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Quick Tip for Using a Reflection Bounce Card

There are a few ways that you can get that bounce card look in your renders. You can easily use an IBL or reflected environment that uses and HDR. The problem with that is that it will be really difficult to aim the thing to get the reflections exactly where you want them. Of course you can simply create a reflective bounce card out of a polygon plane, but while aiming the plane, you might find that you will be able to see where the card ends in the animation, depending on the angles.

Holiday Card with Adobe Capture

It's that time again, the most wonderful time of the year, at least that's what the old song says. I love the holidays, and Abduzeedo was born at this time back in 2006, which makes me even more nostalgic. But the reason of this post is not to talk about the past but to showcase a tutorial that illustrates the future at least in terms of how mobile tools can be incorporated in your design process replacing old things like scanners.

Animating For Video Games, Creating a Jump Animation

James shows the animation process for a couple of scenarios which include a standing jump animation and a moving one as well. James discusses considerations that need to be taken into account all of the different ways a jump animation can be featured in a game engine.

How to Create a Wrapped Ribbon Text Effect

In the following steps you will learn how to create a wrapped ribbon text effect in Adobe Illustrator. For starters you will learn how to set up a simple grid and how to easily add and center a piece of text. Next, using basic tools and effects along with some basic vector shape building techniques, you will learn how to create your pack of ribbon shapes.

How to make a photo look like it’s made of text

This weeks Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make the portrait text effect. This takes a photo and makes it look like it’s entirely made from text Yeah, this is fun! This is a super fun effect. This will make your photo look like it’s entirely made out of text.

Creating a Great-Looking Cloth Shader in V-Ray

One of the things that can make or break an indoor render image is how real and natural the fabric looks whitening the context of the scene. It is difficult to get right. I have seen a number of approaches that attempt to recreate the subtleties that make up real-life fabric. Depending on the rendering engine you use, creating a good cloth shader might vary for you.

Create a Foil Accented Holiday Wreath

We’ll create a holiday wreath in Photoshop with foil accents. We’ll go over creating and applying a custom brush to a path, adding a foil texture to it and even changing the color of the foil!

Creating Custom Brushes

In the next couple of techniques, we will look at brushes. While Photoshop boasts an impressive collection of brushes, you can also create your own, whether based on a graphic, photo, or even a video. Almost any image can be defined as a brush. In this first example, we will actually take a movie file of a lens flare and create a custom flare brush. Then, we will create a particle brush.

Create your own travel brochure

This tutorial demonstrates techniques to create Travel Flyer Template Design in Photoshop. This is a fairly straightforward tutorial using Photoshop’s drawing tools and composition techniques. The techniques shown here could be applied to create any other flyer template design as well, like holiday trip, local attraction, etc.

Create A Football Helmet

In the following steps, you will learn how to create a detailed football helmet illustration using Adobe Illustrator. The tools that I will be using in this tutorial include: Pen Tool (P), Ellipse Tool (L), Rounded Rectangle Tool and Direct Selection Tool (A). I will also be using Pathfinder panel along with the Clipping Mask and some effects (Feather, Gaussian Blur, Drop Shadow). The tutorial will take some time but rest assured you will not be disappointed with the final result. So let’s begin!

Create an Isometric Pixel Art Helicopter

If you follow this series of pixel art tutorials, you may already have in your possession a very nice car for your pixel art character in its pixel art world. Let's add another vehicle to your collection by making a helicopter. The helicopter should be about twice the height of the character. The proportions don't need to be strictly realistic; in the end it's usually better to have smaller than accurate vehicles and buildings, so that characters remain visible and important on larger, more complex illustrations.

How to Find and Replace Wildcard Characters

Finding and replacing required text and numbers is very easy with the use of Wildcard Characters in Microsoft Excel. It might be single occurrence or multiple occurrences – everything can be found and replaced easily using Wildcards. There will be a situation that, rather than using the wildcard characters for searching text starting with, containing or ending with, you may want to search for that particular wildcard character and replace it with the text you want.

Java: The Missing Features

In this article, we look at some of the "missing features" of Java. Before we get fully underway, however, we should point out that there are some features that we deliberately don’t consider. This is usually because the feature has either been extensively discussed elsewhere, or would require too much work at VM level.

What Are the UX Principles behind Ubuntu Phone?

Open Source enthusiasts have a lot to thank Ubuntu for. As one of the first mainstream Linux distributions, Ubuntu by Canonical contributed greatly to the perception of Linux and Open Source we have today. As today’s society becomes more and more ‘mobile’, it’s no surprise that Canonical wants a presence on mobile mediums too. Ubuntu for Phones is Canonical’s take on its operating system tailored for mobile devices.

How to create an Ubuntu package from source

Building from source has never been the most popular choice of the less experienced Linux users who are always in the seek for a pre-built package. This is especially the case with Ubuntu users who like convenience and GUIs over power and terminals. Unfortunately, everything in the Linux world gets first released as source, and then it gets packaged for the various distributions and architectures, meaning that you will most probably never find a package of the absolutely latest version of a software that got just released. Thankfully, building an Ubuntu package is a simple procedure that doesn't require any technical or coding knowledge at all. Here's a step by step guide on how to do it.

Set colored taskbar but keep title bars white

As you might be already knowing, the recently released Windows 10 Version 1511, known as November 2015 Update or Threshold 2, allows you to have colored title bars once again like you had in Windows releases as old as Windows 3.0! But when you use the Windows 10 GUI settings app, it only gives you the choice to have either both, colored title bars and a colored taskbar and Start menu, or you get the option to have a black taskbar with white title bars. In this article, we will see how to bypass this limitation and get a colored taskbar while keeping titlebars white.

How to Add Thumbnails to WordPress Categories & Tags

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Sometimes a WordPress site will look a lot nicer if we were able to display an image beside categories or tags. For example, we may add an image about CSS in the "CSS" category or the HTML5 logo in the "HTML" category (like shown below). To begin with, deploy this plugin in your WordPress site. You can install the plugin either through Plugins > Add New or through FTP.

How to view the time in multiple countries

Most of us have friends, coworkers or family members living in other time zones. And since it’s hard to keep track of the time in multiple countries around the world, you may end up calling them at an inappropriate hour. Luckily, you can use the Alarms & Clock app in Windows 10, to check the World Clock, which will display the time in different locations around the world. If you make this check before you call them, you will ensure that you are calling at an appropriate hour. Also, with this app, you can compare different times and view the day/night zones around the world. Here’s how to use the World Clock properly, in Windows 10:

Embedding Chrome in your C# App using CefSharp

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Ever tried to integrate a reliable and fast web browser in your app only to jump through hoops trying? In this article you will learn how easy it is to integrate the fantastic CefSharp web browser component (based on Chromium) into your C# app. CefSharp is reliable, fast, fully open-source and does not need any extra dependencies to be installed by end users. (except VC++ Runtime 2012)...

Use PowerPoint's push transition to connect related slides

Combine a visual ribbon and PowerPoint's push transition to pull slides into view. This illustrated walk-through, with demo files, will show you how. Experts agree that transitions and animations should support your presentation's message or mood. Some of us are more creative than others, and I can't help you with the creative process—that's up to you. However, I can show you how to connect a theme to a transition. Specifically, I'll explain how to visually create a ribbon that, thanks to the push transition, appears to pull slides across the screen.