements.

Livingroom Lighting and Rendering using Maxwell Renderer
In this tutorial we’ll investigate the render and lightning adjustment for neo-classical room design. At first place, activate the maxwell render and then set the materials in the material editor as maxwell materials.

Presenting a Brand using 3ds Max
When designing an identity and brand materials for a client, good presentation is crucial! In this tutorial, author takes us through how to model the different items usually involved in the branding process including Lighting, Applying Materials, Studio Settings, Rendering and Exporting, and finally the Post Production.

Worn, Painted Metal Surface
Here I will show you how I create a painted metal surface worn by time with paint chipping off, revealing older paintwork underneath.

Lighting and Materials inside 3ds Max
This video tutorial will throw light from basic settings of Lighting and Materials to final render. This approx. 1 hour series will help you in refining your skills. Giorgio live and dream in Genova and was born in 1975 (Gemini). Love art, reading, drawing and the smell of the place where live after the rain.

Rusty Metal Barrel
I'm going to show you how to make a pretty old and rusted metal. The first step of making a barrel in 3DS Max is to click on Create > Cylinder. (located in the top right corner) Then create a cylinder of any size to start with, and with the cylinder selected change the Parameters on the right of the screen to the following...

Particle Planting: plant stadium chairs with different materials
This tutorial deals with Particle Flow in 3D Studio MAX in conneciton with a little MAX Scripting. And we will plant 44000 stadium chairs with 4 different materials. I will try to explain each and every part so beginners can easily follow.

V-ray studio lighting tutorial series PART5_Vray Materials
Advance V-Ray studio lighting tutorial from that explains the creation and setup for the studio lighting, and the usage of vray physical cameras within 3d Max. Here in this fifth part, we will create some materials and explain the material parameters assign them to objects and make test renders

Modern Materials of the Product & Industrial Design Field
Car paint is one of the favourite materials of the industrial design students. You can use it for any product design, especially for mobile phones, mp3 players, bikes....or simply for a concept car. There are many different types of car paints. The most trendy one is the metalized car paint with two specular highlights

3dsmax 3d metal angle model tutorial.
Hello friends I will show how create a 3dsmax 3d metal angle model tutorial.

How to import materials and textures
This is a very short tutorial. I will explain how you can import vray materials/textures in 3DS Max. We will start with a material. After you have download it, open the “material editor” in 3ds max then click on “get material button”..

Improve 3ds Max workflow: Getting the most out of the slate material editor
Before the release of 3ds Max 2010, users were restricted to a material editor which did indeed enable you to edit materials but it was cumbersome to navigate around. There was no way to see your materials in their entirety; instead you had to laboriously navigate through levels of maps and settings, never quite sure how it all fitted together! In this tutorial I will give you the building blocks to enable you to build the bridge between the old compact editor and the slate editor. Let's dive in.