Simple Meshing - Part 1

I wanted to write this guide to show you how much you can do with 3D Studio Max. You can easily get lost in this program with its nearly limitless options. This guide will cover a few simple ways of creating an object. It covers the basic, simple steps used to creating more complex Meshes and Textures. Since this is a guide on Simple meshing, UV mapping and textures are also covered. For more detailed guides, continue on to part 2 and 3 of this guide.

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Bambi chair tutorial
Here’s my last tutorial for this year – a ‘bambi’ chair for kids! It’s pretty simple to make and the most time consuming part is making the furry seat. I’ve split this tutorial in 2 parts: 1st part covers the basic modeling, 2nd part deals with the fur and materials.

3ds max character rigging tutorial
This is the fourth tutorial in my four part series dealing with character animation. These tutorials are targeted for beginners wanting to learn the basics of modeling, uvw mapping, texturing, rigging, and creating a cute 3d monster. In this fourth part we’re dealing with character rigging. You’ll learn the basics of using the Morpher and Skin modifiers to manipulate and deform a simple character. Character rigging can be a tough subject for beginners but I’ll do my best to keep things as simple as possible.

TutsFox - Modeling Cute Cartoon Bear Part 1
From my experience, designing in 3ds max doesn't always meant to create high detailed amazing creature or else. Many designers make a living only by creating logos or creating something simple or funny like the one I explained in this tutorial. In this tutorial I will show you how to model simple but cute cartoon bear. Here, I am just using simple primitives and modifiers.

Pinbox:part 1 - Modelling
In this two part tutorial on creating a pinbox model, I will show you how to go about modeling the main item from the frame to the pins, then I will conclude with showing you all how to animate it in part two. So let’s get down to it.

TutsFox - Modeling Cute Cartoon Bear Part 2
In Part 1 tutorial, you have created basic head object. Now, in this tutorial you are going to add eyes, nose, and eyebrows. Also you will create body. All are created using simple primitives. 1. To create eye, use Sphere. Scale, stretch, and position in its location. To create another eye, select sphere, and move while holding Shift to clone.

Grandad's Comfy Chair
This tutorial is for beginners very simple to follow and we should all hopefully get chairs that look like this. We continue our 'furniture' series with this nice, comfy and modern-looking armchair. Although it may seem pretty simple, there are some specific issues, especially concerning the back part of the chair, that you will notice in this tutorial.

Create a Game Ready Fire Extinguisher with 3D Studio Max: Part 3
In this part of the tutorial, we will learn how to unwrap the low poly fire extinguisher model. UV Mapping is a major part of the video game pipeline, as many different things depend on it. A perfect unwrap is the combination of various tricks and techniques, which we will go over now.

Soft shadows
The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to create a simple light setup that simulates the shadow part of global illumination and casts nice shadows on a plane for web graphics.

Making and Preparing a Rock Arch for a Game Engine: Part Two
In this part of the tutorial I will cover how to import and visualize your model in UDK (Unreal Development Toolkit

Simple transformers effect tutorial in 3ds Max
This tutorial is about creating a simple transformers effect inside 3ds Max. This 20 minutes long video tutorial focuses from Animation to Rendering. Modeling and Texture are not covered in this tutorial because of lack of time. But we will surely bring a new tutorial where we will cover the modelling part as well. For this tutorial we used two stock models of Mobile Phones and adjusted and textured the models to our needs. For users we are providing a link to the MAX file (version: 2009), so that you can continue along the tutorial.

Mp3 Player Modeling
Part 1 - Modeling the Mp3 Player
Hi guys. Finally i finished the first part of this tutorial. Today i will show you how to create an Mp3 Player using 3ds Max 2011. In this first part i will only cover the 3d modeling process of the Mp3 Player's body. In the next parts we will learn how to make the earphones, create materials, texture the screen and make a studio setup.

Soccer ball texturing tutorial
This is the second part of my latest tutorial and I will explain how to texture the soccer ball that we have made earlier. First, make that simple shape like on picture (I showed you in previous tutorial).

Assembling the Bicycle - 3ds Max Modeling Tutorial
Hello, hello people. In this 3d modeling part we will assemble the bicycle. This will be the last part of the modeling process for the bicycle. In this 3d modeling tutorial we will have steps where you will need to apply the knowledge you've learned so far because it will not be a step by step tutorial. Let's start this last part of this 3d modeling tutorial series.

Creating a Next-Gen Video Game Hot Rod: the Complete Workflow: Part 1
In this first part of the series, Laurens takes you through the first planning and design steps, such as gathering inspiration, collecting reference, and fleshing out the idea, and then demonstrates how to get started with the first rough blockout of the model.

Advanced Poly Modeling - Tassimo T-65 Home Brewing Station: Part 3
In part 3 of the series, we’ll continue to refine the overall shape of the main components and do additional mesh cleanup to finalize some of the elements. This includes removing unneeded edges, edge termination techniques and adding supporting geometry to ensure correct smoothing. In the later stages of part 3, we'll also construct one of the Tassimo's most difficult pieces. This section focuses on seamlessly connecting one cylindrical mesh to another and some ways this can be achieved using a combination of cutting, snapping and welding.

Making of together forever + hdri rendering tutorial
Its a personal project and I will share you with the steps that you need to do to make a similar project. In this tutorial I will also tell you how to use hdri to make your light in your renders, and what settings you need to do. I didn't explain the modeling part because there are just simple objects that you need to do.

The Lantern
3Ds Max 3 part tutorial series covering all of the processes involved in creating The Lantern. In first part we through the modelling process, taking a look at not only traditional poly modelling, but also how we can use splines to speed up your workflow when tackling more complex geometry.

Animate text using MassFX
In this video tutorial, you use MassFX to animate text through the magic of Dynamics simulation. The project you’ll work on is simple, yet effective, where you will make text crumble under the influence of an earthquake. In this Part 1 movie, you create a scene with two lines of text and get it ready to be animated using MassFX.

Rayfire Basic Part 1
In this tutorial we will learn Basic of rayfire. In part one we will talk about different types of objects in rayfire and also about dead object feature in rayfire.

Simple Abstract Shapes
A simple tutorial on how to create a simple abstract shape in 3d studio max.