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Stop automatic driver updates

We already know that OS updates are obligatory for all Windows Home users and can be deferred for different periods of time for those on Windows 10 Professional & Enterprise. Part of those supposed mandatory downloads and installs have been driver updates for the third party hardware on computer systems. While it is great that OEMs and third party hardware manufacturers are providing more of their drivers through Windows Update in Windows 10, there are many times these drivers may not be the best option for some users.

Useful Tips for Using Task View and Multiple Desktops

Windows 10’s new task view and virtual desktops features are popular with Windows 10 users, but there are some deficiencies in its usability. The tips in this video will make it a bit easier to use multiple desktops in Windows 10.

Windows 10 stuck at log in screen after upgrade

Some users who upgraded to Windows 10 are reporting that their PC is now stuck at the log in screen. In some cases, the field to enter the password is missing, in other cases the keyboard is missing or the password is not being accepted. In yet a related case, the mouse just appear on a blank black screen with the blue spinning circle. If you are facing such issues, read on.

Change desktop icons view in Windows 10 to Details and List view

Today, lets have a look at how we can change desktop icons view in Windows 10 to Large, Small, and even Details and List view – as they appear in File Explorer in Windows 10. On your Windows desktop, we place icon shortcuts to our oft-accessed programs, files and folders. While the default icons view is that they are displayed as icons in Medium size, there are other ways too, that icons can be displayed. Today, lets have a look at how we can change desktop icons view in Windows 10 to Large, Small, and even Details and List view – as they appear in File Explorer in Windows 10.

How to search for files in Windows 10 with Cortana

A quick way to get to your files in your Windows 10 PC is by using Cortana's search feature. Sure, you can use File Explorer and go browse through multiple folders, but searching will probably be faster. Cortana can search your PC and the web from the taskbar to find help, apps, files, and settings. We'll show you how.

Disable Notifications and Action Center

Microsoft decided to completely remove Charms Bar from the new Windows 10 operating system. To replace Charms Bar, Microsoft added a new program "Action Center" or "Notification Center" to Windows 10 which works like the Notification Center present in Google Android or Windows Phone devices...

What’s new for business analytics in Excel 2016

Today we unbox Excel 2016’s new and improved business analytics features, so you can take full advantage of each capability as it applies to your unique business needs. Excel 2016 improvements have been designed with the analyst’s journey in mind, from gathering to consuming data: Before analysis can begin, you must be able to bring in the data relevant to the business question you are trying to answer. Excel 2016 now comes with built-in functionality that brings ease and speed to getting and transforming your data—allowing you to find and bring all the data you need into one place.

How to Manage Users

Windows 8 is the first Windows to introduce Microsoft accounts that allow you to sync your settings and files between different computers. Windows 10 expanded this feature this feature by allowing you to customize your accounts even more, and today we’ll explain you how to manage users in Windows 10.

How to Upgrade Devices With Low Storage Space

Upgrading to new operating system isn’t always easy, and you might have some concerns about hardware requirements. One common question that many users have is how to install Windows 10 on devices with little free disk space or small hard drive, but worry not, we’re going to explain you how to do it.

How to Delete a Bundled App Individually

Sometimes there are apps that you barely or don’t even use at all, and just like the previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 comes with many pre-installed Universal apps. When you have so many bundled apps, you probably aren’t using all of them regularly and for some reason you might want to remove some of them. If that’s the case, today is your lucky day because we’re going to teach you how to remove a bundled Windows 10 app individually.

How to quickly shut down

Another version of Windows, another silly three-click process just to shut down your PC. Here are some faster alternatives. It must be a point of pride in Redmond that even after all these years, you still have to click "Start" to shut down your computer. Granted, the Start button is no longer labeled that way, having evolved into a Windows-logo button back in Vista. But that's still what it's called, and still how Microsoft refers to it. So even in Windows 10, you have to click "Start" to shut down your PC. Then you click Power, and finally Shut Down.

How to create multiple Windows 10 user accounts on a single PC

Would you like to share your Windows 10 PC or tablet with someone but are worried about them having access to all your personal files and social media accounts? With multiple accounts on Windows 10, you can, without worrying about prying eyes.

How to create hard drive partitions

So why do we need to partition our drives? It can be for a variation for reasons, keeping things organized, creating a backup and recovery partition or just somewhere to put all the files you don’t want cluttering up your OS install drive. We all want that part of the drive set aside for a certain group of filesl Let’s get to it then, how do we do set it up? I have made a video showing you how you can accomplish this on Windows. You can also continue reading to see my step by step instructions.

Unable to Activate Halo 2

Windows 10 is new operating system, and like with any other new operating system there have to be some incompatibility issues with older software. Speaking of older software and compatibility issues some users have reported that they can’t activate Halo 2 on Windows 10, so let’s see how can we fix that.

Enable And Sync iCloud Photos

Here’s a step by step guide on how to enable and sync iCloud Photos to your Windows 10 PC. This will not only enable you to see photos from your iPhone or iPad on your Windows 10 computer, but will also enable you to add new photos from your Windows PC which you can see on your iOS device.

Windows 10's 'secret' Start menu

It's not really a secret, but it is a convenient way to access important features. Guess what? Windows 10 has a "secret" Start menu. I say "secret," because it's not really a secret -- it's not something you have to turn on, it's just a little trick that makes accessing important features, such as the Command Prompt, the Control Panel and the Task Manager much easier.

How to install apps from the Windows Store

Windows 10 comes with built-in apps that can help you socialize, stay in touch, share and view documents, organize photos, listen to music, and more, but you can find even more apps in the Windows Store. There are also many great apps that are free, so you don't have to spend any money if you don't want to. If you're new to Windows 10, we'll show you how to install apps from the Windows Store.

4 overblown Windows 10 worries

Does Microsoft's new OS really endanger your privacy and security? We examine the four top concerns about Windows 10 -- and what you can do about them. Not long after Windows 10 was released late last month, it received a different kind of publicity than Microsoft wanted -- concerns about everything from its privacy practices to fears about a new feature called Wi-Fi Sense to unhappiness with the way updates are delivered, and more.

Slowing Down my Computer

Microsoft has promised improved performance with Windows 10, and even though many users report improved performance some are claiming that Windows 10 has slowed down their system, so let’s explore this issue. Just like any other Windows system, Windows 10 is vulnerable to viruses, so make sure that your system is clean.

Beautiful tribute to the talented Loish

I decided to make this model in ZBrush and 3ds Max. To start I needed a nice topological mesh for the head, so I started by creating polys for the main facial features; the eyes, lips, and shape of nose. I was looking to perform good topology for this model, I didn't want it to be ugly! To add the little extras such as eyelids, ears, and eyelashes, I exported the model by GoZ from 3ds Max to ZBrush; and deformed the polys by using the Standard, Move, Topological and Smooth brushes.