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How To Use Goal Seek in Excel As a Problem Solving Tool

Goal Seek In Excel is the part of the “What-if-analysis”. Goal Seek In Excel is a tool to calculate the input value on the basis of the result required. In the bank officer’s story, the customer knows his payment budget ($1500 monthly installment) and officer calculated the principal amount of the loan.

Different Formatting In A Single Cell Can Do Wonders

Using Different Formatting In Single Cell sometimes makes a difference. While creating some awesome reports, dashboards, tables, etc. a small thing we always try to do perfectly, that is formatting. Formatting is the face of our reports. Excel gives us lots of options to makeover our spreadsheets (Font color, cell color, bold, italic, etc.). Have you ever think about to format a single character in a different way or use different font size for characters. I bet, it will make you crazy. Just check it out some stuff created using different formatting in a single cell.

How To Use Formulas In Conditional Formatting To Find New Customers From Data

Conditional Formatting is helping us from last 8 to 9 years. A well-designed Data Analysis & Presentation Tool created by Microsoft to enhance user experience. Everyone has different way to work with Conditional Formatting. But, good thing is that it is simple to use even it so powerful...

We couldn’t load the data model

Certain older software might have few issues on Windows 10, and one of these issues is “We couldn’t load the data model” error. This issue isn’t a serious one, and it can be easily resolved by using one of our solutions.

Let’s Learn JavaScript Closures

Closures are a fundamental JavaScript concept that every serious programmer should know inside-out. The Internet is packed with great explanations of “what” closures are, but few deep-dives into the “why” side of things. Closures are an extremely powerful property of JavaScript (and most programming languages).

Uploading Comma Separated Text Data into Access Table

Converting Access table contents into a comma-delimited text form makes it easier to transport the data through Internet. It can be uploaded into Access table or into any database system at the receiving end. We have already tried the data exporting procedure earlier. You can find the link of this method combined with the usage of GetRows() Function of Microsoft Access here. The GetRows() Function copies the entire table contents into memory in a two dimensional Array, in one swift operation.

Why you might not want to upgrade to Kubuntu 15.04 yet

Kubuntu 15.04 has recently been released with quite a bit of fanfare. It introduces the visually apealing Plasma 5 along with many application upgrades. While I am a huge fan of Kubuntu, KDE, and the slick look of Plasma 5, I will give a few reasons while you might want to wait just a little longer before you decide to upgrade.

High Speed: Really Accelerate WordPress Websites [#3]

High Speed: Really Accelerate WordPress Websites [#3] Icon
In this series, we talk about the things that really accelerate WordPress websites. The goal is not to achieve the infamous 100/100 points on Google Page Speed, as these mentioned aspects often leave a lot of potential behind. We want to get as much speed out of the website as possible and dig into the millisecond area when it comes to loading times.

How to Format USB Drives

If you have a malfunctioning or corrupted USB drive, formatting it may be the best way to get it back to its original working state. Even if your drive is healthy, you may still want to format it to get rid of the contents there. This article looks at some ways you can format a USB drive on Windows. If you know some other ways of achieving the same result, tell us about it in the comments section below.

Retro toning, vsco style, and sepia images

The Photo Filter adjustment is a really fun little adjustment that will allow you to create all kinds of effects, but I think it is best for creating a ton of different retro effects. We’ll create an old school lomo effect, a grainy “VSCO” style toned image, and a late 19th century style sepia image all with one single Adjustment Layer; the Photo Filter! Check this tutorial out, it’s great knowledge to have in your back pocket!

Introduction to PHP

Introduction to PHP Icon
Among all the languages available for programming when it comes to web development PHP is among the most sought after language. It is mainly used for back-end development. You will learn in the future articles, what back-end is. For now just assume that it is something what you do not see while surfing the internet, but it is what makes the internet work.

We couldn’t stream from your console

Streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 is one of the highlights of Windows 10, and we did a quick guide on how to connect Xbox One to Windows 10. Unfortunately, number of users reported they are unable to stream properly and that they are receiving “We couldn’t stream from your console” error message.

How to sort HashMap in java by keys and values

HashMap does not preserve order of element but what if you want to sort it by keys or values. In this post, we will see how to sort HashMap by keys or values. Sorting by keys can be easily done using TreeMap. You just need to pass HashMap to the constructor of TreeMap.

LinkedHashSet in java with example

In this post, we will see about LinkedHashSet in java. LinkedHashSet is same as HashSet except that it maintains insertion order. Some points about LinkedHashSet LinkedHashSet implements Set interface and extends HashSet class. LinkedHashSet maintains insertion order, so when you will be able to access elements in the order they were inserted like ArrayList.

Explaining Web Transformations

Here i would like to explain Web Transformations in A transform file is an XML file that specifies how the Web.config file should be changed when it is deployed. Transformation actions are specified by using XML attributes that are defined in the XML-Document-Transform namespace, which is mapped to the xdt prefix.

How to clear Live Tile notifications during log on

The Live Tiles feature made its first appearance in a desktop OS in Windows 8. Apps pinned to the Start screen could show updates from your friends, photos, new emails, app notifications and so on. To see updates from an app, you did not have to open it. Windows 10 supports Live Tiles in the Start menu. Similar to Windows 8, there is a way to clear update notifications displayed on Live Tiles in Windows 10 every time you sign in so they are reset tiles to their default look. Let's see how.

How To Host a File Sharing Server with Pydio on Ubuntu 14.04

In this article, we'll stand up a straightforward Pydio installation that runs well even without powerful hardware. Like many enterprise-grade open source projects, Pydio has a community edition and an enterprise edition. We'll be installing the community edition, but note that the enterprise license is free for teams smaller than 10 people.

How To Encrypt Tomcat 8 Connections with Apache or Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

In this guide, we will discuss how to secure your Ubuntu 16.04 Tomcat installation with SSL. By default, upon installation, all communication between the Tomcat server and clients is unencrypted, including any passwords entered or any sensitive data. There are a number of ways that we can incorporate SSL into our Tomcat installation. This guide will cover how to set up a SSL-enabled proxy server to securely negotiate with clients and then hand requests off to Tomcat.

How to Install and Configure Postfix as a Send-Only SMTP Server on Ubuntu 16.04

Postfix is a mail transfer agent (MTA), an application used to send and receive email. In this tutorial, we will install and configure Postfix so that it can be used to send emails by local applications only — that is, those installed on the same server that Postfix is installed on...

Preventing Default Action

Prevent default behaviour of a-links and forms Use proper, modern, event handling with addEventListener and e.preventDefault(), optionally considering e.stopPropagation() or e.stopImmediatePropagation(). Understand, and usually avoid, return false. return false is over-used to prevent the default following of a href for an a-link, or the submission of a form. It is really a hang-over from older approaches.