Mesh Modeling 2 of 3

In this second part of my mesh modeling tutorial, we'll bring the knowledge picked up from the first part to use inside Max.

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Mesh Modeling 1 of 3
In this tutorial I will explain the techniques and concepts behind mesh modeling as I do it. It will be from the basics and up, so that even a beginner can get the hang of it.

Prop Modeling Project 2 - Wine Barrel Modeling
For the second project in the 'Prop Modeling 101' series, we'll start working on a detailed wine barrel model. In part one, we'll start out with a basic primitive shape and use modifiers to quickly shape it into a base mesh for our barrel. Once we have the correct shape made, we'll look at a way we can break it up into separate boards. We'll discuss different techniques to use when working with high poly geometry verses low poly geometry. We'll cover mesh clean up and discuss some tips on getting everything into quads. We'll also cut a hole through the side of the barrel, add a plug, lid and bottom and finish off the wooden portion of our barrel off by UV mapping everything.

Making of 3d Virtual Beer
In this tutorial we will cover the following topics...

Modeling the Bottle
Modeling the Bottlecap
Modeling the Label
Modeling the Lemon
Modeling the Salt Shaker
Modeling the Waterdrops
Lighting and Rendering

Modeling Hair Dryer
In this tutorial I am going to model a hair dryer in 3ds max. In this tutorial we learn about mesh smooth and edge usage in mesh smooth. Ok, then let’s star

Mesh Modeling 3 of 3
Here's some tricks when it comes to mapping your model.

Speed Modeling a Head in 3ds Max 2010
In this video author shows us a "speed modeling" of a head, starting from a plane. This technique is especially useful when you have a good reference and your model in mind, because you can go directly to the final mesh and define each element of the face and its topology.

3ds max head tutorial using Spline Cage
Modeling the human head / skull in 3ds Max is not that hard to do. This tutorial will teach you the basics of Spline Cage modeling of a human skull using background pictures in 3ds Max. The process is the same for modeling a head. Draw a Spline using the Line tool. Make rough front and side outlines, and start building the Spline Cage using the Refine Connect tool. Then apply a Surface modifier to add skin to the skull. After the half mesh is complete, convert the object to an Editable Poly for further refining. Make a Clone Copy of the half mesh and Weld the two halves together to make one object. Add a Shell modifier to give inner thickness to the object. Finally, Extrude the teeth poly's out a bit, and add a TurboSmooth modifier.

Modelling a Duck in 3ds max
This is a tutorial about modeling a cartoon duck. The modeling technique is spline modeling. The model is constructed in 3D Studio MAX by using splines. The model will get its final form when Surface modifier and Meshsmooth modifier is added to it. Why this kind of modeling technique? Nowadays polygon modeling seems to be the standard for character modeling. I think that polygon.

Modeling a basketball - tutorial
Hi and welcome to another ball 3d modeling lesson. In this 3d modeling tutorial i will show your how to model a basketball ball using 3d Max 2011. We will cover only the 3d modeling process so the image on the left it's only for preview. Let's start 3d modeling.

Modeling a soda an
This 3d modeling tutorial will show you how to create a very detailed Soda Can in 3ds Max 2011. The shape of the Can is similar to those of energy drinks. The most used 3d modeling tools will be Chamfer, Extrude, Bevel and Inset. Modifiers like Turbosmooth and Shell will also be used. So, let's start this 3d modeling lesson.

Female Body Modeling: Part 1
These tutorial will cover the female body modeling from setting up the references, low poly body modeling, hand and foot modeling to completion. This video series is divided in 3 parts.

Bicycle Fork - 3DS Max Modeling Tutorial
This is the first part of a 3d modeling tutorial series that will cover the process of 3d modeling a bicycle using 3ds Max 2015. I will post a new 3d modeling tutorial in a few days that will cover the modeling process of the bicycle frame. So stay tuned. Now, let's start this 3d modeling tutorial.

3ds Max tutorial - Volleyball modeling
This is another ball 3d modeling tutorial. So, from this 3d modeling lesson you will learn how to create a volleyball ball in 3ds Max 2011. We will cover only the 3d modeling process since the materials i've used are pretty basic ones with Noise added for Bump Map. Let's start 3d modeling:

Character Modeling: Specular Map Painting
I have decided to take the initiative and create a small tutorial on visualising specular values on a ZBrush mesh. Mudbox 2009 will have this, too, but I want to demonstrate how to see different specular values that will look proper in a renderer, such as Mental Ray.

Making a Sideshow Bob
Conceptualization is most important. because at this moment we are very clear that what we are going to construct... soon to pass the modeling and to be constructing mesh base on the concept, is something as well as one devises in a design project. If you dont have this, you dont have nothing.. Definitively it not going to work... the idea is the Motor of all project and without this, believe me not going to arrive at any port. It is here where all the questions, are answered.

Bowl modeling tutorial
Here's another 3d Modeling tutorial. Today we will learn how to create a bowl from a cylinder. I've used this technique because we already covered the Lathe modifier in previous tutorials. The image on the left it's only for preview, we will not cover the texturing process, just the 3d modeling part. Comment if you get in any problems and i will help you. So let's start modeling

Body Modeling - Modeling with Meshsmooth
Modeling with Meshsmooth: This article gives a basic overview of how I created my 3D anime character.

Assembling the Bicycle - 3ds Max Modeling Tutorial
Hello, hello people. In this 3d modeling part we will assemble the bicycle. This will be the last part of the modeling process for the bicycle. In this 3d modeling tutorial we will have steps where you will need to apply the knowledge you've learned so far because it will not be a step by step tutorial. Let's start this last part of this 3d modeling tutorial series.

Female Body Modeling: Part 3
These tutorial will cover the female body modeling from setting up the references, low poly body modeling, hand and foot modeling to completion. This video series is divided in 3 parts. In this final part learn how to attach the model parts and how to give detailing to some areas.

Box Modeling Awesomeness!
In this tutorial to learn how to begin modeling a face with the box modeling method.