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How to Use the Built-in Windows Defender Antivirus

Windows 10 has built-in real-time antivirus, just as Windows 8 did. It automatically runs in the background, ensuring all Windows users have a baseline level of antivirus protection. Windows 10 won’t complain at you to install an antivirus, as Windows 7 did. If you’ve used Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7 or previous versions of Windows, this is the same basic product. It was renamed to “Windows Defender” in Windows 8 and integrated into Windows itself.

Create a Glass Shard Reflection Double Exposure Effect

If you haven't seen Taylor Swift's video for her hit song, Style, then do yourself a favor and check it out! Not surprisingly it's a "stylistic" video, and it contains some wonderfully inspiring effects using silhouettes and double exposures. First we took on the iconic cave profile effect. Then we explored how to create the smoke-filled double exposure technique. In this tutorial we dig into how to reproduce the fun glass shard reflection effect.

Sorting a List using Lambdas and Method References

This post shows how you can use Java 8 lambda expressions and method references to sort a list of Person objects by age. In Java 8, the List interface has a sort method, which expects a Comparator to compare two objects. Traditionally, you would either sort a list by creating a specific class that implements the Comparator interface...

How To Create A High Energy Dance Scene

In today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to bring this street dancer to life. Using the Pen tool along with Blend Modes and Motion Blurs we’ll create a high energy scene in Photoshop. Let’s get started! Open your city photo into Photoshop. Use your Lasso Tool (L) to extract the dancer and copy and paste it onto the document...

Master painting on photos

Recreating this astonishing photo-to-illustration image will hone your Photoshop skills in some advanced areas. This tutorial will guide you through the process of retouching photographs to achieve this smooth, illustrative finish, and then will show you how to integrate the results of this retouching with illustrated backgrounds and other elements.

How to put digital graffiti on a photo of a wall

Learn how to add some chaotic, urban grit to your artwork using selection and layer blending techniques. You’ll also learn how to replicate a three-colour graffiti stencil using Photoshop’s filters and channels – then you’ll get the chance to get your hands dirty by adding some overspray and drip effects. Finally, to pull off the effect, you’ll apply blending modes, as well as using Photoshop’s lesser-known Displace filter to map your graffiti to the contours of the wall.

Contextual Styling: UI Components, Nesting, and Implementation Detail

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With the recent move toward componentised UIs - that is, instead of building monolithic, page-based websites, we're building design systems and UI Toolkits that come together to form the resulting pages - we've yielded a lot of benefits. UIs are faster to construct; much more consistent; much more flexible, forgiving, and robust; far easier to reuse, recycle, or repurpose.

Dealing With Selector Specificity: the what and how of it

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Here you'll learn about how you can identify conflicting declarations, and will understand the basic way to calculate the specificity of each selector. Additionally, you'll find some useful hacks to increase the specificity, thereby providing valuable insight that helps improve your stylesheets.

Create a Retro Star Wars Inspired Text Effect

In this tutorial I will show you how to use a couple of layer styles, with a nice space texture and a flare brush tip, to create a Star Wars inspired text effect. Let's get started! Create a new 950 x 550 px document. Place the we own the sky image on top of the Background layer, and resize it as needed.

How do you permanently disable the touchpad on a laptop

A touchpad can be extremely useful for most people, but there are times when it is little more than an irritation, so how do you permanently disable a touchpad if you do not want or need it? The touchpad can often be disabled in BIOS...

New and Exciting Features of V-Ray 3.0

This is a relatively basic part of V-Ray to get your head around but for us as a studio it has been an absolute game changer for us. We use this every day now and it saves us stacks of time. In previous releases I thought it would be great if V-Ray introduced some sort of marquee select render selection tool but this ‘Render Masks' tool is so much more extensive. It's extremely powerful and I'd urge you to start using it.

How to Make a Weird and Wonderful GIF

As you may know, GIFs are taking the world by storm, and this tutorial, “How to Make a GIF in Photoshop,” is going to teach you exactly how to stay hip with these crazy internet trends. I’m going to walk you through 7 basic steps and by the end you will have your very own GIF that you can show off to your friends, family, coworkers and random strangers on the internet.

ECMAScript 6 Power Tutorial: Template Strings

Welcome to the second part of my series about ECMAScript 6! One of my favorite new web standards of Microsoft Edge, the new browser rendering engine we’re creating at Microsoft, is the extensive support it offers for ECMAScript 6. So I wrote this series to walk you through some of the cool things you can do with ECMAScript 6 when writing large applications for the web.

Project to Another Display Using Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Miracast is a wireless technology that your Windows 8.1 devices can use to project their screens to TVs, projectors, and streaming media players that support this technology. However, if your TV or monitor doesn't offer Miracast, you can purchase the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and use it to project wirelessly to any display with both an HDMI port and a powered USB port. Here's how to project from a Windows 8.1 computer or device with support for Miracast, to any display, using the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter...

ListView Header Parallax in Android

A quick Android example with code snippet to demonstrate ListView header with parallax effect. You need to follow few steps as described below to create the list view parallax effect. To begin with let us start declaring a simple layout for our example activity. We are adding just a simple ListView that covers the total width of screen.

ListView Header Parallax with Sticky View in Android

A quick Android example with code snippet to demonstrate ListView parallax effect with sticky header. In our previous tutorial, we saw Creating ListView Header Parallax Animation, now in this example we will go little further and make the list header parallax animation with an view stick to top when list is scrolled.

How To Install Magento In Ubuntu

Magento is an open source e-Commerce Merchant software that you can use to build a on-line show case of your own, it was founded by eBay, and it is available as Enterprise and Community addition. In this tutorial, we will see how to setup this shopping cart solution with Ubuntu 15.04.

Photographing in Crowded Locations : 5 Tips to Avoid the Masses

Travel photography is certainly one of the most rewarding experiences you, as an image-maker, can have. You get to combine visiting amazing places, learning about other cultures, and, of course, your passion for taking photos, all at once. However, certain famous locations, or populated cities can be frustrating. You arrive there to find out they are always crowded with visitors and tourists, making it almost impossible to shoot clean photos without intrusions.

Java Date Time Tutorial

The Java date and time API can be rather confusing when you first try to figure out how to use it. Therefore I have put together this little trail on Java's date and time classes. Hopefully that will help you get an overview of Java's date and time classes. I also hope it may clear up some of the confusion Sun has created with Java's many date and time classes. Actually, the Java date time API has been changed (cleaned up) in Java 8 with the introduction of a whole new set of classes. This tutorial will explain both the Java 8 date time API and the Java 7 date time API.

7 Ways To Launch The Command Prompt In Windows

Geeks and IT professionals love the Command Prompt and for good reason - it allows you to do many administrative tasks with ease. But what are all the possible ways to launch it? Have you thought about that? We did, and we have come up with 7 methods for launching this tool. Do you know other methods?