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Create the Hello Kitty Character

Hello Kitty is a little explorer of fun and joy, and she is always creative and a game lover. That's why I decided to present her with candy cart and balloons—a little scene at the amusement park. As always, we will use basic shapes and warp effects to complete this scene.

WordPress Categories Explained

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Organizing WordPress posts into different categories is essential if you have many posts. That way, your visitors (and you!) can easily search and sort your posts and only see what they want. In this article we’ll look at how we can manage WordPress categories. We’ll begin with the description of some basic things about adding, editing or deleting a category.

Add Shortcuts To Windows Libraries To The Start Menu

The Start Menu in Windows 7 has links to your libraries; Documents, Music, Videos, etc. While Windows 10 is bringing back the beloved Start Menu that was killed in the previous version of Windows, it’s doing so with monumental differences (read improvements). In the process, it’s removed links to your Windows libraries. Fortunately, they aren’t gone and Users can customize which libraries appear on the Start Menu. Here’s how.

How to Record PC Gameplay With Game DVR and Game Bar

Windows 10 includes a built-in tool for recording videos of PC games. You can upload gameplay footage to YouTube or any other video-sharing site — or just keep the clip on your own PC and share it with your friends. You can do this with the “Game Bar,” which is part of the “Game DVR” feature offered by the Xbox app. Windows 10 also includes customizable keyboard shortcuts for recording videos and capturing screenshots.

Simple Tips for Photographing Waterfalls

The smoothness of the water against the hard, sharp edges of the rocks or greenery that surrounds them can create very pleasing compositions. But, like all types of landscapes, photographing waterfalls can be challenging. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to get some great shots...

Does Dehaze Work on JPGs?

Many have asked if the new Dehaze adjustment within Camera Raw and Lightroom works on JPGs, as well as raw images. The short answer is YES! Of course, JPGs don’t contain as much data as raw images, but you’ll still see some pretty impressive results!

How To Use Autofill In MS Excel For The iPad And iPhone

The larger screen on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus allow us to work more comfortably on our phones. One app that I previously couldn’t have imagined using on a smaller sized iPhone but can use with considerable ease on the larger screen is MS Excel. I recently needed to make a quick spreadsheet for something (yes, this actually happens to people) but hit a bit of a snag when I realized I was on a phone and not my desktop.

An Easy-to-Understand Explanation of the Moon Terminator Illusion

There’s a strange optical illusion that we all experience, without even thinking about it, relating to the way we see the moon. The Moon Terminator Illusion is that weird phenomenon when the side of the moon that is lit by the sun doesn’t look like it actually lines up with the sun at all. Vsauce host Michael Stevens explores the science behind this illusion and explains perspective, angles, and zoom effects involved:

Creating, Accessing and Calculating Duration

A Duration object (java.time.Duration) represents a period of time between two Instant objects. The Duration class was added to the Java date time API from Java 8. A Duration instance is immutable so once it is created you cannot change its values. You can, however, create new Duration objects based on another Duration object via calculation methods. You will see how later in this tutorial.

How to Get Rid of All the Number Sign (#) Errors at the Same Time?

When you are busy working in Microsoft Excel, these last thing you need is to have to continuously fix or remove errors. When using Microsoft Excel, I usually solve ##### errors by double-clicking the offending column headers. This can become a bit tedious, however, when there are multiple columns displaying the errors at the same time. Is there a quicker way to resolve this?

How To Delete Or Forget Wireless Network Profiles

In some of our previous articles, we've shown how you can connect to broadcasting or hidden wireless networks in Windows 10. Whenever you do connect to a wireless network, the operating system creates a profile for that connection, in which it stores things like its SSID (the name of the network) and its security details (like the password and encryption it uses). However, what if you decide you don't want your device to remember a certain wireless connection? In such a case, you must delete its network profile. This guide will show you how you can do that

Creating, accessing and calculating an instant

The Instant class in the Java date time API (java.time.Instant) represents a specific moment on the time line. The instant is defined as an offset since the origin (called an epoch). The origin is Jan. 1st 1970 - 00:00 - Greenwhich mean time (GMT). Time is measured using 86.400 seconds per day, moving forward from the origin....

Viewport sized typography with minimum and maximum sizes

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Viewport units for typography are quite a cool toy to have in your responsive web design toolbox, as they allow you to size fonts relatively to the dimensions of the viewport. These units can produce really interesting results, but they must be used with caution. From my experience, there’s always a point where the font becomes unreadable on small screens, and sometimes too big on large screens.

Changing WordPress Themes?

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Sometimes when you’re running a WordPress site, you just want to freshen things up. Sometimes your site becomes stale and you get tired of looking at it. Other times, the design itself becomes outdated – so you decide it’s time to change your theme. This is nothing out of the ordinary, but can cause problems when you least expect it. In this article, I’ll cover some things you should do when changing WordPress themes.

A Developers Guide to Risky Android App Permissions

The Android Operating System is an open platform based on Linux, integrated into mobile devices, smart watches, tablets and even televisions and cars. The opportunity to create applications across a myriad of devices raises the problem of security, which I believe to be Android’s biggest challenge. Android maintains application level security by using a full permissions based security mechanism that lets users restrict access to application components.

Create three fantastic icon designs

Mathematical! Create three fantastic icon designs featuring the Adventure Time characters Jake, Finn, and Princess Bubblegum. We'll use simple shapes to bring each character to life, ready for desktop or mobile app use. Simple touches like long gradients and outlines really make these icons pop! Open up Adobe Illustrator CC and let's get going.

How to Stylize Food for Appetizing Images

There are people out there who actually make a living stylizing food, and I’m not talking about chefs. I’m talking about artists who create the most mouth-watering displays of even the most simple dishes so they can be professionally photographed. Food stylizing takes a keen eye and a lot of creativity, so if you can do it yourself, then all the better! In this video, food photographer Steve Hansen provides some great tips on how to stylize and light pasta—a simple dish to make but a hard one to photograph—to create a robust and appetizing image:

Understanding asynchronous invocation with promise using angularjs

When you invoke a function asynchronously, it does not block or wait for the response to come from the server. It returns almost immediately. The status of the async function invocation then can be determined using callbacks. All this is achieved using Promise object. The article will demonstrate how one can make use of promise object with asynchronous invocations using AngularJS.

Angular 2: Hello World

As I mentioned in my recent blog post Angular 2 is a complete rewrite. Many concepts that are known from Angular 1.x are gone or changed dramatically. Angular 2 looks like a completely different framework: no DDO, no $scope, no angular.module and completely rewritten binding and change detection (no ng-model). In this blog post I will share some basic concepts of the framework via code samples..

Spring MVC: Simple way to Send an Email

There are quite a few articles you might have read on Crunchify on Spring MVC like Introduction to Spring MVC Framework, Hello World Spring MVC, Upload Multiple Files using Spring MVC, etc. In this tutorial we will go over how to leverage org.springframework.mail.javamail.JavaMailSenderImpl library to send an email using Spring MVC 4.1.6.