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How to Restart Windows 10 Upgrade After It Fails On Windows 7 & 8

The Media Creation Tool released by Microsoft is doing a great job at helping users from Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 migrate to the new version. Unfortunately, it isn’t all smooth sailing. Some systems have hardware and/or app compatibility issues that are holding users back from the upgrade whereas some are experiencing failed upgrades midway through. The Windows 10 upgrade might fail when it’s gone as far as 75% in terms of completion. When it fails, it rolls back everything and takes you to the Windows version you were previously using with all your files and settings intact (but back your stuff up, just in case). Naturally, you’ll want to restart the upgrade and here’s how you can do it.

How to upgrade to Windows 10: A step-by-step walkthrough

As someone who signed up as a Windows Insider some months ago, I was near the top of the list for the free update to Windows 10. So, I took advantage of the situation and opted to get Windows 10 as soon as I possibly could. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of the upgrade process I went through upgrading my Windows 8 machine to Windows 10.

How to Clean Install Windows 10

The Windows 10 upgrade process drags old files, settings, and programs from your previous Windows system to your new one. Microsoft allows you to get an entirely fresh system by performing a clean install, but the activation process can be a bit confusing. This is also useful if you’ve purchased a new Windows 10 PC and it includes manufacturer-installed bloatware you don’t want. Or, you may need to perform a clean install on a computer without an existing Windows system after installing a new hard drive.

What's the Difference Between Express or Custom Setup?

When you first set up Windows 10, Microsoft is going to want to rush you through the process with “Express Settings”. We recommend taking a little time and stepping through the customized setup instead.
This setup process has been in place since Windows 8, and it’s been our experience that most of the time users are going to just choose the easy way. There are, however, some really important privacy items you want to pay attention to.

How to Dual-Boot Windows 10 with Windows 7 or 8

First, you’ll need to make space for Windows 10 on your hard drive. If you have two different hard drives in your computer and one of them is empty, you can skip this part. But you’ll probably want to install Windows 10 alongside Windows 7 or 8 on the same hard drive...

How To Download Windows 10 And Create Your Own Installation Media

As everybody knows by now, Windows 10 is available, so anyone eligible for upgrade can install it. If you reserved your upgrade you probably already have it on your hard drive, waiting for you to start installing it. However, if you didn't reserve your Windows 10 copy, the fastest way to still get it on your computer or device is to download it from Microsoft servers. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a tool called Media Creation Tool, which you can use to create a Windows 10 ISO file, a Windows 10 flash drive or directly upgrade your current computer or device to Windows 10.

How To Upgrade Your Windows 8.1 / 7 PC To Windows 10 Right Now!

Windows 10 is officially launched and it's already on its way to many people's computers or devices. If you are eligible, you can go ahead and upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer or device to Windows 10, either by using the reservation app, or the Media Creation Tool offered by Microsoft. If you are not satisfied with how the reservation app works and the fact that it is slow to provide you with an upgrade, then the Media Creation Tool is your only chance of getting Windows 10 today.

Getting Creative With Macro Photography

We all love a good macro image, but photographing the same standard flowers and bees every summer can get a bit repetitive. While flowers make excellent subjects, there are plenty of other photo opportunities just waiting to be had. Trying to capture new perspectives, and new subjects – in unexpected places is a great way to get some unique shots – or add a new spin to old favorites.

3 Steps to Photoshop Retouching for Natural Looking Portraits

In the world of photography, editing and retouching are just as important as the imagery itself. Every image that you see published has been through its fair share of post-processing before it is seen by the public. If photographers didn’t retouch their images, it would be like a painter presenting his sketches instead of the finished painting.

How to Show and Hide Row and Column Headers

The headers (numbered rows and lettered columns) in Excel worksheets make it easy to view and reference your data. However, there may be times when the headers are distracting and you don’t want them to display. They are easy to hide and we’ll show you how.

How to Quickly Add Grunge To Text

For a while, it seemed liked every client wanted grungy graphics. This might sound familiar, “I like it, but can we grunge it up more”. Don’t get me wrong, having some grunge can create a great deal of depth to a design or illustration, but there can be to much of a good thing. This is the technique I use because it is quick and consistent, making it easy to scum up any design or illustration.

22 Array Concepts

Array is one of the fundamental data structure and most of other data structures are based upon it e.g. List, Hash tables are based upon arrays. Array based questions are quite popular on Java interviews. There are two types of question you will find, first which are based upon array implementation in Java and second which are based upon how to use array data structure to solve some problems.

Java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:jtds:sqlserver

There are two ways to connect Microsoft SQL Server from Java program, either by using Microsoft's official JDBC driver (sqljdbc4.jar), or by using jTDS driver (jtds.jar). This error comes when your supplied database URL didn't match with the JDBC driver present in the CLASSPATH. Many programmers who usually use jtds.jar, makes a mistake while using sqljdbc4.jar by adding "microsoft" in JDBC URL.

WebSocket Client API in Java EE 7

In this post, let’s explore the less talked about Web Socket Client API and how to leverage it within a Java EE 7 container itself The server side API of JSR 356 (Web Socket API for Java) is most commonly used for building Web Socket endpoint implementations. More often than not, from a client perspective, the standard JavaScript Web Socket API is leveraged by the HTML5 (browser) based clients which attach themselves to web socket server end points and enjoy bi-directional and full-duplex communication.

Creating a List of Posts With the Same Categories as the Current One

Tutorial preview or category icon
If you're running a large blog, you'll need to find a way to help your readers find content that they're going to want to read, based on what they're currently reading or have just read.
In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a plugin to do just that. The plugin will give you a function which you then add to your single.php template file to show the list under the content of the current post.

Why Is jQuery Undefined?

For the advanced JavaScript developers (and the advanced jQuery developers) among our readership, this article is not going to be of much help. Instead, we're going to be focused on those who are just getting started with jQuery.
Perhaps you've gone through several JavaScript tutorials, built several small sites or projects that incorporate JavaScript into the page (or the site) to some degree, and now you're ready to get started with a new framework or library.

Using Hibernate Bean Validator

The main Bean Validation page states that "Bean Validation is a Java specification which ... runs in Java SE but is integrated in Java EE (6 and 7)." This post demonstrates using Java Bean Validation reference implementation (Hibernate Validator) outside of a Java EE container. There are three Java classes defined for the examples of bean validation demonstrated in this post...

How to Create a Halftone Pattern

It used to be a time consuming process to create a halftone pattern. First, I would open a picture in Photoshop, convert it to grayscale, apply a halftone pattern effect, open it up in illustrator, trace it, and if didn’t get messed up somewhere in the process, I would use the halftone pattern in Illustrator. In Illustrator CS3 it is quite a bit easier to create halftone patterns without leaving Illustrator.

How to Use Lens Flare to Create Water Droplets

Have you ever noticed how one small detail can make something look a hundred times better? In some cases, Photoshop can add such details to an image, making the depth of field effect more professional to the subject captured. Today we’re using the lens flare tool to create realistic water droplets to make a Coke bottle appear more refreshing. Here’s what we’re trying to achieve.

Creating Macros

In my article, Moving Text from Word to InDesign, I wrote about creating macros in Microsoft Word, which can run a multitude of repetitive tasks with the click of a button. As a book designer and typesetter, I spend most of my time wrangling with other people’s words, and I find this easier to do in Word than InDesign. Cleaning up other people’s text can be a tedious process, but by creating macros that run through the various Find/Replace routines and dialog boxes necessary for the clean up, you can dramatically speed up the time this takes.