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Optimizing Window Resize and Mouse Move Events
Today, we will talk about the re-size and mouse move events. These two events indeed are very helpful, but can also be very costly on your site or web app. Let’s take a look at an example of re-size for say window.

Learning Basic JavaScript Faster Than Ever!
Before we begin to learn and practices with JavaScript, it’s going to make things a lot smoother if we are all using the same document setup. so for this tutorial I recommend you to practice with the following blank document...

Pure CSS Vertical Menu
Today we are going to build the second most common menu navigation, the vertical navigation menu. Here we are going to be using only pure CSS and un-ordered lists to create our menu with three sub-levels. This version of the vertical navigation menu will work in IE5 / IE6 (with CSS pseudo hover fix), IE7, IE8, IE9, as well as FF, Safari and Chrome.

Three Column Layout in Less Than Ten Lines of CSS
Many developers have dedicated their time and efforts such as me to try to move developers over to the proper standards of web code and away from older or non w3c approaches to site designs. One of these long used but improper approaches to site designs is the dreaded table use for your sites layout.

Creating Magento Orders Programmatically
Sometimes you just want to have the ability to create orders on the fly that get entered into Magento’s backend like any other normal order would if going through the normal checkout process. In our scenario lets say we have a need to have products purchased with either real world currency, or a fictional site point based currency (could be rewards, game points etc etc.) for virtual products or what ever. Lets also assume that we are going to be wanting to create this order for a product via XHR (aka: Ajax) and we have the product id we wish to be ordered at hand..

DOMRelocator Helper for Responsive Design
This is a nice little snip I created when in a bunch with a client who needed a DOM part to be higher up in the source order at particular break points, but not higher up in the source order under other responsive break points. So, if in a bunch, if you can’t convince another developer or owner that the stacking rules would be a better approach, or if you just have no other choice.

Unity3d Custom Terrain Lightmap Tutorial
Here I will be expanding my first tutorial “Unity3d External Lightmap Tool” and show you how to cast object’s shadows onto your terrain. We will setup a 3d studio max that will be your master scene to bake either your terrain light maps or objects light maps.

Efficient Event Targeting with jQuery
Today I would like to talk a bit about setting up events on DOM using jQuery, and how one should try to avoid setting up huge numbers of unnecessary events on a single document. When setting up events, you are allocating little bits of memory to store procedures and logic into that will be ran upon what ever event type you apply, is indeed performed.

Fun With JavaScript and jQuery Loops
When writing your loops with jQuery, it’s suggested to you to use the following... But depending on how many elements jQuery selects, the looping can actually be very slow. Because you are wrapping an additional procedure of asking jQuery to perform a function called .each, to which this function then performs a standard JavaScript for loop, we are slowing things down by not going straight to the source.

How to Use Unity3d External Lightmap Tool
In this outdoor environment I will be showing you how to both prepare your 3d models for use of the “External Lightmap Tool” and how exactly to use the lightmap tool and achieve almost photo realistic lighting and shadows for your unity3d models.

How to model a 3d building and interior
Here we will attempt to go step by step at modeling a complete 3d building with multilevel interior and roof access in 3d studio max. This building was designed for a game I’m working on in the unity3d game engine.

How to texture a 3d building and interior
Here we will attempt to go step by step at texturing a complete 3d building with multilevel interior and roof access in 3d studio max. This building was designed for a game I’m working on in the unity3d game engine.

A Simple CSS3 Animation Tutorial
CSS3 is great way to Create Animations, we can replace flash Animations, Animated images and JavaScript with CSS3 Animation properties. In this CSS3 Animation Tutorial I will explain how to create Walking Man Animation Effect Using CSS3 alone.

How to Use Zillow Neighborhood Maps and HTML5 Geolocation
If you haven't used geographic shapefiles before, it can be a bit confusing as to how to integrate Zillow's map data into your own application. I've built a free, open source demo application, MapApp, to demonstrate how to use the Zillow neighborhood boundaries and integrate them with Google Maps, geolocation and geocoding.

"Outside In" - Ordering CSS Properties by Importance
This article is all about CSS code structure - specifically about a method I've been using for the last few years to bring some logic and consistency to the order in which I write my CSS. It’s a method I call “Outside In”. I've heard of various approaches to writing CSS in the past. Some people don't use any particular order at all, others alphabetise declarations by property name, I've even heard of a handful of cases where some order them visually by the length of each property:value pair!

Bubble.js: A 1.6K Solution to a Common Problem
One of the most common tasks in web development is event management. Our JavaScript code is usually listening to events dispatched by the DOM elements. This is how we get information from the user: That is, he or she clicks, types, interacts with our page and we need to know once this happen. Adding event listeners looks trivial but could be a tough process. In this article, we will see a real case problem and its 1.6K solution.

Adding Custom Fields To WordPress Programmatically
One of the things that makes WordPress so powerful as a content management system is that the post_meta table starts as a nearly blank slate that you can easily add custom meta fields to. How you use it can be determined by a use case-specific plugin, like WooCommerce, or using a custom fields plugin like Custom Fields Suite or Pods to create your own fields.

Design a Crazy Retro Poster with Quirky Lettering
In this tutorial we will create a crazy poster, illustrating a famous quote by Oscar Wilde – “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. We’ll apply various Warp Effects to create the elements easily. Learn to make a gentle grain effect to give our poster a vintage look and do some freehand lettering. Let’s get started!

The Beginner's Guide to Type Coercion: A Practical Example
Throughout this series of articles, we've been talking about type coercion, how it differs from type conversion, and how it performs in dynamically typed languages. If you're just joining the series, check out the earlier articles to make sure you're up to speed with where we are right now...

How to Render Short, Detailed Hair
You'd think that long hair was the hardest hair to render... well that and curly hair, however I have news for you. From my experience from vectoring hundreds of vector portraits, short hair has always been more time consuming and required more precision. The reason being is that long hair benefits from the weight of gravity pulling the hair down and it avoids many of the natural kinks in the hair that short hair has.