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How to create glossy text effects
In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create glossy text effects in Photoshop by using the Brush Tool and applying some layer styles. Here’s the effect we’ll be creating:

Creating Double Exposure Photographs Tutorials
In the Photoshop tutorials, we will learn about creating double exposure photographs in Photoshop. Double exposure photography has become very popular nowadays. The feature even comes built-in in some digital cameras. Creating your own double exposure photography effect in Photoshop is very simple.

How to make lego mosaic portrait
How to Make Lego Mosaic Portrait in Photoshop: In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to make Lego mosaic portrait from any photo in Photoshop. Here’s the effect we’ll be creating:

Glass tumbler: Materials, Lighting, Studio Setup and Rendering
This is part two of tutorial series on creating glass tumbler using Cinema 4D. In this part of the tutorial I will show you how to create a suitable material and apply the same to the object and also use advanced lighting effect, setup a studio scene and finally render the scene. I got a photorealistic rendered image which I have posted below for your reference. So let us go ahead and jump into Cinema 4D application.

Modeling glass bottle tutorial
Modeling Glass Bottle Tutorial In Cinema 4D – Part One – Modeling: In last tutorial we learned how to create a glass tumbler and in this tutorial which I divided into parts one which deals with modeling aspect and other with rendering. I choose ‘Simple Glass Bottle’ as the reference image to create the bottle model in this part. We shall learn how to create the outline sketch of the reference image of the bottle using ‘Adobe Illustrator’ and then we shall import the illustrator file into Cinema 4D and then use ‘Lathe’ tool finish modeling. I have posted the image of the final model below for your reference. So let us jump into Adobe Illustrator and start creating the outline sketch for modeling the bottle.

Creating glass bottle tutorial - applying materials, lights etc.
Creating Glass Bottle Tutorial In Cinema 4D – Part Two – Applying Materials, Lights, Studio Setup And Rendering Scene. Hello and welcome back, this is the second part of tutorial series on creating glass bottle using Cinema 4D application. In this part of the tutorial we are going to learn how to setup studio, apply material to the glass bottle object and apply lighting to the scene to get photorealistic rendered image of the scene. I have posted the final rendered image of the scene for your reference. So let us go ahead start with this tutorial.

Modeling Coffee Mug Tutorial
In this tutorial we are going to learn how to model a coffee mug using 3ds Max application. Starting with we shall use basic Cylinder Primitive Object and then we create the mug by modifying the same. We have posted the final image of the model below for your reference. So let us jump into 3ds Max application and start modeling mug...

Lighting Setup And Applying Material And Rendering
Coffee Mug Tutorial In 3ds Max – Part Two – Studio Lighting Setup And Applying Material And Rendering In 3ds Max Using Mental Ray. In this tutorial we are going to learn to setup virtual studio lighting in 3ds Max, create seamless background, apply materials to both background mug object and then render it out using Mental Ray. I have posted final rendered image of the scene for your reference. I hope you will enjoy going through this tutorial, so go ahead and jump into 3ds Max application and get start with studio setup.

Java Code Examples for javax.annotation.Nonnull
The following code examples are extracted from open source projects. You can click to vote up the examples you like. The votes will be used to predict good API usage examples and more good examples will be extracted based on the votes.

Findbugs warnings by example - @Nonnull and @CheckReturnValue
This tutorial describes selected warnings of Findbugs with Java sample code. Here JSR305 related (@Nonnull and @CheckReturnValue) warnings of FindBugs are in the center of attention. The following 3 warnings are covered in this article:

Java Using null annotations
NullPointerException is one of the most common causes for failure of Java programs. In the simplest cases the compiler can directly warn you when it sees code like this: Object o = null; String s = o.toString();
With branching / looping and throwing exceptions quite sophisticated flow analysis becomes necessary in order to figure out if a variable being de-referenced has been assigned a null / non-null value on some or all paths through the program.

10 tips to improve your black and white photography
In a world of color, sometimes you just can’t beat a strong black and white image. Black and white photography can be an amazing tool to conveying a mood, story, or statement to your viewers. While a color portrait can tell a story too, the absence of color in black and white imagery often presents a much stronger impact. Here are a few tips for creating strong black and white photographs:

CSS Media Queries
Media queries are great, and since CSS 2 they've paved the way for responsive web design. The problem many designers now face is remembering all the different media queries for different devices. Below is a collection of my most used media queries.

Create unique photo effect with abstract brushes and coloring techniques
In this tutorial, I will show you the processes I used to create this unique photo effect with abstract brushes and coloring techniques in Photoshop. We will also go through some interesting layer blending and filter tricks, to achieve the final effect. Have a try!

Code for creating forgot password feaature in any website
Most of the websites will require the users to register them for getting username/password which can be used for logging into their website. It is very common that the users forget their password. So, the websites should allow the users to receive their password into their email using forgot password link available in the login page.

How to change attribute of an HTML tag using javascript
Normally we will set values for attributes of HTML tag during design time. But each user will be expecting different values. For example “scrollamount=’2′” set in marquee tag may not be suitable for all users. Some people will expect more speed of scrolling and some other will expect slow movement.

Capture and Validate Multi-Value Form Data
When writing HTML form, form element such as and are used for capturing multi-value data. Learn how to capture and validate multi-value form data in PHP

Introduction and Installation: JavaFX Tutorial
This is the first in a series of video tutorials on JavaFX, the Java GUI toolkit that’s set to replace Swing. You can use JavaFX to create desktop applications, or applications that run in a browser. In this tutorial we’re just going to talk about what JavaFX is and what you need to install to get started with developing JavaFX apps.

Coding a basic "hello world" JavaFX application
This is a tutorial on coding a basic “hello world” JavaFX application. We’ll take a look at scenes, nodes and the stage and create a simple window to get started with JavaFX. We’re going to move on in the next tutorials to look at Scene Builder, actions and stylesheets. At the moment I’m not sure what direction future tutorials will take, but we’ll certainly build a little demo application of some sort, and it might be interesting to investigate 3D graphics, who knows …

Introducing JavaFX Scene Builder
In this tutorial we’ll start looking at Scene Builder, JavaFX’s excellent visual design tool. We won’t actually do much with it yet, but we’ll get started with looking at how to use it to design a very simple cat-based user interface.